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Monday, December 12, 2016

Hipster (Part 6)

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It took a little bit more trial and error for Jason to settle on a style that he was okay with. A style that was hip and feminine, but still comfortable. It wasn’t wild like Miyoko’s, but it was still unique. He had kept in touch with her, but he never asked for fashion advice; preferring to figure it out on his own. But in that time, the conversation turned into something more; they developed a relationship. It was weird dating his own body, but it felt a lot less weird than the thought of dating some other random guy. Now he was just waiting here for her to pick him up for their date. He was hoping she would ask to marry him soon; maybe tonight. Then again, wasn’t he still technically the man? Maybe he should ask her? The expensive sports car pulled up and Jason got in. He wondered where she’d take him tonight.

1 comment:

  1. LOL super series. I love thar thehy now have a realtionship & he/se wants to get married. Also, great touch that hse as hhim has done better with his old life than the original. Wickedly funny that he/she is hoping to become a wife.
    oping for a few more. Thanks