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Friday, February 26, 2010

Best summer job ever (Part 1)

Paul was convinced this was going to be the worst Summer job ever. He had been working at the resort for two weeks now and had been there long hours, sweating his ass off in the hot sun. He had to clean the pool, carry heavy coolers with drinks for guests, and got yelled at constantly by staff and guests. He was just about ready to quit when the Great Shift happened. Instead of cleaning the pool, he suddenly found himself relaxing beside it instead. Knowing that he'd get yelled at for sitting on the job, he figured he would get back to work. It turned out the whole place was in chaos from the massive bodyswapping. As it turned out, Paul was in the body of one of the wealthiest guests' daughters. When she saw him trying to work, she demanded he sit back down! She simply wouldn't allow her body to do manual work, and she offered Paul a great deal of money to ensure he do nothing while he was in her body. This was the best summer job ever!

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