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Monday, August 31, 2015

Water Aerobics

Jim had vacationed each summer on Exchange Island. It was usually pretty relaxing and being in someone else’s body was truly an escape from his troubles. This year was different. At almost the instant he swapped, his own body approached him with a set of rules. The woman whose body he was now in demanded that he keep her body in shape for the two weeks that they were swapped. This meant attending things like the resort’s water aerobics class, visiting the hotel gym, and keeping to a strict diet. Jim hadn’t expected anything like this. He asked the front desk if he had to do everything the woman demanded. Apparently, based on the contract he signed, he would. He groaned as he put on a bikini and went to the first water aerobics class. He just stood there confused for a while. However, by the end of class, he was really enjoying himself. Maybe he should stop thinking about these demands as a chore and start thinking about them as just another opportunity for new experiences!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Very Little to Do

As Hank got dressed for the day, he kept wondering why Nicole would ever give up this body. Of course, what he didn’t know was that she didn’t exactly give it up by choice. The body swapping store he had gone to had hypnotized Nicole, convincing her that she wanted to swap bodies with any interested customer, which just happened to be Hank. While he would continue to enjoy this body for the rest of her life, Nicole’s hypnosis would soon wear off, and she would be horrified to be in Hank’s body. Of course, by that time, there would be very little she could do about it.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Amber and Tim considered themselves pretty liberal people. In fact, their whole reason to visit Exchange Island was to swap bodies with people as different as possible. In fact, they were initially pleased with the bodies they ended up with upon landing on the island. Both of them ended up as African American women.

It only took about a day before Amber started to express just a little discomfort. “I know you're my husband,” She told him, “So for the week I suppose we are lesbian women of color, but I’m not feeling attracted to you. What if this body is straight!? I was already a straight woman before! That’s not that different!”

Tim took a bit of a pause. “I think I may be in the body of a straight woman too. I’m not sure I feel comfortable about how this body even reacts when I look at men.”

“Tim! How could you be so intolerant!”

“Hey! I’m still a man beneath all this! And this is a lot to wrap my head around!”

Friday, August 28, 2015

Physical Therapy

The invention of body swapping had some big implications in the medical world. Cliff had never dreamed of body swapping with anyone until he got into an accident at work and required physical therapy. Instead of going through the grueling ordeal himself, he simply swapped bodies with his physical therapist for a while. She knew exactly what to do to get his body back on track and she had the psychological training to get herself through it at a rapid pace. Cliff, meanwhile, was pretty amazed by the physical therapist’s body. He was able to do things he had never even dreamed of in his own body. He was wondering if what sort of condition he’d get his own body back in. Would it be passable? Just as it was before? Or maybe even better than ever? Of course, at this point, he wished he never had to go back to his own body at all. But he knew this swap was only temporary.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

First Date

It was a little weird for Lucy to be going out on a date with her own body, but maybe after the Great Shift nothing was weird anymore. She had a one-on-one swap with her friend Todd. They had never considered dating before, but now that they were each other, both of them thought it felt sort of right.

Lucy arrived right on time and Todd’s roommate answered the door, explaining that Todd was still getting ready. After about 15 minutes, Todd came down the stairs. Lucy was shocked.

“Do you dress like that all the time?” She asked. “Sometimes. I like the way it feels.” Todd said meekly.

“It’s just...I didn’t know my body could look like that. It’s this weird mix of slutty and hot.”

Todd felt a little awkward being called slutty. He hung his head.

“No, it’s okay.” Lucy quickly correctly, “I like it. It’s seem to be already so good at this whole being-a-woman thing, and it’s still a little weird that I am looking at myself.”

Todd perked up and the two went off on their date.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


The bright light of the Great Shift hadn’t even subsided before Andrew noticed that he wasn’t in his own body anymore. He could clearly tell that he was a woman, but he never realized how one’s own eyes were at a really odd place for being able to identify oneself. It wasn’t until he looked in a mirror that he realized he was in the body of his neighbor, Lola. He had a big crush on her, but he could only manage to blurt out a few awkward words when speaking with her. As he looked at his new body in the mirror, he was finding himself at a loss for words once more. She was a vision of perfection to him, and now he was that vision!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Reality (Part 3)

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It took several months, but Kyle had started to think of this virtual reality world as simply “reality.” Maybe he hadn’t even entered a virtual world at all. He had explored it so extensively, and there didn’t seem to be an end to it. He enjoyed his new body and his new life. He really liked modeling. But the thought about being stuck in a virtual world still nagged at him. He had thought about the time he visited the center where he had tested the helmet. They claimed they were glad to see him, telling him there was a weird accident at the time of his testing. That he hadn’t even entered a virtual world at all -- that he had swapped bodies with the woman for real. He didn’t believe it at the time. He realized there was no way for him to know if they were telling the truth or if that story was just part of the programming. It wasn’t something he thought about often any more, but from time to time, it had such interesting philosophical implications that he just couldn’t help it.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Reality (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

The fashion show seemed to be over, but the virtual reality world continued. People started to head off to after parties or home, but Kyle still stood there. He wasn’t quite sure where to go. Maybe if he explored this world out to it’s edges, a program fail safe would initiate and kick him out, back to the real world and his own body. However, thus far, he had to admit the programming seemed quite extensive. After all, he had been waiting around for over an hour after the show, observing so much small detail enacted by each individual person. Every single thing he touched had a unique texture. The catering had distinct smells. He couldn’t imagine the number of lines of code that had gone into making this. It seemed almost unfathomable. For the next few hours, he wandered the streets, he took the subway out to the extreme reaches of the line. Every single thing was flawless, as reality as reality itself. He was starting to think that there was no way out.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Always eager to test out the latest tech, Kyle was quick to put on the virtual reality helmet. As soon as he did so, lights started to flash in his face. It was so strange -- he literally felt like he was in a different place. Even looking down, it actually felt like he was in a totally different body. As he was being rushed out, he soon discovered that in this virtual world, he was a fashion model walking down the runway. He was taken aback by how real it all felt. Not only could he feel the dress pushing in on his frame and the heels on his feet, he also felt the smoothness of his new body, the taste of lipstick on his lips, even the heat from the lights and the smell of perfume. Walking down the runway was so natural for him; he figured that was all in the program. He went down and back, and soon several pairs of hands changing him out of one dress, putting him into another, and sent him down again. Upon returning for a second time, the hands were at it again. But this time, they also reached for the helmet. He sighed, thinking this was the end of the whole thing. But he was surprised. Even once they took off the helmet, he was still backstage at the fashion show, and he still had the body of a model. But if the helmet was off, how was he ever going to escape this virtual world?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sprite (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

With seeing no real option to immediate return to his own body, Adam decided to find something to cover this body. He had locked his door on the way out, so he couldn’t get back inside, but he started to feel quite natural being outside. In fact, simply by grabbing a few leaves from trees and draping them around himself, he was able to fashion a dress quite easily. Upon doing so, he noticed something on his back that he hadn’t seen before --- wings! Could he fly? He took off and landed soon after in a neighbor’s yard. A large bug following, falling right on to his back. He let out a shriek.

“Is everything alright?” The bug asked.

“Everything is...” Adam hesitated, “...Fine.” He was able to talk to bugs too? This was all so weird! But he was starting to think that with all of these new found abilities, maybe swapping bodies with a sprite was one of the best things that ever could have happened to him!

Friday, August 21, 2015


When Adam discovered a woman with barely any clothes sitting in his yard, he wasn’t happy. He yelled at her to leave, but she just smiled back at him, explained that she was a forest sprite and that she was magic. Adam thought she was playing some sort of joke and told her to get lost. Her mood quickly soured, and she decided to show off her magic to teach Adam a lesson. She did so by switching bodies with him. He was downright shocked. He looked down and felt very exposed; he seemed to be wearing little more than a few leaves to cover up the most private areas. Then he looked up to see his own body dancing around. He wasn’t even able to open his mouth before his own body mysteriously disappeared, leaving him clearly stuck in the body of this sprite. He certainly was no longer skeptical of her story, and no longer doubted her magic. However, his big concern now was now to get his body back!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Business Major

“So, now, let’s discuss this plan of yours again,” Professor Maxwell Sharp lectured to his student, “You came in here with a gun to my head, yelling and demanding I use the body switching spell that I told you all about in anthropology class earlier today. So now our souls have switched, Sarah, but do you see the problem? Of course you do. You had the gun in your hand, so once we swapped I now have the gun in my hand. I could, of course, in theory, point this gun right back at you, making sure you don’t run away as I recite the spell again. But then we would be in a perpetual standoff, wouldn’t we? Constantly swapping back and forth.

”You should actually consider this your lucky day. I’m not going to fight you on this, Sarah. You want my body? Good luck with it. Are you aware at how little a teacher makes at this school? Particularly an adjunct professor like myself? All you student complain about the cafeteria food and ramen noodles. Wait until you see how terrible the apartment I live in is...or rather, the apartment you now live in is. I don’t know why you thought this was a good idea; I really don’t. But now I have your life, a fresh start. It shouldn’t be hard for me to refocus your major, make sure I can do something with your life now. Teaching was a dead end, but that’s now your dead end. I’ve got a new life as you Sarah, and you no longer have the tool in your hand to force me out of it.

“Better get started on your next lesson plan. You have a lot of catching up to do. As for me, I am dropping your class and taking up a business major.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Messed Up

Trey had a hard time adjusting to his new body after the Great Shift swapped him with a woman. He had been a large guy before the Shift, and now he just felt so small and weak. He just couldn’t feel safe walking around his own neighborhood anymore. In fact, now when he did go out, he was sure to bring something in case someone tried to mess with him. It didn’t matter what. It could be a taser, a gun, or just a blunt object. Today he grabbed a bat. He still sat down and took a deep breath before heading outside. He hoped no one messed with him, but if they did, he was sure he’d mess them up!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Carter stumbled through the thick brush, investigating some smoke he saw from afar. He kept his distance when he saw three women surrounding a cauldron. He watched as they danced around it and chanted. He was so focused on them that he didn’t notice the changes happening to him at the same time. As the women became more and more feminine with each repetition of the chant, so too did Carter. By the time the women were done, they were bombshells. Carter was merely a woman, not nearly as beautiful as the others, but certainly feminine. And that’s when the women noticed Carter spying. Instead of getting upset, the women smiled at him, and one said, “It looks like we have a fourth.”

Monday, August 17, 2015


Henry’s wife had suggested he take the class. He wasn’t sure about it at first. He had been hesitant to even leave the house ever since the Great Shift, but he decided it might not be bad to meet people in the same situation as him. He had found himself in the body of a woman, and he had just felt so uncomfortable. The class aimed to help men deal with their new bodies. The first class was all about walking in high heels. But before they began, everyone had to strip down to their bra and panties. Henry felt so awkward doing so, but the instructor said the class was about feeling more comfortable in their bodies, and there was no better way to do this. Then the heels came out. But it wasn’t just walking they had to do. By the end of the class, everyone was forced to do some jogging in place, a little stretching, some yoga, and so much more. Henry was surprised at how quickly he adapted. He had tried heels at home to no avail, but being forced in this sort of situation was different, and he was now picking it up like a natural. He couldn’t wait for the next class!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hit the Showers

Jason hit the showers after a visit to the pool. A little bit of spilled soap, and he ended up falling and hitting his head of the shower wall. Waking up a little bit later, the water was still running over him, but he jerked back a little when he saw the other people in the shower. They were women in various states of undress. At first he wondered why so many women were in the men’s locker room. Then he realized that he wasn’t in the men’s locker room, he was in the women’s, and -- even stranger -- he was in a woman’s body! He tried his best not to panic. He just dried himself off and removed the swimsuit. He really had no way to tell which set of clothes just outside the shower actually belonged to this woman, but he took his best guess and told himself someone would yell at him if he was wrong. He questioned if he picked correctly. The bra felt too tight and the skirt felt way too short. Still, there was no one screaming that he had stolen their clothes. But who was he? He thought about waiting around to see if anyone recognized him, but he wondered if that might be even more awkward.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Fenced Off

Malcolm didn’t know quite how to react when he rode his bike passed the lab and saw that the driveway had been fenced off. He had shown up a bit early for his appointment, but the place just looked downright abandoned. It was a very, very important appointment as well. He was scheduled to get his body back from the woman he had swapped with last month here. With little other choice, he waited. It finally started to get dark and he finally decided that no one was coming. There was no scientist to swap him back; no technician to operate he machine; not even the woman who now had his body. So many emotions ran through his head. He had felt great wearing the bikini on his bike ride; when he went out, it was a warm day and he thought it would be his last opportunity to feel so sexy. On his ride home, he felt stupid. The bikini felt so exposing on a body he was now stuck with for good and the cool night air made him feel so cold.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Earning It

As Emily looked nervously over at her husband, she was starting to have second thoughts about her plan. When she had the opportunity to apply for a new job, she jumped at it. But how to go on the interview without her current boss knowing? She scheduled the interview for first thing Monday morning, then after pulling an old medallion out from a box buried deep in the closet on the Sunday before, she asked her unemployed husband for a favor. She used the medallion to turn him into her exact double. He’d go to work for her while she went on the interview. She had expected him to put up a fight or object, but he seemed rather happy to help out. It had only been a few minutes after the transformation, but she couldn’t help but be weary. Then again, maybe she should leave him like this. After all, if she got the job, he could keep working at her old place for a bit, finally earning his keep.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to Get Ahead in Business

Justin had just started interning last week, and suddenly he found himself CEO of the company. Or, more accurately, he found himself inside the CEO’s body. It was all thanks to a strange device being tested to rejuvenate a person’s youth. Not that CEO Melissa Johnson needed it -- she looked great for her age -- but she still insisted on testing it in front of the entire company. Justin hadn’t been an intended target; he was just in the room at the time. Everyone pledged to keep the swap a secret. If anything leaked, it would be sure to spook many of the investors. As a result, Justin had to keep up appearances as Ms. Johnson, which meant a lot of public appearances. However, behind the scenes, he got to relax while she continued to make all of the important decisions. He hoped they were able to reverse this swap soon.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

BodyCaching (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Another year passed and Ted hadn’t even thought about BodyCaching again. In fact, it wasn’t until he walked by a very familiar tree that he remembered his time swapping from body-to-body. He was even wearing the same outfit he had worn the day he found the Cache with this body. For a while, he thought about digging it up again, swapping again, and continuing the long journey again. Many people traced the data back to their original body. It was all very tempting, except he had really enjoyed this body. The past year of his life had been one of the best he could ever remember. He never wanted to give this up. That BodyCache could stay in the ground for a long time as long as he was concerned.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

BodyCaching (Part 1)

Once a body swapping device had been created, all sorts of inventive activities soon began. BodyCaching quickly became quite popular. Using a GPS, BodyCachers would find a buried swapping device and soon switch bodies with the previous person who found the cache, leaving the code for their body for the next person. Ted had been enjoying BodyCaching for about a year now, never regretting giving up his original body. Most of the time, he usually swapped with other guys -- most other BodyCachers were male -- but upon digging up the latest device, he was quite surprised by the female body he ended up in. It wasn’t the first time he considered quitting the whole BodyCaching scene and keeping a body for good. However, the activity was quite addictive. The longest he had gone without swapping was about two months. He told himself he was going to keep this body for good, but in the back of his mind, he wondered how long it would be before he got sick of it and started on a new Cache.

Monday, August 10, 2015


When Bruce cast the spell to swap bodies with Anne, he didn’t expect the change to be immediate. He expected to have to fall asleep for the night first or something, not that he minded not having to wait. He took immediate pleasure at the gorgeous female body now before him. He tried to imagine what Anne must be thinking now in his body; he was sure she was freaking out. Then he saw a glowing light on the desk in front of him. Anne was calling her own cell. Bruce just ignored it; he was too preoccupied...

Sunday, August 9, 2015


Peter hadn’t exactly taken it seriously when he was told he was cursed by his ex-girlfriend, doomed to switch bodies with anyone he slept with. It wasn’t until he first one night stand after the relationship ended that he realized the curse was real. He woke up inside the body of the woman he had slept with the night before. He begged to sleep with her again, but she seemed far too happy to be in Peter’s body. Desperate, Peter hit up bars and clubs looking for people to swap with. He felt so uncomfortable flirting and hitting on guys, but they never seem to notice the disgusted look on his face. And then, after teasing the guys for a while, he could never seem to go through with bringing them to bed. The thought of sleeping with someone as a woman just seemed too weird to Peter. But until he did, he’d be stuck as a woman!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Final Day

Jim knew it was his last full day in this wonderful body. Tomorrow his vacation on Exchange Island would be over, and he would return to his old body and his old life. He had so much fun over the course of two weeks; he really didn’t want it to end. For his final day, he decided to just enjoy it. He sat on the beach and let the waves roll over him, taking in the enjoyment of the experience. That night, he would explore every inch of this body one last time.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Anyone Except Herself

It hadn’t been an easy task for Lauren to break into the old mansion. She had no criminal experience and she swore that the old body she was now in had Arthritis and wasn’t fit to do any sort of physical activity. Once she arrived, she found her old body sitting there in a chair, simply waiting for her.

“I suppose I should reward you in some way,” Her body spoke, “I expected my body to have dropped dead from a heart attack long ago, but here you are. Don’t expect to be getting your own body back, however. Even if I wanted to, which I don’t, the spell only works between two people once. I can give you a new body if you’d like. The spell CAN be used between you and someone else.”

Lauren thought about it. She had no idea why the old man stole her body in the first place. She really didn’t want to be anyone else; she wanted her own body. That didn’t sound like it was an option though, and she certainly couldn’t stay in the body of this old man. She began to press him for details about how to find someone else to swap with, about the magic he claimed was used for the swap and so on. He remained very mysterious about the whole thing, only telling her that she could be anyone she wanted...anyone, that is, except herself.

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Everyone in the elevator was so buried in checking their phones that they didn’t notice the change at first. It was Richard who first looked up after noticing all his emails changed from people he knew to names he didn’t recognize. When he looked up, he saw his own body standing there. Then he looked down to see the woman’s body he had been sharing the elevator with just a moment before. But no one freaked out about swapping bodies, they all just exchanged phones and went back to being engaged in apps, email, and text messages. They could all worry about the whole body swapping thing once they had finished being busy with their phones.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Time and Space

Trent and Nicole had been fooling around with old equipment in the library when the machines started to spark. They were soon sucked across time and plopped into bodies using the machines fifty years ago, back when they were new. Nicole started to immediately fiddle knobs, hoping to return to her own body and time. Trent seemed a bit more hesitant.

“I honestly have no idea what I’m doing with this old piece of crap,” He said in frustration, “Maybe being a woman is not so bad.”

“Maybe being a woman in our time isn’t so bad, but do you really want to be one NOW? We’ve been brought years into the past. Women’s lib is just starting. You’ll probably have to get married in a few years, be expected to pop out some kids, and then stay at home to raise them. Forget about a career or independence.”

Trent sighed as the two went back to work. Finally, after twenty four hours of straight work, they triggered the weird phenomenon again. However, they ended up in each other’s bodies. Trent shrugged despite Nicole’s pleadings to attempt a switch back. He decided that being a woman in present day wouldn’t be so bad.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Both Harry and John thought it was pretty cool when their girlfriends asked if they wanted to go skinny dipping. They didn’t question anything as the women lead them deep into the forest before stopping at a sparkling pond. After stripping down, no sooner had they put their toes in the water than the pool’s magical effects took place and soon Harry and John had swapped into their respective girlfriends’ bodies. As the two men freaked out getting dressed in their girlfriends’ clothing, the two women now in the bodies of Harry and John ran off. Two hours passed.

“Are you getting any signal?” John asked.

“Nope,” Harry replied, “I don’t think they are coming back.”

“Why would they want to steal our bodies?”

“I’m not sure, but we might have to face the fact that I am now June and you are now Marcy.”

John put his phone into Marcy’s purse. He pulled out her wallet and his eyes went wide, “Her name’s not Marcy. It’s Christina. Do you think they’ve been scamming us in some way this whole time. Oh, God!”

Monday, August 3, 2015

Hold It

Carl had been pretty happy when the Great Shift swapped him into a woman’s body. He didn’t know who she really was; he didn’t really care. But his sister told him he had a lot to learn about being a woman. She lectured him about the potential of getting pregnant, bras, periods, and so on. Then she stated a rather odd rule, “No pooping in public.”

Carl placed his hands on his hips, “Seriously?”

“Yes, hold it.” She explained.

“What if I am at work.” “Hold it.”

“What if it’s morning at work?”

“Hold it.”

“For eight hours?”

“Yes, women don’t poop in public toilets. Trust me.”

He wasn’t sure if she was kidding or serious.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Couldn't Find a Thing to Wear

The phone had been ringing off the hook for over twenty minutes before David finally picked it up. A booming, angry voice spoke from the other end, “Where the hell are you?”

“I’m still getting ready,” David lamented, “I couldn’t seem to find a thing to wear.”

“I loaned you three suitcases worth of stuff last night. You needed to pick out ONE outfit to change into this morning so we could go back to the lab to get our bodies swapped back.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just so hard to pick out something that looked just right. I honestly have a brand new appreciation for women and--”

The voice on the other end cut him off, “Just get down here now in whatever you’re currently wearing. If we miss this appointment, we are going to be stuck in each other’s bodies until they have another opening.”

David thought about it. Maybe being late and stuck in Heather’s body a little longer might not be a bad thing.

Saturday, August 1, 2015


It was the third time Chris had violated his probation. The judge was getting quite upset with Chris, but didn’t want to simply send him to jail since Chris was a celebrity and the public outcry would be incredible. So the judge decided on a rather unique form of punishment, considering the original crime in question. For the next 90 days, Chris would truly have to understand what it meant to be a woman. He’d undergo a procedure to transform his body. The judge expected Chris would be hiding out for most of the time. However, Chris surprised everyone when he continued performing despite his transformed body. In fact, by the time the 90 days were over, he made a special plea to the judge to keep his new body. The judge smiled, hoping that Chris finally learned his lesson, but he also realized that an even better punishment would be to end Chris’s time as a woman and force him to go back to being male. Chris was devastated.