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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Business Trip

Hank texted his wife to tel her that he landed safely. She asked him to send her a selfie of himself in the hotel room. Hank really didn’t know how to reply. He really didn’t know how to tell her that having a business trip on Exchange Island was a rather unique experience. How would he ever explain that when he landed he swapped bodies with another visitor to the island, in this case an Asian woman in her mid-20s. He thought about trying to locate his own body, take the picture, and send that to his wife. Then he’d technically be lying to her, wouldn’t he? Then again, it was also beyond weird that his company scheduled a business trip to Exchange Island in the first place. Ultimately, he just quickly shot a photo of the room without in the picture, he hoped it would be enough for her to not ask for more...

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