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Saturday, December 31, 2016


It was fortunate when the Great Shift hit that neither pilot on the plane Simon was flying in was affected. To them, it was nothing more than a brief flash in their eyes. But for Simon and the rest of the passengers, it was pure body swapping chaos. After about thirty minutes of panic, everyone began to realize there was little they could do.

Like all the other passengers, Simon went back to his seat. The pantyhose on his legs felt really strange, but it was even odder to see his own body walking the aisles handing drinks out once beverage service resume.

He couldn’t believe that he swapped bodies with one of the stewardesses, but he was trying to take it as calmly as he could. He just hoped everyone else would continue to do the least until they landed.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Bad Deal

Jared burst out in laughter when Victoria approached him and asked if they could swap bodies back. They had swapped bodies a year ago upon her request, and in that time Jared had gotten quite comfortable with her body, now basically seeing it as his own.

He had known it was a bad deal for her from the start. She was having a hard time with her first year of college. She just wanted to be older, so she did a bit of research to find the body swapping spell, then she asked her uncle, Jared. He couldn’t figure out why she wanted to swap with him. He was twenty years older and stuck in a dead end job. He knew that college would offer a lot of possibilities, but it meant being a woman; it meant beign Victoria. In the end, he determined the trade off was worthwhile and agreed.

Now it seemed Victoria was having a bit of buyer’s remorse. She had thought being in the work force would be better than attending classes; she was wrong. Jared told her that he tried to warn her, a secure job wasn’t the same thing as a good job, and being older wasn’t all that great either. She hadn’t listened.

The spell required both parties agree to the swap. Jared laughed again. He would never agree to go back to his old life. He loved being Victoria, and he loved the world of possibility open before him.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


It had been two months since Dave swapped bodies with Mei. For the most part, he felt like he had done pretty well with being a woman. He embraced makeup and feminine clothing, for instance, but from time to time, he’d do something that would show he was still a dude at heart. It was usually something about the way he moved. Today it was the way he was sitting.

He had just plopped down and spread his legs wide. It was a bit like second nature to him. It took a few people gasping and making rude comments toward him before he finally noticed. He tried not to let it bother him. It wasn’t the first time he had done this. At least he was wearing pants today; the last time he had been wearing that very short miniskirt. Now that was REALLY embarrassing.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Nick wasn’t sure how he was able to possess other people, and he was still perfecting his ability. After the possession, he felt quite terrible; it was a little like being hung over. Each time it would be a little shorter, but it still lasted several hours. Then he also couldn’t seem to get back to his own body or possess someone else for a few days, which wouldn’t be a biggest problem except for the fact that he didn’t have the most control over who he was going to possess. If he aimed for one person, he might easily end up in the body of someone as far as fifty feet away. That’s how he found himself in the body of Mrs. Crane instead of Mr. Crane that morning. In a way, he was improving. She was only inches from him when Nick decided to possess him. Still, the awful hangover feeling coupled with his first time possessing a woman was particularly hard for him. Nick excused himself and headed to a cafe for some coffee. It was all so strange, but he knew he was going to have to deal with it for a few days.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Can't Thank You Enough

“I still can’t thank you enough for letting me borrow this,” Martin said as he handed back a small medallion quite careful to only both touch the change as they made the exchange, “But now that I know what it can do, I’m guessing you aren’t really my sister.”

“Nope. I used this about a week ago to steal Cathy’s body. She’s, of course, stuck in my body. I’m sure you can’t object too much. It’d be pretty hypocritical of you considering the body you stole. Plus, now that you’ve got that body, this body isn’t really your sister’s anymore either.”

“I guess I got to ask, who are you...really?”

“Well, that’s my secret. I hope you don’t mind. And I hope you’re quite happy with the body you picked. I plan on destroying this medallion as soon as possible. I was going to do it shortly after swapping with your sister, but then I saw you so miserable. I knew I had to help.”

“I can’t thank you enough...”

Monday, December 26, 2016

Hot Spot

Exchange Island sure had changed from the last time Carl had visited. Over the course of a year, it seems that the odd vacation spot started to attract a lot more hipsters and young people. Despite the fact that it made the beach a lot more crowded, Carl couldn’t complain, because it simply meant that his odds of getting a fantastic youthful body were that much better. Sure enough, after checking in, he swapped bodies with a young Asian woman on the beach where a lot of people were riding bikes.

It was more than enough to make Carl smile. He loved coming to the island and finding himself as a 20-something again; he even more enjoyed being a woman this time around. The one thing he was a little less sure of was the fashion that some of these young people wore. The top didn’t exactly seem like something he could go swimming in, but the bikini bottoms certainly did. Then there were the boots; they weren’t exactly great for walking on the sand. He hoped that he was able to find something a bit less crazy in this young woman’s suitcase. Then again, there were also a few shops on the island, just in case people found themselves with a wardrobe that they simply found to be unwearable. He hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but if this first outfit was any indication...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas

Not even The North Pole was immune from the effects of the Great Shift. While it only happened a few days before the holidays, Santa Claus was determined not to let the Shift ruin the Christmas season. He quickly returned to his workshop as soon as possible. He convinced his elves of his true identity by rattling off the first hundred or so names on the “nice” list. Then he had Mrs. Claus get to work on altering his suit. After all, he was much shorter now and probably about a third his former weight. He was surprised when she returned with a dress that she had sewn him, but he had to admit that it now seemed more than appropriate for his new body.

By Christmas Eve, everything was on schedule. It would probably be an odd sight, to see a petite Asian woman riding on the sled instead of a plump, jolly, old man, but Santa knew it wouldn’t be a problem. He knew that no one would actually see him that night; no one ever actually saw him. He could keep up the legend. No one would ever have to know that Santa, along with the rest of the world, had been swapped by the Great Shift.

Saturday, December 24, 2016


Olivia looked through the keyhole to see what Eric was going to do with her body. So far, he hadn’t done anything; he just sat there, looking worried. She was sure he’d be freaking out or something. After all, she had stolen his body, which left him in hers. She had expected him to be in a panic or perhaps even violent, which is why she locked herself up in the room before casting the spell that swapped their bodies. She thought about going into the room to explain to him why she did it; he looked calm enough. But there was no guarantee that he’d stay calm. In the end, she simply quietly unlocked the door and walked away as Eric still sat on the bed contemplated how he possibly swapped bodies with Olivia in the first place.

Friday, December 23, 2016

In the Kitchen

It was weird for Lance to suddenly find himself in a fancy kitchen. Stranger still, he was in the body of a woman with a leather dress and high heel shoes. Was this her house? Was he expected to be making breakfast or something? He breathed a sigh of relief when a stout, slightly older, Latina woman walked int he door.

“Oh, thank God,” He said as he put his hands on his hips, “A maid. I was worried I was going to have to do some sort of women’s work.”

“Maid? Women’s work?” The woman questioned, “Maybe if you turned on a TV or something, you might’ve heard about the Great Shift. You swapped into my body. I swapped into this body. She’s not a maid. I don’t even have a maid! But what? Because you saw a Hispanic woman, you thought she was a maid? And women’s work? No, I don’t sit around in the kitchen making sandwiches for my husband all day simply because I’m a woman. He can make his own damn sandwiches. But, if you must know, my husband does expect some womanly pleasure from me each night. You just better hope that whatever new body he got from the Shift isn’t interested in tha now. Or you can hope that he just might not be interested in my body due to the fact that it is you inside, but I’d still prepare yourself.”

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Runaway Bride

It was just a quick flash of light, but Charlie found that in that instant he went from sitting at home to standing in front of a crowd. It only took a few more minutes for him to realize he was in a woman’s body, wearing a fancy dress, standing next to a man in a suit. The building he was in was a church and there was a pastor. It didn’t take him long to piece together that he was suddenly in the body of a bride about to be wed.

Charlie knew he wanted to no part of this. He walked out without speaking a single word.

As he walked the streets, he soon discovered that he wasn’t the only one who had swapped bodies. In fact, just about everyone he encountered was talking about being swapped. It wasn’t much comfort, but at least it meant the wedding attendees didn’t question his sudden running off.

He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now, however. He was in a strange body with nothing except for the clothes on his back, which weren’t exactly the most comfortable, as they were meant for a formal setting and not for running about town.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Laundry (Part 4)

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Neil returned upstairs to an unfamiliar room, Sara’s room. He was going to have to get used to that name, Sara. He was going to have to answer to it for a while. And he was going to have to go to her classes. Luckily, since it was still early in the year, there probably wouldn’t be any quizzes. He wasn’t sure how well he’d do in Sara’s subjects.

He was expecting all sorts of unique experiences when he went to college, but he never expected being a woman was going to be one of them! Yet here he was, just a few days after starting, and he was in a woman’s body. It still felt strange.

Sara had given him a fairly in depth run down, but he had a feeling much of the nuance of being a woman just couldn’t be explained in a lecture. And what if he ended up liking being a woman? What if he didn’t want to go back? He tried to push that thought out of his head. Of course he would want to go back. But that meant his time was limited. Which meant that he should probably do all kinds of things that he’d never get the opportunity to do again. He looked down at his body once more. Might as well get started...

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Laundry (Part 3)

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“For that matter, I don’t know how to walk in heels either,” Neil said.

“You’re going to have to learn. We’re going to have to pretend to be each other until we can figure out how to fix this. I have some friends majoring in things like engineering and biology that may be able to help us out.”

“I hope so. I’m really not sure if I can deal with being a girl.”

“For starters, you can stop calling yourself a ‘girl.’ I am a 19-year-old woman, thank you. Well, you are now, I guess, for the time being.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Neil replied as he lifted himself up and teetered on the heels, “This is going to take some getting used to.”

“I suppose I’ll give you a few tips. I can’t have my body going around looking stupid.”

Monday, December 19, 2016

Laundry (Part 2)

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Neil pulled himself to a seated position, still feeling like he was recovering from the shock and also still feeling like there was something very strange about his body. Then he saw the figure looming over him. He recognized the face and the body. How could he not? It was what had looked back at him from the mirror for the past 18 years. But if his body was standing there, then whose body did he have?

He looked down with fear. The shiny pants, the shirt, the breasts -- they too looked familiar. Neil realized he now had the body of the Asian woman that he asked to help with his laundry.

He saw his own body look down on him and smirk.

“How about now YOU do MY laundry.” She said.

“I still don’t know how. Just because I have a girl’s body doesn’t mean I know how.”

“And just because I had a girl’s body before, what made you think that I knew how to do laundry?”

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Laundry (Part 1)

About a week after starting college, Neil realized he had a pretty big problem; he had no idea how to do laundry. His mom had always done it for him growing up. She tried to teach him before he left for school, but he just hadn’t paid close enough attention. Heading down to the laundry room of his dorm for the first time, he looked around for some help. He shyly approached a female Asian student. She glared back at him with a sneer, angrily suggesting he picked her to ask simply because she was female. As she yelled, a drier started sparking without either of them seeing. The sparks hit each of them, knocking them both out. Neil awoke a few moments later feeling strange. There was something that was really off...

Saturday, December 17, 2016


The cruise took a few stops on the two week voyage, but without a doubt the most interesting was the two days spent on Exchange Island. As the ship entered the waters, each of the passengers swapped bodies with someone else. Sure enough, Ryan had been below deck, but suddenly found himself sunbathing by the ship’s pool. And, of course, he had a new body, a woman’s body. It was a feeling like nothing he had ever experienced before. He was sort of regretting that they’d only be in the waters around Exchange Island for two days. If only they were sticking around just a little bit longer. He couldn’t dwell on it too much; he just had to enjoy the next 48 hours as much as he could.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Nose Picking

“Nose picking is just the beginning, Sarah, it’s just the beginning,” Warned Connor, “If you don’t figure out a way to reverse this body swap, I will find so many ways to humiliate you. I can make your life so much worse.”

“I don’t think you’ve thought this through,” Sarah retorted, “The more you try to embarrass me, the less desire I will have to return to the life of mine that you ruined. So take that finger out of my nose or else you might be the one who had to ultimately deal with all the consequences of doing humiliating things to my body.”

Connor slowly removed the finger, “Okay, I get it, but you better hurry up. I don’t want to be stuck in your body for a second longer than I have to.”

“I’m working as fast as I can, and let me promise you that I don’t like being stuck in your body either.”

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Business Trip

Hank texted his wife to tel her that he landed safely. She asked him to send her a selfie of himself in the hotel room. Hank really didn’t know how to reply. He really didn’t know how to tell her that having a business trip on Exchange Island was a rather unique experience. How would he ever explain that when he landed he swapped bodies with another visitor to the island, in this case an Asian woman in her mid-20s. He thought about trying to locate his own body, take the picture, and send that to his wife. Then he’d technically be lying to her, wouldn’t he? Then again, it was also beyond weird that his company scheduled a business trip to Exchange Island in the first place. Ultimately, he just quickly shot a photo of the room without in the picture, he hoped it would be enough for her to not ask for more...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Statistically, it seemed pretty unlikely. This was now Marco’s third time visiting Exchange Island, and the third time he found himself in the body of a beautiful woman for the week. In fact, when he had spoken to all his friends, they too had been beautiful women whenever they visited. All things being equal, shouldn’t they all be swapping with other men about 50% of the time? Shouldn’t they sometimes find themselves in an elderly body or at least an ugly body? Not that he was complaining, because he could relive this experience over and over again; it’s just that he really couldn’t fully relax or forget about his job as a math teacher while he was here -- no matter what body he was in...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Fess Up

Anne returned home to find a strange woman sitting on the floor of her living room. She scowled at the woman, who backed away slowly. Anne stared right into the woman’s eyes. “I’ll deal with your slutty ass later,” She said, “But you need to tell me where my cheating husband is.”

“I’m not sleeping with your husband,” The woman replied with a slight guilty smile creeping across her face, “I AM your husband. I used this weird medallion that can transform bodies. I’m stuck in this body for the next three hours. I didn’t expect you to come home so soon. I thought about hiding for that time, but I figured it was just better to confess everything. I know it’s unbelievable, but I’ll sit with you right here for the next few hours and when it’s time, I’ll use the medallion again. Then you’ll see me transform back into myself, and you’ll know I am telling the truth here.”

Monday, December 12, 2016

Hipster (Part 6)

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It took a little bit more trial and error for Jason to settle on a style that he was okay with. A style that was hip and feminine, but still comfortable. It wasn’t wild like Miyoko’s, but it was still unique. He had kept in touch with her, but he never asked for fashion advice; preferring to figure it out on his own. But in that time, the conversation turned into something more; they developed a relationship. It was weird dating his own body, but it felt a lot less weird than the thought of dating some other random guy. Now he was just waiting here for her to pick him up for their date. He was hoping she would ask to marry him soon; maybe tonight. Then again, wasn’t he still technically the man? Maybe he should ask her? The expensive sports car pulled up and Jason got in. He wondered where she’d take him tonight.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hipster (Part 5)

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It was a few months later when Jason ran into Miyoko again. She laughed out loud when she saw him.

“Coveralls?” She asked between giggles.

“I thought they were cool. I mean, they’re leather. That’s hip, right?” Jason asked.

Miyoko shrugged, “What do I care anymore? It’s your life now, I suppose. I could give you a few fashion pointers if you like.”

“Speaking of pointers, are you doing okay at my job?”

“I quit.”

“You what?!” Jason screamed.

“Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t a hard job. I made a few smart investments. I don’t need to worry about money anymore. Thanks to what I did, I have more than enough. How about you? You find a job?”

“No. I’m still mooching off your parents for the time being...”

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hipster (Part 4)

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Yeah, sure, Jason ended up picking a dress, but at least it was’t nearly as loud as most of Miyoko’s other outfits. A cold front also had come in overnight, so he ended up wearing one of her coats when he went out on Sunday. He just kept telling himself it was only for a day; it was only while he went out shopping. He wanted pants; he wanted something more normal. More than anything, he hoped he’d be able to swap back to his own body at some point. Of course, he still had no idea how he swapped with Miyoko in the first place, and he had no idea how he was going to swap back.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Hipster (Part 3)

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Jason dug a little deeper and found a pair of pants...well, sort of. It actually seemed to be a full bodysuit. If he thought the last thing was colorful, this was one was colorful AND busy. It was comfortable fitting, but when he looked in the mirror, the reflection seemed crazy. He couldn’t go out like this, could he? No, he’d probably have to try again.

But still outfit after outfit and none of them felt quite right to be seen in. Of course, her closet was pretty big. He still had a lot to go through. He was convinced that there had to be SOMETHING in here. That’s when he saw it in the back. He wasn’t going to like it, but it was going to be reasonable. Like the leather skirt she had been wearing when they swapped.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hipster (Part 2)

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After getting the full rundown, Jason went to Miyoko’s apartment in order to try to adjust as best he could to the fact that he now had her body, which meant he’d have to live her life. Based on her talk about things like Reiki, there was nothing about her place that surprised him. It was filled with a bunch of new age mystic Asian stuff. Then there was the closet. The t-shirt and leather skirt that he had been wearing was normal enough, but the stuff in the closet was downright weird. He couldn’t resist the urge to try on a few things. Picking out an outfit that was very colorful, he looked at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t imagine wearing this sort of thing outside. In fact, he was pretty sure he couldn’t actually use much of the clothes in the closet. He’d probably have to go out and buy some other things that he’d feel a bit more comfortable in. Of course, that meant finding something to wear to the store tomorrow...

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Hipster (Part 1)

Without a care in the world, Jason wandered down the street on the sunny Saturday. His up-and-coming neighborhood was filled with hipster parents, recent graduates who were working in the finance industry like him, and plenty of weirdos. He spied a blond woman in a short dress and did a double take to check out her ass. In that moment, he wasn’t looking where he was going and he ran into someone else. The bump must’ve done something extremely weird, as he was shocked to learn that it somehow caused him to swap bodies with the person he had run into, a weird Asian woman with dyed tips and a leather skirt. As he examined his new long hair, his jaw dropped in shock.

The woman he swapped with seemed to be very calm about the whole thing. She began to surmise about Reiki, the life force, and other hippie-esque nonsense.

Jason did his best not to criticize her, as she explained some basic things about herself. Her name was Miyoko; she lived about a block away; she didn’t have a job, but her parents were rich, so it really wasn’t a problem. Jason explained his own life as well. He lived a few blocks in the other direction. He feared describing his job, thinking Miyoko would never be able to cut it.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


“Don’t you own ANY shoes without a heel?” Greg chuckled as he held two different shoes up, “I mean, come on, these are sneakers, and they still have a heel!”

“They’re called wedges,” Laura answered flatly, “You’ll need to learn that sort of thing if you don’t want to arouse any suspicion while we’re swapped. And, yes, every shoe I own has some sort of heel to it. Now that you’re in my body, you can probably tell how short it is. I need the extra height.”

“Believe me, no one want to swap bodies back more than I do. But who cares if you are short? Women are short! That’s just the way it is! And who cares if I don’t know the different between a pump and a wedge or a heel or whatever!?”

“Because, trust me, everyone I know will realize something is up. You’re the one who wanted to keep this body swap secret, so make the effort to keep it secret! It’s going to be a long two days otherwise.”

Monday, December 5, 2016


Carter stood in front of the lecture hall frozen. He was thinking about how this happened; it still seemed impossible. He had shown up to Professor Pak’s office hours yesterday for help in her Astronomy class. She could see he was struggling and decided to offer some advice. After reaching up a shelf, she pulled down a small rock, explaining that it was the piece of a meteorite she had gotten to study. They were still unsure of its origins and even the material didn’t seem natural. Then the rock did something that shocked both of them; it began to glow. Then the glow engulfed both of them, swapping their bodies.

Carter was in a panic as he suddenly found himself in Professor Pak’s body. She was a bit more measured, examining the rock as if it had just given up a revelation. She told Carter that she’d bring the rock to an associate for further study, in hopes of figuring how they triggered this and how to control it. Further, she explained that Carter would have to pretend to be her in the interim and not speak a word to anyone about the swap. He protested. How could he pull off being her. He was so close to failing the class; how could he possibly teach it! She quipped back that she had full faith in his ability to understand the material; he just lacked the confidence. What better way to apply the proper pressure than to have him teach it?

It was difficult for Carter to fall asleep. He felt so awkward with Professor Pak’s feminine body. It was even more awkward to shower and get dressed the next morning. However, all of that awkwardness paled in comparison to standing up in front of that lecture hall trying to figure out how to deliver the daily lesson.

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Captain James Buegler was quite proud of himself. In a normal news cycle, he knew his actions would probably be portrayed as heroic. Of course, he realized his actions would be overshadowed in the media by the Great Shift, which caused his need to act in the first place. He was flying when the Shift struck, swapping him into the body of a stewardess. The plane began to nosedive. He rushed up front and gained control just in time. After his adrenaline calmed, the fact that he was now in the body of someone else began to sink in. He was in the body of a stewardess -- a woman! Then he realized the plan he was now in wasn’t his own either. He must’ve swapped into the body of a stewardess on a different plane! He began to wonder how it all happened, and how many other planes had been saved by people like him. Or the worse thought, how many had been lost? He maintained his happiness. He had done his part to help; he saved lives.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Knock First

When Ron opened the door to the bathroom, it was the last thing he expected to see. “What are you doing?” He screamed in horror, “We only swapped bodies an hour ago, and you are already doing...that!?”

“Sorry, Ron,” Lisa lamented, “I needed to use the bathroom, and it was dangling there...and I got curious. And who doesn’t knock before they enter the bathroom?”

“I didn’t think anyone was in here. I didn’t think you were in here. And I certainly didn’t expect you to be doing THAT in here! That’s my body your playing with!”

“It’s not like I am going to break it or anything. Why don’t you go to the upstairs bathroom and check my body out?”

“What? No way! No way; I just want this nightmare body swap to be over.”

Friday, December 2, 2016

Unlikely (Part 2)

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It seemed showing up early had given Harvey a sense of false hope. As the start time approached, more people showed up. Except instead of being stuck with less appropriate bodies, most of them appeared to not have shifted at all, or possibly even may have ended up with bodies more appropriate for the field. Harvey swore he saw someone who was now in the body of a professional player. That didn’t give Harvey much hope for being able to stay on the body with this body. It just seemed unlikely. He looked back out to the field and sulked. He could still give it a try though, right?

Thursday, December 1, 2016


The summer of the Shift was hard for Harvey. It wasn’t easy for him to adjust to being a woman. He knew he wasn’t alone; most of the world had to deal with new bodies. For a while, he questioned his future, figuring his football scholarship for school in the fall would probably be taken away. Then again, this body was in pretty good shape and he still had all the skills needed; he might still be able to do something on the team. Plus, it seemed entirely possible that all the other players ended up with bodies that might be even more unlikely to play. He showed up early and smiled. Turnout seemed light. He might just be able to pull this off after all. He might not be the best player with this body, but he might just be better than a lot of other people still.