Saturday, December 17, 2022

Third Test

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It didn’t take long before students were talking about Dr. Wong’s experiment as well. Though the lab may have been restricted, students were resourceful. One frat even decided to declare a unique test for their pledges. The pledges had to sneak into the lab and select one of them to swap. They could be selected by voting, force, or whatever. The pledges were surprised when one of them volunteered, Derek. The swapper (in this case, Derek) would then be hooked up to the machine in order to trade bodies with a pledge at a sorority forced to go through a similar challenge. The final step was to return Derek (now in the body of a sorority pledge) to the frat, where the brothers would now do to his now female body whatever they wanted.

Derek had other plans.

He had plotted with Madison (the sorority pledge he swapped with). They had a plan to fight back right after the swap. As Derek removed the helmet from his now blonde head, he ran. The frat pledges gave chace. While they did catch Derek, and they even began to drag him to the frat house -- a well-timed call in advance meant public safety and the police were waiting. Derek screamed for help, and the boys had to let him go. Derek knew it was a risk to pretend to want to join the frat and risk his safety, but he had to see if the rumors about Dr. Wong’s lab were true (of course they were), and he couldn’t see anyway in on his own. Madison had a similiar longing to be a guy, and the two began dating.

Friday, December 16, 2022


The process was painless. Dexter had simply stood in one pod while someone outside flipped a switch. In a blink, he founf himself in a nearly identical pod, except now he was in Clara’s body. Now all he needed to do was wait for the doors to open. He began to nervously fiddle with his fingers in anticipation, a anxious habit Clara had when she had this body that he now subconsciously picked up. He’d have to put on a good show when it opened; he needed to act upset or pretend to be angry. After all, being in Clara’s body was supposed to be “punishment,” but the only reason he ever got in broke the law was because he had rumors about the pods, about criminals being swapped into the bodies of braindead women in the hopes that they would reform as a result. For Dexter, it was all just an act. He saw this as an opportunity to become a woman, and he was going to take it. He had succeeded! He was Clara now! As the doors opened, he did his best turn his huge smile into a scowl.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Final Hop

Charles had discovered he was a body hopper in college. For a few hours, he would hop into someone else’s body and experience their life. It was a lot of fun, and he was often able to do many wild or crazy things he wouldn’t otherwise do, or participate in events his own body wouldn’t be able to achieve. He often laughed about the time he swapped into the body of the school’s quarterback and got sacked multiple times.

After getting a terrible car accident at age 35, he felt like he was too young to die. He tried fighting it, but his injuries were just too much. He knew it was the end, and he was resigned to that. His body hopper instincts kicked in, however. In the moment before dying, he hopped into the body of a nurse. He turned back to look at his now former body, to see the EKG flatlining. He tried to hop back to his original body, but it was now no use. It was dead, and this nurse was who he was now.

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Morning Jog

Every morning when Brad went on his morning jogs, he’d go hard. He’d push himself to his limits, always trying to beat his previous time on a set path. He’d be so focused that he’d often find himself back at home and realize he’d been running with a sprain or other injury for quite some time.

Today, an odd thing happened when he realized he was suddenly running the wrong way. A little frustrated, he turned himself around and cursed how much time it would add. A little bit longer on his jog, and he couldn’t help but stop. His pecs were feeling strange, like they were puffy or something. Taking a rare breather, he quickly discovered his blue top was now purple. In fact, it wasn’t his top at all. And his pecs weren’t puffy, that wasn’t even his chest! It was the chest of a woman! On his body! As he looked around the park and the mass confusion that seemed to have overtaken everyone, he soon figured out he wasn’t alone in suddenly being in a new body...even if it took him just a little bit longer than most to realize it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2022

The Merge (Part 1)

Senior year was always an exciting time at the local high school. The kids were becoming adults, creating plans for college, and enjoying their accomplishments. But with a month left in the school year, an unexplained explosion would shock everyone. Technically, no one was hurt, but pairs of students wound up merging into a single individual.

People suspected Melvin of causing the whole thing, but no one had any proof. They just thought he was smart enough to pull it off, and he also won the lottery when it came to who he merged with: Jody, the hottest girl in school. The merger between the two (who insisted on being called “Melody”) wasn’t quite as pretty as the original Jody, as she now had some of Melvin’s nerdy features, but still extremely beautiful. She was just as smart as Melvin, and enjoyed things like Doctor Who and comic books. But she was also still athletic and kept up with cheerleading as Jody had with similar interest in things like fashion and boys. She had some struggles with body issues, as Jody had been known to make fun of Melvin in the past and that had now been internalized.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Experiment Subject #42B

“Excuse me, Dr. Lopez,” Dr. Grant Matheson asked, “Our benefactor is requesting an update on Experiment Subject #42B.”

“There is nothing special to report. Experiment Subject #42B has had a successful transfer with no incident. He is understanbly upset with it, but his vitals are fine.” Jeffrey lied to Dr. Matheson.

Of course, Jeffrey could’t tell the truth because he WAS Experiment Subject #42B. The test had gone wrong and instead of his brain ending up in the mind of a chimp, it ended up in the body of Dr. Lopez. He wasn’t happy about being older or a woman, but both were way better than being an animal! And, of course, he figured with her body he could escape this madhouse testing facility.

But to that, of course, he had to get out of the building. With Dr. Lopez being the one now stuck in the chimp, he was sure the only thing that would stop him was if he slipped up with one of her colleagues. But they all had seemed quite satisfied with his answers, so far, and he could see the exit just behind Dr. Matheson’s shoulder; he was so close to being free.

Sunday, December 11, 2022

True Form

The last thing William remembered was a hospital. Doctors and nurses were in a panic, machines were beeping. They were faint figures and the memories were blurred. He remembered driving before as well, and the two sort of juxtaposed together. But he was now in a void, a vast nothingless surrounded him. He felt cold. He had no clothes on, and he also seemed to have a body he didn’t recognize; it was a woman’s body. Time felt like it had no meaning, but time clearly passed.

Eventally, a shadowy figure appeared, sort of like a black blur. It answered the questions William spoke aloud without saying a word.

“Where am I?” He asked before responding with his own answer after looking at the figure, “I’m dead, huh? This is where I await my next life. And what about this body? Whose is it? Mine. My true form. Who I really am. That makes sense, I suppose. My body back on Earth never felt right. Is my next life even on Earth again? If I want it to be. I think I do. I think I’d like a body like this next time. I’d like a body that matches my true form. How many times have I been back and forth? This is only my second time here. People generally take much longer to accept their true form, it seems. Please send me back. I am ready.”