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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Adopted crush

The Smiths had adopted Jennifer two decades ago after a fertility doctor told them they would never have kids of their own. They felt blessed by a odd-defying pregnancy and gave birth to their son Lawrence. Throughout growing up, he had always had a crush on his big sister, and it didn't feel completely wrong--after all, she WAS adopted. Now that the two had grown up with Lawrence slated to go off to college next year, their parents had planned for one last family vacation. One evening during the vacation when their parents went out on a romantic dinner alone, Lawrence saw Jennifer in a gold bikini; she was about to head off to the pool. In that moment, he could contain himself no more and confessed all his feelings. Jennifer was speechless, frozen in shock. That's when a strange light enveloped both of them, and the next moment they were in each other's bodies. Jennifer was still speechless, but Lawrence cracked a smile before turning to look back in the mirror and then down to the gold bikini he now wore on what was now his beautiful body!

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