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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A Walk in the Park (Part 2)

View A Walk in the Park (Part 1) here.

Jake sooned learned that the chaos was traced back to the kid with the ray gun, which made sense since that was the last thing he could remember before being swapped into a new body. He also soon learned he was a little bit luckier than most. He had been swapped completely; others merely had parts swapped. When he finally found his dog, he wasn’t even sure if it was actually his dog with a woman’s body or a woman with his dog’s face. She seemed to act pretty dog-like, and Jake was soon convinced it was. Of course, it was a little harder for Jake to convince his dog who he really was, considering he now probably appeared to be a strange woman to the dog. Nevertheless, a friendly face and a few dog treats, and Jake was able to put a collar around her and lead her away from the park. Of course, Jake didn’t get very far before realizing heading back to the park to find the kid was probably the best option. Even if he wasn’t able to get himself back to normal, he was absolutely sure his dog wasn’t going to manage being 80% human!

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