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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Arbitration (Part 2)

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David Winthrop couldn't believe that he had been at this arbitration for months, simply to prove who he really was after the Great Shift. The other man claiming to be David Winthrop had a story full of holes and facts that any idiot could've gotten from the internet. What David didn't know was that the arbitrator was skeptical about the other man claiming to be Winthrop, but there will still doubts about the real David. The arbitrator just felt that the real David Winthrop would've had a much harder time adapting to womanhood, but here this man came each and every day wearing fashionable and sexy clothes with perfect hair and makeup.

Monday morning

When Wesley and his mom swapped bodies on Friday night, both had hoped that it would somehow reverse itself over the weekend, but come Monday morning, they were still in each other's bodies, and Wesley had to put on his mom's business clothes and head to work. He felt very stiff and awkward walking from the subway to her business, and he tripped often due to her heels. The strange stumbling turned a few heads, but his incompetence at her job would nearly get her fired.

The siblings (Part 1)

Shawn had always disliked his older sister. She was 'little miss popular,' while he was a bit of a social misfit. It seemed more often than not, the two of them were always butting heads over one thing or another. It had been particularly bad one morning when he stormed out. It wasn't long before he cooled down, but he felt like something was wrong at the same time. At some point in their argument, the two had swapped bodies! He had just wandered the neighborhood in his sister's body. Ew! Gross! He was in the body of his own sister!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pumpkin (Part 3)

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Though Stewart hadn't figured out the full extent of his plan yet, he knew he didn't want to go back to being a little boy and giving up being big! He decided that he'd take the magic pumpkin that turned him into his own mother and hide it! How would anyone find this small pumpkin among a patch of thousands?


Dominic couldn't help but wonder how he got into this situation. He was a woman somehow. Still, questioning the hows were sort of taking a back seat to exploring the evidence in front of him. He decided to reach his hand up to explore one of the two fantastic breasts that he now supported from his chest. Tales of the how and what caused the Great Shift that lead him in this condition would come soon enough...

Little black dress

Marvin let out a shocked gasp when he opened his eyes after being knocked unconscious. The first thing he saw was his own body across the room. It wasn't just that, but he saw his own body wearing a little black dress, stretched to the limits from his muscle mass. The next thing he did was look down to see himself, his own clothes now on a body that he presumes, up until amoment ago, had been wearing that little black dress.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Welcome to Hell (Part 2)

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Arthur noticed a woman approaching them from the distance. She stood out by wearing yellow instead of the blacks and greys that seemed to dominate the room. She also had a certain spunk about her that contrasted with the somber attitude in the room.

"Hi! How is everyone today," the woman in yellow plucked out, "Welcome to Hell, Ironic Punishment Division. I'm sure you men are all wondering what's going on here. Well, we here at Hell have created a punishment to perfectly fit your sins on Earth. Because of your womanizing and promiscuous ways, we've made you all women. Very horny women, I might add. But very horny straight women! And if you notice, there are no men least not yet. For a long time, you will be forever craving sex, but unable to get it..."

Figure skating

In honor of the Olympics...

Andrew couldn't believe that his girlfriend was making him watch the figure skating competition on the television tonight. He found the pracing and dancing around to be so boring. At least it was the women's competition; there'd at least be some eye candy involved. Still, he wished they could watch a movie or another channel or something. Then everything went dark. Was it a power outage? Why did it get so cold all of a sudden? Then a bright light shined in his face. He turned away to shield his eyes, but he noticed silky blue fabric. It took him a while to put the pieces together, but somehow he was now in one of the bodies of the figure sakters in the competition he had just been watching, and from the looks of things he was mere moments from his performance.

Best summer job ever (Part 1)

Paul was convinced this was going to be the worst Summer job ever. He had been working at the resort for two weeks now and had been there long hours, sweating his ass off in the hot sun. He had to clean the pool, carry heavy coolers with drinks for guests, and got yelled at constantly by staff and guests. He was just about ready to quit when the Great Shift happened. Instead of cleaning the pool, he suddenly found himself relaxing beside it instead. Knowing that he'd get yelled at for sitting on the job, he figured he would get back to work. It turned out the whole place was in chaos from the massive bodyswapping. As it turned out, Paul was in the body of one of the wealthiest guests' daughters. When she saw him trying to work, she demanded he sit back down! She simply wouldn't allow her body to do manual work, and she offered Paul a great deal of money to ensure he do nothing while he was in her body. This was the best summer job ever!

Cute (Part 4)

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Nick still couldn't believe this whole situation. The flash of light, this cute body, her outfit--what could have caused this? Or maybe the more important question would be: Is there going to be some way to reverse this? He certainly wanted to go back to being himself!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

International sales

With tax season approaching as his company's lead accountant, Dan had been working late. He had thought he was alone, but he would find out once the Great Shift that he wasn't. A bright light hit, and he found himself one floor down in the sales department. He found himself all alone on this floor, but in someone else's body. She was head of international sales, if he remembered correctly. Her name was Chan or Chang or something. And it looks like he'd have to learn her name, as her body was his now.

Playboy Mansion (Part 3)

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Anthony figured that if other people were still finding ways to have a good time after the Great Shift, he might as well enjoy himself too. However, he wasn't going to be playing silly party games with the other's downstairs. No, he went up to a bedroom on the upper level and locked the door. Next, he unzipped the front of the outfit he was wearing. He had the body of a Playboy Bunny, after all--he might as well get some enjoyment out of it!

No. No. No. No. No. No.

"Oh no. No. No. No. No. No."

It seemed to be the only thing that Zach could say after staring at his own body for several minutes and burrowing his face into his new dainty hands. Some strange body swapping phenomenon sucked him out of his own body and into the body of a young blonde woman. Both had been jogging at the time, and he could immediately tell something was wrong by the new bouncing on his chest. Part of him hoped he was dreaming, but things just felt far too real for that to be possible.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Take Your Daughter to Work Day (Part 9)

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Justin couldn't believe how good it felt to hold his wife's hand just seemed comforting in a way. After the latest accident at the lab, he really had no one else to turn to, so he returned to her. His wife insisted that she would not treat him as a husband, but as another daughter. Justin had no choice but to agree, but he couldn't wait to grow up again.

It didn't matter

It didn't matter to Luke that he was in a room full of people--for that matter, he wasn't even sure how he wound up in such a room--what he knew was that he was suddenly inside of someone else's body! Judging from the small, fancy dress and huge boobs popping out of the top of that dress, he could only assume that the body he now had was a female's body. He immediately freaked out; he stood up and screamed. This caused most of the audience to turn in his direction. They didn't know what this woman was screaming about or why she was tugging on her dress, trying to cover herself up a little more. The whole thing just seemed strange.

Fixing the roof (Part 3)

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Wally was getting a little sick of wearing the wardrobe of a stripper ever since the Great Shift. It had been two days now, and he had tried going to the local clothing stores, but they were not only closed, but their inventory had been ransacked by others looking for anything that would fit their new bodies. For the time being, it looked like Wally was stuck in stripper clothes...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Playboy Mansion (Part 2)

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Anthony realized that he wasn't about to be going anywhere anytime soon, so he started to explore the mansion. He found that many of the other bunnies had also been men before the Great Shift, and considering that many of the bunnies had been drunk before the Shift as well, their minds were in a daze concerning the situation, but they were certainly making the best of it. Fooling and playing around, having a good time--stuff they might actually do if they were actually Playboy Bunnies. Anthony foun it strange at first, but then realized that he could have a good time too! After all, he was at the Playboy Mansion!


It seemed so weird to see the rows and rows of bodies on display, so real yet so lifeless. And now Winston Grant would be able to select one of these bodies, one of these new lives for himself. He had saved up the money for years for this, and he was excited to be browsing his choices. He had already passed by the room full of men, not feeling that satisfied with the choices there, and has now moved on to the room storing women. He looked at his first four options, and something clicked for him. If he was going to pay for a new life, he should pay for an entirely new life. One where he now shaved legs instead of his face, where he had multiple orgasms instead of an erection. After looking around the room, he settled on his choice...

Biggest distraction

Jacob couldn't get over the simple changes that happened to him since the Great Shift. Even looking down was a completely new experience for him. The hair falling down from his pretty head, the different clothes, but the biggest distraction was the boobs. Back when he was a man, he would have gone through heaven and hell to get his hands on a set as nice as this, and now they were right in front of him anytime he wanted.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Malfunction (Part 9)

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The next part of Scott's plan was a little trickier--he was going to have to convince the version of him in Katy's body to act a little more Katy-like. He gave the other him some sexy leather pants and high-heeled boots. Luckily, the Scott in Ling's body had most of the intellegence, so the term papers that the Scott in Katy's body wrote were dumbed down to a level that fit right in with the sinister plans...

Secretly happy (Part 2)

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Bill wasn't able to keep the love of his new body secret from his friends for long. They couldn't help but notice how sexy he was dressing, getting his hair done, or the fact that he started dating men. They teased him, calling him a "fag." Bill couldn't take the abuse for long, and simply flicked them off, telling them that he didn't ask for the Great Shift, but he wasn't simply going to live with it's results, but enjoy them as well.

The mound

It had been a peaceful day in park before the strange explosion happened. It started as a little mound, pushing it's way up the dirt. A small child poked it, and ran quickly when it only made the mound bigger. Before long it was about the size of a basketball and pulsating. Several people had gathered around it, wondering what it was. Aaron Wilkins was a scientist, fascinated by the phenomenon. He poked it as well, but instead of growing, the mound exploded--knocking him face down in the grass. As he started to get himself up, he noticed something strange, he could see his own body a few feet away. It was like he was literally beside himself. That's when he looked down to find a bigger horror. This wasn't an out-of-body hallucination, he was literally in someone else's body! Judging from the jeans and high heels, he had switched with one of the other people who had crowded around the mound, a very beautiful blonde woman...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pumpkin (Part 2)

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Once Stewart realized what had happened to him, he threw his arms up in the air with pure excitement. Now his mom could never tell him what to do or what not to do. He couldn't help but think that this was totally awesome. However, he hadn't really thought about what it would mean for him to be in the body of an adult woman...or even what he would tell his dad.

Spring training

After a long and confusing winter where the world was thrown into chaos from the event known as the Great Shift, people were just trying to get back to normal. Baseball decided to start their spring training season a little early. They had to assess al their players new abilities (or lack thereof). With air-tight contracts and post-Shift employment protection from the government, teams just could not ditch old players simply because of their new bodies. One of the coaches was continually frustrated by Pedro Martinez's performance now that he was in the body of a skinny blonde woman. He had trouble even swinging the bat straight these days...

Throwing up

"Oh my God! Relax! It's not that bad!" Frank couldn't believe how his buddy, Chuck, was reacting since the Great Shift had swapped the two men into the bodies of two women. Chuck had been freaking out since the Shift, and just moments ago he had thrown up from the mere fact that he was stressing himself out. Frank wasn't sure how much longer he could stand his friend's spastic behavior. Sure, it was concerning him too, but he at least was dealing with the situation logically and calmly...and not throwing up!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Jarring (Part 5)

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Corey laid down for a minute to get his head. He couldn't figure out where he was, the next step was figuring out who he was. He looked inside of this woman's purse in search of an ID. But instead of one, he found several. All with this woman's picture, but all with different names. Was she a con artist or something? He had no choice but to lie down and relax. This was all so overwhelming. It was all too much for him.