Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Elevator (Part 1)

Very loosely based on this video.

My girlfriend and I were hoping to get to the top floor of the building in order to get a romantic bird’s eye view of the city. When we entered the elevator, we joined a businesswoman and a nebbish man inside. The man was standing by the buttons as if he was guarding them. We asked him to press the top floor, but it looked like he hit a secret button somewhere.

As we rode up, the lights blinked and the elevator shook before coming to a complete stop. I immediately checked on what I thought was my girlfriend, but she kept brushing me off. It was several more minutes before I realized we had all swapped bodies. It seems I swapped with the businesswoman and the man was now in the body of my girlfriend. I tried to signal to the elevator’s camera for help. Meanwhile, the man started being a total creep and doing all sorts of inappropriate things to my girlfriend’s body. My girlfriend (in the man’s body) kept trying to get him to stop. He tried to get me join in, but soon I joined my girlfriend in telling him to quit it. We were all relieved when the elevator started working again, but we all still stuck in the wrong bodies.

The creep basically pushed me out when we got to the businesswoman’s floor. I stood in shock for a moment, still very uncomfortable being in the wrong body, but I knew the elevator would be going all the way up to the top floor. But maybe if I rushed down to the ground, I could confront the man and force him to give my girlfriend her body back.

Monday, January 30, 2023

No Clue

Every day Vince went a few blocks out of his way to check out the young moms at the playground with their kids. He’d shoot a few rude comments at the more attractive ones, and then be on his way.

It was on a cold February morning when he passed by with only a single mom watching her son play. Vince was about to open his big mouth when a bright light flashed. Suddenly, Vince was now in the body of the mom, and it wasn’t long before an angry 5 year old was in his face.

“What did you do?” The woman in the child’s body demanded to know.

“Look, I dunno. One minute I’m minding my own business, and the next, BAM! I got knockers,” Vince replied.

“You!? Why are YOU in my body? Where is my son?”

“I made a boom boom!” Vince heard his own voice call out.

“I ain’t got any clue how this all happened, but I gotta get to work. I’ll leave my number, and call me when you figure it out.” Vince said as he simply walked off with the woman’s body with the woman stuck in her son’s and the son stuck in Vince’s.

Sunday, January 29, 2023


It was my junior year of college when the Great Shift struck. I had been living with three other guys in off-campus housing, and we all ended up in women’s bodies. For instance, I swapped with one of my teacher’s, a woman in her late 30s -- not the greatest looking either.

But our roommate Kevin? It was like he won the lottery, man. The body he swapped into looked like a supermodel. Yet every day he wore baggy sweats. We were all pretty disappointed, and I overheard another roommate confront him about it.

“You don’t get to tell me what to wear,” I remember Kevin shouting, “What do you even expect me to wear anyway? Should I be running around the place in my underwear? Maybe you want me to get a silk teddie? Should I put on a French maid outfit and clean up the place? It’s not like I see any of the rest of you doing any of that? Screw you guys.”

I had pondered asking Kevin about this myself, but I was glad I didn’t.

Saturday, January 28, 2023

The Button

A strange box had arrived one day addressed to Amy and Jeff. The two were roommates who had moved in together shortly after college, but they had never gotten anything that was addressed to both of them before.

Inside the box was a button with a note. The note explained that the button had the power to swap Amy and Jeff with a random pair of bodies. It mentioned the ability to potentially swap with famous people like musicians, athletes, or actors. It could be pressed once a day. Amy and Jeff thought it was a joke. But after a night of drinking, they began talking. Amy laughed that it might be fun to become Taylor Swift; Jeff said he might want to be LeBron James. They decided to press the button. They forgot the note said “random.”

Their first press swapped them into the bodies of a married couple in Tulsa, who were overweight and empoverished. Neither wanted to stay like that, so they pressed it again the next day, and they both became junkies living in a drug house. They kept pressing it day after day, and they were never in bodies that they enjoyed.

After several months, they were set to press it again, but Jeff stopped Amy. “Don’t do it,” He said, “These are the best bodies we’ve been in for weeks. I’m not sure it’s going to get any better.”

“But I’m 50 years old!” Amy protested, “And a guy! I don’t want to be a guy!”

“Do you think I want to be this woman? Or a woman at all? I’ve been nothing but women for the past week! And most of the bodies have been elderly, like 60 or 70. These are the youngest and best bodies we’ve had for some time. If you press it again, the next bodies we end up in could be dead within 24 hours. Don’t press it Amy...Don’t!”

Friday, January 27, 2023

Funeral Prayer (Part 2)

View Funeral Prayer (Part 1) here.

Luke, Simone, and I all went to discuss what had just happened. Luke was overjoyed to be alive, even if was in the body of his own 80-year-old grandfather. He didn’t have any memory of an afterlife; it was more like one minute he was in the hospital and the next he was knealing at his own funeral. He quickly concluded that if tried to tell anyone who he really was, they’d probably think he was senile.

Simone and I both decided we probably wouldn’t fare much better trying to explain to people who we really were either. We didn’t know anything about each other, and we certainly didn’t know anything about being the opposite gender. We both decided to stay in touch in order to better cope.

Of course, we all also had the more immediate concern of the funeral. Luke’s body was still dead (presumably with his grandfather’s soul now inside of it), and it needed to be laid to rest. I nearly put on my own jacket before Simone handed me her own puffer coat instead. I put it on and we all went next door to the church for the funeral. I realized being Simone was going to take a lot of adjustment for me. It wasn’t going to be easy.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Experiment Begins (Part 3)

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Ted had no idea what he was going to do now. It seemed unlikely that he could explain to Rebecca who he really was. He could hardly believe it himself! Going back to the lab wasn’t an option either, since he no longer had any memory of where it was. Maybe he could find someone who knew who he now was? He pondered the odds. The lab hadn’t been too far from where he lived, maybe this woman was local? Her clothes were loud and eccentric -- they didn’t seem to be from the lab. So if she regularly dressed like this, maybe she was the type of person who liked being seen and being known? He tried to look for a mirror; maybe he’d recognize his own new face. He ended up using the side mirror on a car. Maybe he had seen her once in town? She looked vaguely familiar.

Then a passerby did a double take and said, “Oh my God! It is you, isn’t it? Can we get a selfie together?”

“Uh, sure,” Ted said as he suddenly had an idea, “Tag my Instagram! Oh, do it now! Lemme see before you post!”

And so the passerby wrote #ShawnaFoster on the post. Ted knew the name. She was a model, and that meant... Ted was now a model. Ted was Shawna Foster.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Walk in the Park (Part 2)

View A Walk in the Park (Part 1) here.

Jake sooned learned that the chaos was traced back to the kid with the ray gun, which made sense since that was the last thing he could remember before being swapped into a new body. He also soon learned he was a little bit luckier than most. He had been swapped completely; others merely had parts swapped. When he finally found his dog, he wasn’t even sure if it was actually his dog with a woman’s body or a woman with his dog’s face. She seemed to act pretty dog-like, and Jake was soon convinced it was. Of course, it was a little harder for Jake to convince his dog who he really was, considering he now probably appeared to be a strange woman to the dog. Nevertheless, a friendly face and a few dog treats, and Jake was able to put a collar around her and lead her away from the park. Of course, Jake didn’t get very far before realizing heading back to the park to find the kid was probably the best option. Even if he wasn’t able to get himself back to normal, he was absolutely sure his dog wasn’t going to manage being 80% human!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Harold's Legacy

Harold had always been a beloved figure in our town. He was a rich old dude with a big heart. We don’t know how he had his money invested, but he always gave to the town library, the little league, and local charities. Whatever he had his money in, it never seem to affect his bottom line, and he always gave more.

Shortly before he died, he started dating a young woman named Rose, who he eventually married. Considering how quick it happened, we all thought she killed him, but no one could prove it. With her now in charge of the funds, the generosity stopped. A few charities had to shut down, and things were looking bleak.

Then the Great Shift happened. And wouldn’t you know it? Suddenly, a guy like me found himself inside the body of Harold’s gold-digging widow, Rose. With a call to some accountants, I had all the donations resumed. When the real Rose turned up, she tried to protest and claim that she was the real Rose, but no one in town wanted to testify on her behalf. The numerous court cases were all thrown out. Everyone was certainly happy to pretend like I was the real Rose and have me manage Harold’s fortune. There was plenty of money to go around. I was able to live quite lavishly, and still continue the legacy of Harold’s generosity.

Monday, January 23, 2023

Prom Night

Mostly based on this DeviantArt comic by hydroem, which I just absolutely loved.

“What the hell did you do, Ming?” Jet asked his date, very bothered by the fact that he was speaking with Ming’s high-pitched, squeaky voice, “Why did we swap bodies? If you don’t fix this, I’m going to kick your ass, even if it is mine!”

“I don’t know what’s going on!” Ming protested, “I must be dreaming! Or the punch was spiked or something!”

Jet was about ready to throw a punch using Ming’s scrawny arms, but a voice shouted out.

“Hold on!” Jet recognized Sam, a rather unpopular and quiet girl from his class, “She really doesn’t know. There’s this amulet that swaps bodies. Earlier I swapped with Sam, but I’m actually Tahlia.”

Tahlia (in Sam’s body) picked up the amulet off the floor. Jet, not wanting to spend one more second in Ming’s body or her pink satin prom dress, reached for it. Unfortunately, he wasn’t quite prepared for how much shorter he was now that he was Ming; instead of grabbing it, he knocked it from Tahlia’s hands.

The amulet landed at the feet of Victoria, who was feeling pretty confident from her recent prom queen victory. She vindictively crushed the amulet, which only caused another flash...

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Demonic (Part 2)

View Part 1 of Demonic here.

I could feel the heat eminating from new demon body, and I could feel the power surging inside. A simple wave of my hand turned the red tint back to a normal soft white. Another wave and I teleported myself across the room. When I rematerialized, I ended up stumbling a little in the heeled boots I wore. They were tough to walk in. I tried to wave them into some sensible sneakers, but it didn’t work. I couldn’t seem to change my body either.

“That’s one of the rules,” the demon now in my body piped in, “I can tell what you’re trying to do, but a demon can’t change herself or another demon with her magic.”.

“I thought I had no restrictions!”.

“Be glad you don’t have to go to hell! Or grant wishes! Or collect souls! You only have to follow the most basic of rules! You can hide your horns, if you want, that’s about it. Honestly, I probably granted your wish in the nicest possible way.”.

“By making me you?”.

“There’s always got to be a twist.”

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Cute Things

George always had a hard time buying gifts for his wife. He always wished he could get her something great, but it never turned out that way. This year, he was determined to get her a great gift for her birthday, and he ended up coming across an odd store he never saw before at the mall. It told various trinkets and antiques that he thought his wife would enjoy. The old man behind the counter disagreed and said George didn’t understand women at all. George scoffed, asking the old man what he knew.

The old man offered to sell George an item, a small pill that would allow any man to understand women better. For $5, George figured what did he have to lose? He paid the man and went to the food court to get a drink to take the pill. A few sips of soda, and he swallowed it. With a magical puff, he was transformed into a woman (though no one around seemed to notice). He thought about stormed back into the store to be transformed back, but his head was suddenly filled with all sorts of things he knew a woman like himself would enjoy. He went to work buying all sorts of things for his wife with a big smile on his face.

When he was done, he knew he still needed to get back to normal, so he looked for the shop. It didn’t seem to be where he remembered it. He checked the directory; it did not even seem to be listed! A little bit of panic set in. He was going to be stuck like this! However, his mindset quickly shifted. It wouldn’t be so bad. He had already bought himself so many cute things for himself today; being stuck like this only meant he was going to be able to buy so many more!

Friday, January 20, 2023

The Yoga Class (Part 2)

View The Yoga Class (Part 1) here.

Just as Ming knew instantly she was in Keysha’s body, Keysha also realized very quickly that she was now in Ming’s body. She felt so thin and light, almost as if the wind would just blow her away! And much like Ming tried to not look too upset, Keysha was trying to not look too happy! After all, this was her chance to feel beautiful, skinny, fit, and sexy! Even if it was her friend’s body and not her own.

The women in the yoga class began to discuss what had happened to them. The instructor presented a theory that they had achieved some sort of spiritual connection with another plane of existence, that it was a natural re-alignment with proper chakras. Ming was skeptical while Keysha seemed completely on board.

As the group discussed, they all eventually agreed to act as the person they now appeared to be. Both Ming and Keysha were a little hesitant to keep the truth from their husbands, but at this point, they also thought the swap would be temporary and sort itself out before too long. They had no idea how wrong they were.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Dictator's Sister (Part 1)

It seemed like a very bad situation to be in. Scott had gone to bed what seemed like just a little bit ago, only to be jolted awake a bright light that seemed to rip his soul from his body and place it in another. He looked around nervously to see soldiers in uniforms he recognized from the news. He was apparently now in North Korea. Everyone looked confused.

He asked if everyone was okay, as he became immediately thankful for several years of Korean language studies his mom had make him take. He noticed his voice was soft and feminine.

The soldiers assured him everything was fine. And that everything was always fine.

He decided it was best not to ask any follow up.

Instead, he sought out a mirror, and he nearly lost it when he saw his reflection. He wasn’t just in the body of any North Korean. He was inside the body of Kim Yo Jong, the brutal dictator’s sister. His stomach churned and he resolved two things: One, not tell a single sould he wasn’t who he appeared to be, and Two, find a way to escape.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

VR Malfunction (Part 1)

The new VR game was the hottest item at the arcade. I went down with a bunch of friends the day they installed it. The lines were long, but it was worth it. Everything felt so real. When you played the games, it felt like you really were the character you played as.

But on my third round, something happened. There was a power surge or something and the lights went out. I took off the headset and was shocked to find I had been transformed into my character! Suddenly, all eyes were on me as I was now the living embodiment of so many gamer guys’ crushes.

My friend Marvin asked if I had my character’s powers. I wasn’t about to kick anyone to find out, but we figured out a few other tests. I could lift the arcade cabinets with ease, and when I played the games, my reaction time was insane. And luckily there were high ceilings, because I could jump unbelievably high. In a lot of ways, it was really cool. If only I had selected a male character though, then I wouldn’t be stuck in a woman’s body!

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Big Surprise

Adam hadn’t been exactly thrilled with the body he swapped into as a result of the Great Shift. He often used words like “nerdy” or “homely” to desribe the woman he ended up as. He hated the thick glasses he needed to put on just to see, and the closet full of frumpy clothes he discovered in her room.

But it was several months later when he got the big surprise. He was pregnant! And it seems he had discovered this fact a little too late, so he would have to bring the baby to term. The thought of giving birth still seemed very puzzling to him (though he imagined any mystery surround it would go away soon, for obvious reasons), but what was even more puzzling to him was that anyone would make a baby with this woman!

Monday, January 16, 2023

No Broken Promises

I met Sakae my first semester freshman year at college. She was an international student, and we were both in the computer science program. We bonded over a bunch of nerdy stuff, and a two times we considered dating.

The first time was sophomore year. I asked her out, and she simple replied that she’d love to, but she couldn’t.

The next time was a year later. She began to explain that she wanted to date, but that arranged marriages were a thing in her culture and there was a guy ready to marry her when she returned after college. I promised her that if there was anything I could do to get her out of it, I would do it. I never expected her to take me up on that offer.

It was a few months after graduation. I had just started my new job, and was exhausted after an extensive code review. I went to lie down on my bed, but as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was bombarded with loud music and bright lights. I was wearing a fancy dress, and I quickly learned I was in Sakae’s body standing next to her soon-to-be husband.

It was fortunate that that the whole thing was a rehearsal and not Sakae’s actually wedding. I was able to text her to ask what was going on. She explained that she couldn’t let her parents or her culture down, but she had remembered my promise. If it was something she couldn’t do, maybe it was something I could. I didn’’t ask how she was able to switch bodies; instead, I just started to plan ways to gently tell her parents and her would-be husband to call off the wedding. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but I knew I couldn’t break my promise to Sakae.

Sunday, January 15, 2023

Long Process

‘Oh, thank goodness,’ Ivan thought to himself as he managed to get power running through the main conductor again. It was the first step in a long process to get his body swapping machine up-and-running again. If he didn’t get it working soon, he was pretty sure Clara’s husband would kill him. But things were at least starting to look promising, but he worried that the various parts were all too fragile and worn from the first test that had accidentally swapped him into Clara’s body in the first place. It was going to be a long night.

Saturday, January 14, 2023

Previously Nonexistent Sibling

“Wake up, Olivia, we need to get ready for your brother’s wedding!” I heard my mom’s voice call out in the morning as I lay sleeping in an unknown hotel bedroom.

It didn’t make any sense. I was an only child. Who was Olivia? As I stirred in the bed, I could feel my changed body. I must be Olivia. But how? I could only think back to a wish I had made last night at the bar. I had wondered how my life been different had I not been an only child. I guess I was about to see exactly see all those differences from a second person perspective now that I was in the body of my previously nonexistent sister, Olivia.

I went into the bathroom and put on the bridesmaid dress before my mom shuffled me into the hallway to meet up with a group of women all wearing the same dress. We were supposed to get our hair and makeup done. I tried to get as much information my alternate life. The original me (Oliver) and the present me (Olivia) were apparently twins. Having a sister growing up apparently allowed original me to be more committed in relationships. Instead of breaking up with Sandra last year, this verson of me asked for her hand in marriage. I had attended a slightly cheaper college in this reality, and I guess I was protective of Olivia (the present me) growing up -- which I obviously had absolutely zero memory of. It was great insight and the wedding was beautiful. However, I started to wonder as I learned about how different my life would be if I had a sibling, would I ever be able to go back to being me? At this point I didn’t even care if it was my original reality or this altered reality, but I was pretty sure I didn’t want to be Olivia anymore. I wanted to be me again!

Friday, January 13, 2023

The Merge (Part 2)

View The Merge (Part 1) here.

Of course, Melvin and Jody weren’t the only ones affected. A goth girl named Lily and a guy on the football team named Keith also got merged into a single woman; she ended up going by the name Lilith.

Lilith regularly called football “stupid” (of course, she called most things “stupid”) yet insisted on continuing to play for the team. She would quickly unleash a load of feminist fury if anyone said anything about how girls shouldn’t play football. She was a beast on the field and loved flexing her muscles, and the goth makeup she wore could often be intimidating to opponents. Off the field, she tried her best to be the same sort of ladies man that Keith had been, with a particular interest in Melody. There had often been rumors about Lily being a lesbian, but no one ever knew for sure, since she had mostly kepto to herself. But the clear preference for women from the merged Lilith seemed to leave little room for doubt about what once was.

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Not Her

Edward tried to take a short break in the park, but he was confronted by two guys asking for a selfie and another three people asking for an autograph. He tried to dismiss them, saying he was affected by the Great Shift like everyone else. Despite the fact that he had her body, he wasn’t her.

He knew he wasn’t the only person swapped into the body fo a celebrity as a result of the Great Shift, and he realized there was a lot of pressure. He had gotten plenty of calls from agents and managers asking him to take on this woman’s successful career. Plenty of other people obviously took up those offers. But fans had cerain expectations based on a celebrity’s history about how the person in that body should now act.

But he didn’t want the limelight. He didn’t want to act all wild and outrageous on stage for an audience. He was a shy, mild-mannered accountant from outside Pittsburgh. He just wanted to keep doing that. And the only thing that made it tough was that people kept recognizing his body from before.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Not as Advertised

After looking at promotional material, Ryan had been lured to sign up for a vacation on Exchange Island. It promised that for duration of your trip, you’d swap bodies with another vacationer; and just about everyone in the photos looked like a model. He convinced his friend, Hank, to come with him, and the two were off.

Of course, reality is rarely like the brochures. Ryan was severely disappointed by the body he ended up with. It was going to be interesting to be a woman for the next two weeks, but he had more than a few extra pounds compared to the models in the promotional materials. Though in all fairness, it all mattered who the other guests actually were, and he supposed whoever got his rather scrawny and unattractive body wasn’t all that pleased either. And he certainly was better off than his friend Hank, who was going to be in the body of a 80-year-old man for the next two weeks!

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Toughest Professor (Part 1)

Professor Liu was known to be one of the toughest at the university, but a few words of wisdom to survive her class had been passed down through the years. For one, while she wrote a lot on the board, students knew to pay the most attention to her lectures when she walked around the classroom. She wanted to ensure students were actually paying attention to her words.

So as she walked up and down the rows that day, the entire class was feverishly taking notes as she talked, “And so when we have a heterogeneous catalysis, we can study the Haber-Bosch process in order to...what the hell?”

The students were puzzled by her tonal change until they looked at their own notes.

“That’s not my handwriting. I don’t write hearts on my i’s,” A young woman spoke up, “And this is not my voice! Or my body for that matter!”

“And I’m not Professor Liu!” Professor Liu’s body said, “I’m Doug! I sit...over there.” Doug looked to see his body still sitting there, “Holy shit! I’m looking at myself! And I’m in the teacher’s body!”

The entire class was in chaos with everyone swapped around.

Monday, January 9, 2023

Owning the Libs

Thomas was a young conservative activist who had signed up with a radical organization to own the libs in any way possible. The other members were quick to give Thomas an assignment to further their cause. The instructions were far out of the mainstream, seemed quite unethical, probably against his religion, and likely just impossible. But he also wanted to fit in, so he accepted the task of possessing a liberal activist before a scheduled talk show appearance and then tank it however he saw fit.

There were clear instructions about how to possess someone, where to find her, and so on. He followed them to the letter and was more than surprised to find they worked and he was now in the body of a woman twice his age! Being in a woman’s body felt really nice for some reason, but he tried to put those feelings aside, focusing instead on how attractive she was for her age.

There weren’t instructions about how to tank the news interview. He decided the best way to give standard liberal opinions, but make his body look as foolish as possible. He opted to dress more suited for a night club than a news studio, like he should be dishing on pop culture instead of serious topics, and certainly not suitable for a woman of this age. It didn’t work. Instead of seeming foolish, he was praised for being “in touch” with the youth.

The organization he volunteered for was not happy.

Sunday, January 8, 2023

Doctor's Visit (Part 1)

I gave my name to the receptionist and sat down in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. I put my hands on my knees and spread my legs wide, forgotting for a moment what my body looked like now.

You see, when I went to sleep last night, I was your typical, ordinary guy; but today I woke up as a woman. I immediately called the doctor to schedule an appointment to see what was wrong with me, to figure out what happened.

None of my old clothes fit, but luckily my sister had dropped off a few things the other day, as I was collecting items for a local charity. I felt so weird putting on her underwear, jeans that felt much too tight, and a sweater with long sleeves that covered my hands if I didn’t roll them up.

I had to adjust the seat in my car for my now smaller body, and as I drove to the doctor I kept having to push hair out of my face. Now that I was waiting, I was wondering how I was even going to explain that I somehow spontaneously changed genders.

Saturday, January 7, 2023


As Alyssa and Max stood and listened, the doctor nervously explained why Max now appeared to be Alyssa’s exact twin.

“Well, you see when you both arrived after the car accident,” The doctor began, “Max was in rough shape. We were experimenting with a unique gene technique that would surely save his life. Alyssa was simply the obvious donor patient. What we didn’t expect was the treatment overriding your DNA, Max, with yours, Alyssa. Genetically, you two are now completely identical. Of course, Max still has his own thoughts, memories, and experiences. He’s still Max, but his outward appearance. Keep in mind, the alternative was Max’s death! And, of course, we will compensate you appropriately!”

Despite the weirdness of the situation, both Max and Alyssa realized it could have been worse, and they were quite interested in how the hospital planned to compensate them for being the subject of an unethical experiment!

Friday, January 6, 2023

Stupid Ballet

Anthony’s wife had pressured him to come to a ballet performance. She insisted he needed some culture. He couldn’t believe how long and boring it was. Finally, after more than two hours, it seemed to be coming to a close. As the lead dancer leapt into the air, she came crashing down with a flash of light, and it was almost like Anthony could actually feel it.

He soon realized that he actually did feel it. He was now on the stage in front of the large crowd with a spotlight on him. He could see the scared look in the faces of the people in the front rows, and he was nervous himself. He hadn’t just found himself on the stage; he was now inside the body of the lead dancer! He was wearing tights, and ballet slippers, and a damned tutu -- not the mention the fact he was now a woman!

He cursed his luck. None of this would have happened to him if his wife hadn’t forced him to go to the stupid ballet!

Thursday, January 5, 2023

Unremarkable (Part 2)

View Unremarkable (Part 1) here.

Neil looked over to the bench where he had tried to swap the couple sitting there. “I don’t think it worked,” He said to Melissa, “They don’t look swapped to me.”

“Shush!” Melissa whispered, “I think they’re trying not to make a scene, but I need to listen.”

Neil couldn’t hear anything the couple was saying, and he was feeling a little lightheaded. He wondered if using his power was just a bit tiring. Melissa seemed to be smiling.

“It worked!” She said quietly, “They are totally in each other’s bodies.”

The couple stood up, and it was a little clearer. The man’s body stood and began walking in a feminine manner while the woman’s body seemed to be moving much more like a guy would.

“I think they’re leaving. Should we swap them back before they do, so they’re not stuck if I can’t find them again?” Neil asked.

“And spoil their fun?” Melissa laughed, “I overheard them. They have a plan to truly experience their new bodies, and they’re going back to his room to do that! But we can pick another pair to experiment further or for something more obvious?

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

For Display Only

Six months ago, I had found myself locked in a department store after hours. I don’t know why, but I felt compelled to reach out and touch one of the mannequins. To my surprise, the mannequin came to life! The woman (who had just been a freeking mannequin a minute ago) thanked me and then quickly apologized before running off.

I tried to chase her, but I soon found my feet stuck in place. My skin became an alabaster shade of white. Gaps formed at my joints. My entire body was becoming fiberglass or plastic and the form was a feminine one, much like the one I had touched. When it finally reached my head, I was briefly in a living hell of being completely paralyzed before even my brain was plasticized into inanimate oblivion.

It felt like a mere moment later, but with the sun now coming up, it was clear several hours had passed as the process went in reverse shortly before the store was set to open. Except instead of reverting to my own body, I became a human form of the mannequin I had become -- a gorgeous woman with an envious body fit for showcasing fashion. On top of all that, a clerk had apparently put me in a wedding dress overnight. It was all pretty embarrassing for a guy like me!

Over the next few days, I discovered I had taken on a curse. At night, generally right before stores closed, I would turn into a mannequin. I’d transform into a woman shortly before they opened. It didn’t matter if a body part was removed from the mannequin; I’d always wake up with no missing parts to my human body. It was best to let the transformation happen in a store; I was on the street once and woke up naked and in the trash. I don’t know what triggered me taking up the curse from the woman who had it before me, and I’m not sure how, when, or if anyone will ever take it from me!

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The Pink Dragon (Part 1)

When the princess was captured by a dargon, the king looked to his bravest knights to save her. A few had stepped forward early on, but they never came back. The task would seem to be doomed, and the rumors of the dragon’s chaotic magic was widespread.

Sir Yorick finally stepped up to the task. He only held the knight title due to heredity. As the fifth son of a Lord, he was slated to inherit very little. His ask if he succeeded? To marry the princess. The king was hesitant but Yorick’s small frame seemed no match for the dragon anyway, so he ultimately agreed.

Yorick soon arrived outside the cave and taunted the dragon out. The dragon glowed a brilliant pink as it activated its magic. The rumors had been completely true, and the dragon’s body swapping magic suddenly placed him chained up deep within the cave and inside the princess’s body!

This was actually part of Yorick’s plan, as he was an expert lockpicker and was able to free himself. However, it was not part of his plan to see his body burnt to a crisp by the dragon’s fiery breath. He quickly assessed his options and decided to elude the dragon and run back to the kingdom as quickly as possible. Considering he had swapped into the body of the princess, it was fairly easy to assume her identity.

Monday, January 2, 2023

Esc! Cancel! Undo!

“Esc! Cancel! Undo!” Garrett mumbled under his breath after he accidentally clicked on an advertisement. He had been gaining weight since turning 40, and the ad was appealing.

It had read, “Get a fit body in 40 seconds.” It technically wasn’t lying as a beam shot out of Garrett’s computer to transform him. He was now certainly fit...but he was also a woman! He hadn’t even put in a credit card or agreed to a terms of service. It had just done it!

Now he was trying to undo it. If he couldn’t, he had no idea what he was going to tell his wife when she got home.

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Buying Immortality

Alex walked around the displays seeing the various heads being grown in glass jars. He stopped at one that caught his attention. It was a woman; he hadn’t expected to be drawn to a woman.

“I want this one,” He said flatly.

“Very well,” The dealer replied, “We will transfer the $500 million from your account to begin prepping the body. The other half is due once your thoughts and memories are transfered into it.”

“One question though. Wouldn’t it make more sense to grow humans naturally, as fetuses first instead of growing the heads first without the rest of the body?”

“Well, Sir, it is obvious we deal with wealthy clients like yourself. You are spending a billion dollars to have a new body, eventually achieving immortality if you can continue to afford it. But as you can imagine, for that price tag, immortality is not enough. People want to know what they are going to look like. I think this young woman’s appearance might’ve even had an influence on your decision making.”

“I suppose you’re right. I wasn’t planning on becoming a woman, but she certainly is beautiful. I just couldn’t resist. I suppose it will be an interesting experience.”