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Monday, September 7, 2009


It was an idle wish that Zach made on a star the night before. He wished that he was the most popular person in school. When he arrived the next day and was promptly made fun of and shoved in a locker, he sighed. He knew he wish hadn't come true. But as his feet and arms started to fall asleep in the confined locker, he felt a strange sensation. The next thing he knew he was somewhere else; he was in someone else's body, the most popular girl in school, in fact, a senior by the name of Kimberly. He hadn't expect the wish to work like this! He wanted himself to be popular, not to be in the body of someone else who was popular! And if the surroundings were any indication, it would look like she about to change out of her clothes and get ready for gym...he wasn't quite sure he was ready to see Kimberly naked...though he had to admit that it was something he fantisized about...

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