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Friday, August 21, 2015


When Adam discovered a woman with barely any clothes sitting in his yard, he wasn’t happy. He yelled at her to leave, but she just smiled back at him, explained that she was a forest sprite and that she was magic. Adam thought she was playing some sort of joke and told her to get lost. Her mood quickly soured, and she decided to show off her magic to teach Adam a lesson. She did so by switching bodies with him. He was downright shocked. He looked down and felt very exposed; he seemed to be wearing little more than a few leaves to cover up the most private areas. Then he looked up to see his own body dancing around. He wasn’t even able to open his mouth before his own body mysteriously disappeared, leaving him clearly stuck in the body of this sprite. He certainly was no longer skeptical of her story, and no longer doubted her magic. However, his big concern now was now to get his body back!

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