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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Walking (Part 3)

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After a few more attempts at walking, Kris decided he would just crawl to the television. When he turned it on, he learned that almost the entire world had been affected by what the reporter called “The Great Shift,” which swapped the bodies of 95% of the world. He may have been dressed up like some sort of weird rubber doll but he rationed that it could have been worse. Sure, he was a woman, but he could be a relatively normal looking one with a simple clothing change. There would be young people now stuck in aged bodies or healthy folks stuck in wheelchairs. The possibilities were endless,and Kris’s outcome was simply nothing to complain about.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Tin Man

When Dorothy returned to Oz, it wasn’t exactly a happy ending. She found her old friend, The Tin Man, and he told her how the wicked witch had been revived and was wreaking havoc. When she became away of the Kansas girl’s presence, she cast a spell on her and her metal friend, merging the pair into one person. The Tin Man was shocked. The first thing he noticed was a real heart beating in his chest! And actual FLESH! And what flesh it was! He had Dorothy’s shapely curves. While he enjoyed being a real human. He knew he had to end the curse, for Dorothy’s sake! As long as he was in control, it was like she didn’t exist! Though he certainly didn’t know what good he’d be with this fleshy body!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Broken rules (Part 3)

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TG Caption
A few days later, Brian was still reeling from the loss of his body. He was still drinking heavily and started smoking to calm his nerves. None of it was really helping. He had trouble sleeping, and his depression was worse than ever. But he was also hitting bottom. As he did, he would start to accept his new life and his new body. He would start to embrace it and actually enjoy it. He just needed a bit more time to adjust.

Brat zap

Ethan had just left the mall and entered the parking lot to get back to his car when a kid pointed what looked like a toy gun at him. He thought it was cute and let out a chuckle, but when the kid zapped the gun, Ethan was surprised by the effects. The thing was some sort of weird body-swapping gun! The kid just kept zapping Ethan, swapping him into all sorts of different bodies and surely mixing up everyone in the parking lot. Ethan finally managed to slip away and hide behind a car while he was in the body of a hot Hispanic woman. After a bit of consideration, he decided his best course of action was to slip away with this borrowed body. He really couldn’t imagine that brat zapping him back to his own body, and he decided this was about as good as it could possibly get!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


TG Brother Sister Body Swap
Jeff always thought it was nice to go back and visit with his family during the holidays, but it didn’t take long before everyone was sick of each other and wanting their own space. The day after the holiday, he was quick to get ready to go do some shopping. On his rush to get out the door, he bumped into his sister in the living room. The two banged heads pretty bad. Jeff was surprised by how hard they had hit; he actually lost his balance and fell down on the couch. He grabbed his head in pain before yelling at his sister to watch where she was going. As he looked over, he was surprised to see that he was yelling at his own body. Running into each other must have caused them to switch bodies. He look down and was freaked out to see he now had his sister’s shaved legs. He wanted to get away from her for a while, but instead he was stuck in her body!

On the air

Gary never expected the magic remote to actually do anything, but one minute he was on his sofa watching the news and the next he was behind a news desk with his mind now inside the body of the hot anchorwoman. The show’s producers (and certainly the viewers at home) were shocked as Gary just started feeling his new body up. He was so entranced by the remote and its results that it didn’t even occur to him that he might be live on the air.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Looking up

When David was little, he looked up to his big sister literally. As the two siblings got older and David began towering above her, he looked up to her figuratively. They had a strong brother-sister bond. When the Great Shift came upon them, he didn’t fret when he found himself in his sister’s body. He knew she’d be there to help him out with whatever obstacles came his way. And when he found out she was now in his body, he knew he’d be there for her too. David still looked up to his big sister, and now they had switched bodies, he knew it would be literal once again as he looked up to the tall body that was once his from the short body that was once his sister’s but now belonged to him.


Jack had always assumed that women had more interesting lives than men, particularly beautiful women. When the Great Shift hit and landed his soul in a woman’s body, he was excited about what the future would hold. But it wasn’t long before he fell into his own patterns of doing laundry and going grocery shopping. Despite the initial excitement, his life was still just as mundane as before.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


TG Transformation
Daniel had been thankful he was able to capture the snake on his expedition. After all, it was this snake’s venom that changed his gender, transforming him into a woman. He didn’t have the proper equipment in the jungle to further his research for an anti-venom, so he knew he needed to bring it back to his lab in the states. Getting the snake through customs was difficult, and it was just as tough to get himself through the airport. His ID obviously no longer matched what he looked like. It had been months of paperwork and red tape, but he was finally able to start work. It would be many more months before he would figure out a way to reverse the snake’s effects. By that time, Daniel will have realized he enjoys being a woman and will choose not to turn back into a man. But, of course, the gender-changing venom still would have plenty of commercial purposes.

Alien adventure (Part 31)

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Jasmine technically knew Earth was home, but after a simple walk down the street, she decided she was going to return to the ship. It wasn’t the countless guys who stared at her like a piece of meat with such lust. It was the one guy who actually slapper her ass. She couldn’t live with a species like that! She knew the only option was to return to the mothership.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Any requests?

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about captions they'd like to see, just let me know in the comments of this post or throw a note on my Facebook wall! -- I have made comments even easier to leave, as you can be anonymous and I got rid of that weird capta thing, I think. I'll try to accomodate (within reason) on either this site or over at my caption request site, depending on which I feel it's appropriate for. I'm a better listener than responder sometimes though, but I do listen!


Hope for another try

It wasn’t the body Craig had intended to switch with. He had seen the group of young women at the mall and aimed his body swap ray at the tall, leggy blonde. There must have been some kick back or maybe his sight was off, but he switched with her Asian friend instead. The young woman he had become wasn’t ugly, but it just wasn’t who he wanted to be. Of course, the body swap ray had stayed with his own body, and both were long gone by the time he ran up to where he had been. Had the young woman figured out what the ray did and swapped with someone else for an upgrade or was she happy to be in his body? Craig had to wonder. If he could find the ray again, he’d get another go around, another chance to be someone else. But for now, he’d take this Asian woman’s body. He began to unbutton her blouse to fulfill his curiosity.

Get back (Part 5)

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However, Kelly was wasting no time in finding a new body of her own. She had one by the end of the day--before going to the cabbie’s home and before reading his journal--She wasn’t thinking about the long term consequences of her pick. She just picked a body that she thought was intimidating. She’d find her own body and threaten the person inside until they promised to give it back. Of course, she had no idea that Eugene would have no way to giver her body back. And Kelly would be stuck in her new body just as Eugene was stuck in Kelly’s body. And so on down the chain of swaps caused by the Magic Taxi.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

World War II

Dr. Franz Reinholdt had developed the technology in Germany during the Second World War. He had been ready to conduct the first test when soldiers invaded his research lab. The commanding officer of the raid would become his first test subject. In the years that followed, Franz would use the device to switch himself into a new body anytime he felt like it. Sometimes because his current body was getting old and sometimes he was just bored. He was currently in a possession of a beautiful woman’s body. Though he tried to be fashionable, his stuffy German scientist fashion sense was still quite apparent. He still knew no one would ever suspect who he really was. They would probably put him on trial for countless war crimes if they did, but first they’d have to prove body switching technology even existed. Right now, he was the only one who had to know-how, and he wasn’t about to share the information with anyone.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Locker room (Part 3)

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Despite a difficult first day in Kelli’s body, Principal Lewis was starting to adjust. He narrowly avoided a tragedy in the locker room, but now he was dealing with wearing Kelli’s clothes. It seemed every single one of her outfits made her look like a complete slut. He sighed, ashamed that he would have to wear these things until he could get something more modest to replace them.

Friday, March 22, 2013

No tricks

TG Transformation
Bill couldn’t believe how much his friend Evan still loved magic. It had been a hobby of both of them in high school, but Bill had given it up during college. Now that they were accountants, Bill got a little tried of Evan trying to show off new tricks.

Evan claimed the latest was no trick, and it would be like nothing Bill had ever seen. Skeptical, Bill watched as Evan slipped behind a curtain set up in his apartment. A few moments later, a gorgeous woman popped out.

“Ta-da!” She said.

Bill shrugged, “Not much of a trick. Evan can come out from behind the curtain now.”

“You still don’t get it.” The woman said, “I AM Evan. We aren’t talking tricks anymore. This is real magic and I can transform myself into anyone I want.”

Birthday (Part 16)

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Matt nervously waited to switch into the next body. He felt the body behind him move. He started to scream as he realized the man was initiating a sexual experience with him. But in mid-scream, it happened again. Matt was in another new body. He paused his shouting for a moment before he cried out again. He was a woman again! He had swapped again! Was there no end to this series of swaps? Sure, ideally, he longed to be back in his own body, but he’d settle. He’d settle for a body similar to his own. Hell, he’d settle for any body. He’d be happy with the gay man’s body or a woman’s body. The body he was in would be fine! He just wanted to stop swapping, but he didn’t seem to have any control over it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


TG Bodyswap
Andy woke up with a splitting headache. The pain caused him to reflect on the events of the previous night after he had found out his wife was cheating on him. He didn’t want to talk about it with her, and instead just drove into the city. He started drinking at a bar and couldn’t remember how many he had. In his drunk and angry state, he had hired a hooker. He had justified it as revenge on his cheating wife, but when they got to the hotel, he didn’t remember sleeping with her. Instead, he remembered crying about how his wife hurt him and how he just wanted to escape the pain of it all. That was the last he could recall before waking up this morning. He ran his fingers through his hair, hoping rubbing his head might relieve the pains of his headache, but the long cascading hair was an indication that something was far more wrong than a simple hangover. He caught sight of his reflection in a mirror. It wasn’t right; it wasn’t right at all. The face that looked back at him was that of the hooker from last night. His wish to escape the pains of his old life had been granted by switching bodies with her. But however bad his old life had been, he was sure his new life as her would be much, much worse!


It was only supposed to be for one night, 12 hours. Denise and her husband Hugo had agreed to use the medallion to see what it would feel like to be the other. For one night Denise would know what it was like to be a man, and Hugo would feel the joys of womanhood. They went out on a date and returned home to experience sex on the other side of the gender fence. The next morning, the couple discovered the medallion didn’t work. They tried several times, but....nothing. Denise went into the bathroom. She pulled out a pregnancy test and gave it to Hugo. He peed on the stick, and they waited. The results gave them some very bad news; plus, the Medallion of Zulu wouldn’t work if one of them was pregnant!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Lucked out

Marital swap TG Caption
Shane stopped his workout routine on the exercise bike in the bedroom as he watched his wife put on the last bit of her makeup. She was finally almost done, which meant he could start getting ready. He took a moment to admire how nice she looked today with her short blue dress and tall black boots. He had really lucked out by marrying her. As he continued to admire her, he started to notice changes. Her body slowly morphed into a familiar form, a man’s form -- his form! The body he was now looking at was slightly overweight and wore the workout clothes he was in. He was shocked at what he saw but was even more shocked to look down at himself to see he now had his wife’s body! The married couple did their best not to panic at the body swap now befallen them.


Henry thought the woman was crazy when he met her. She wore all gold with a strange headdress.She claimed she was a god but also said she was bored with it.

“Bored? With being a god?” Henry responded without even thinking. “Being all-powerful seems pretty awesome to me.”

She smiled back at him, “Would you like to be the god instead of me?”

Henry agreed, and the next thing he knew he was in her stunning beautiful body. But it wasn’t his new shapely frame was almost a side-thought compared to the pure power he now felt surging through him. He could do anything; he was a god now.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Grand finale (Part 2)

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TG Caption Body Swap
Ron dared now move. Not only was he simply scared from the magic act that swapped his body with a woman, but he was afraid that if he moved too much it would screw up the reversal. He was waiting for that, the reversal. Time seemed to drag as he did so, surrounded by magical props int he backstage area. He could hear the show continue on stage, but he couldn’t make out what was being said. He was still hoping for a grand finale where he’d be returned to normal, but then he heard applause and silence. Was it over? Why hadn’t the magician switched him back? Why leave the trick half done? A light shined in from a side door. Ron saw the magician. He was holding something rather large. It was the torso from earlier in the act; it was still screaming at him too. Then it dawned on Ron. The show was over. He was stuck like this; he was stuck in this body! But he looked at the torso, still cussing the magician out, and he knew it could be worse.

A long night: Delays

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Chuck took the long trek back across town just to change into clothes that made him feel more comfortable and sexy. His mind did a quick jerk. Why did he need to feel sexy? He realized it must have been a miscalibration with his latest attempt to repair the machine. How could he have wasted so much time just to change clothes? Then he thought about it again, checked himself out, and realized it was worth it! He looked damned good in this outfit! Maybe he even had time for a quick shopping trip before he tried to fix the machine again.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Getting back to normal

TG Bodyswap
In the wake of the Great Shift, the biggest goal of most people was an attempt to bring their lives back to normal. There were more than a few challenges to doing this, but it was certainly starting to happen. The Donaldson family had switched bodies with the Wu family, for instance. The two Donaldson boys, Jimmy and Eric, had switched with Feng (the Wu father) and Mei (the eldest Wu daughter) respectively. Despite their new bodies, the boys still loved playing video games and goofing off. Jimmy would have a lot to learn about being much older, and Eric would have a lot to learn about being a woman. But for now, those things could wait.

The accident (Part 2)

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For a while, Chuck waited in the car. From time to time a person would pass. Almost all of them seemed disoriented, many of them mumbled about being in the wrong body. Chuck was quickly able to conclude that he wasn’t the only one who was stuck in the wrong body! He decided he had better walk back to town to try and figure out how widespread this whole thing was. The car he was in certainly wasn’t in a drivable condition, which meant that he had no other choice but to walk.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bigger concern

Though Gerald had been transformed into a woman, his new gender was only a minor worry. His bigger concern was that he was for some reason growing larger at a rapid rate. It would be only a matter of minutes before he would no longer fit in the room and likely burst through the ceiling. It was just another average day for a mad scientist.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

All-girls school (Part 3)

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By the time Thanksgiving rolled around, Jake had made up his mind. He returned home with a smile on his face. His mom asked how classes were, and he replied with joy. His dad asked him how he was adjusting to being female. His smile grew. He loved it. He had even called the hospital about the possibility of staying a woman after the four years were over. They had told him it would be no  problem. His parents were both glad that college was going so well for Jake. For a moment they felt like they were losing their son to the college, then they realized they were simply gaining a daughter, a smart, talented daughter.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Do not touch the dancers (Part 3)

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TG Caption
Over the next few minutes, Ray began to calm down. His thoughts drifted back to his recent divorce, and he realized that it was no longer his problem. He wondered if someone from the club would be forcing him to continue this woman’s routines for the rest of the night, but he was being left alone for the time being. He shrugged. He had a new gorgeous body with time to kill. He didn’t see anything wrong with enjoying that time. The large orbs on his chest were particularly fascinating as he began to roll them around, then he squished them together. He fiddled with his nipples. It all felt so good. He had gone here to get his mind off his divorce, and it seems like that finally happened (although not in the way he expected at all).

Tomorrow (Part 1)

Mike had been watching TV with his sister on a Thursday afternoon when his vision seemed to shift. He looked over to the other side of the sofa to see--himself?!? They soon figured out that they had swapped bodies. His sister, Angela, was freaking out. She didn’t want to be in her brother’s body, and she certainly didn’t want him to be in hers! She only hoped that they could switch back before school tomorrow!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Science and engineering (Part 2)

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TG Body swap
Rich was getting pretty excited looking through Ashley’s closet. He couldn’t wait to try some of this stuff on! Ashley’s body was just so attractive, and that body was going to be his for the time being! He lifted up a leather print jacket. Ashley’s body would look so cute in this; he’d look so cute in this! He couldn’t believe he was getting all excited about this stuff! He would’ve never gotten so excited about clothes back when he was a man. Maybe it was something about being in Ashley’s body...

Safecracker (Part 1)

Peter knew the Medallion had to be inside of this safe. It hadn’t existed back when he was in his own body--back when he owned this house! No, Jenna had taken all that from him with that damned trinket! But he had snuck in under cover of darkness and planned to get back the Medallion and get back his life!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


TG Transformation
Despite considering himself a very excellent wizard, Harry was still prone to screwing up magic spells from time to time. He had been casting one designed to grant desires, but he had gotten distracted thinking back to his first crush back at wizardry school. Soon enough, he found he had transformed himself into an overly sexed up version of his crush. He looked back over the book again, seeing that he should be able to cast a reversal in a day’s time. However, the next day he returned to discover he had read it all wrong. If he didn’t cast a reversal within a day’s time, it meant the spell would be permanent! He was stuck in his new body for good!

Swappers Club (Part 2)

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Wayne tried to figure out what city he ended up in as he waited for the valet to bring his car around outside. He couldn’t just checked the paperwork, but he always liked to try to guess the city when he found himself in a new body. Speaking of his new body, he could tell that being a woman was going to take some time to get used to. The long hair was one thing, and the breeze he could feel on his legs was another. Not to mention the weight on his chest! He wondered what it would be like when he had to pee.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pink bag (Part 1)

TG Bodyswap Caption
Everything had been going according to Conner’s plan so far. He had gotten the Medallion of Zulu and used it to switch bodies with Francine. She begged for her body back. He told her that the medallion wouldn’t work for twelve hour, but he placed the medallion in a pink bag for safe keeping until they could. Of course, he had no plans of keeping it safe; he was going to toss that thing away the first chance he could get.

The necklace (Part 4)

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As Jake walked around, he realized he could not only get used to it, but he actually started to enjoy this! He actually enjoyed being a woman! There was still a small part of him saying that he shouldn’t be liking this, that he was really a man. But it grew smaller and smaller the more time passed. He was ready to just throw the necklace away and enjoy his new body, but something told him he might want to keep it for the sheer amount of power it possessed.

Monday, March 11, 2013


TG Body Swap Great Shift
The Great Shift was a little unbelievable for Will. The very idea of swapping bodies was a little outlandish to begin with, but even the young woman he swapped with was something else. Her name was Elizabeth. She was so skinny. He looked down and wondered how her frame could even be supported on such skinny legs. Then again, her entire body was skinny.

ASAP! (Part 9)

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Dr. Blake waited for Miho to share all the awful news. She shrugged. With the machine destroyed, she wouldn’t have to be the one to deal with being kicked out of college, at least for now. He promised her whatever he could do for her in the future. She shrugged again. What could he possibly offer as long as he was stuck in her body. Dr. Blake knew she was right.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Daily douse

Dale had tried saving up for a lifetime pass for Bikini Beach, but there was no way he would ever have enough money. Instead, he developed a plan. He bought a day pass and managed to hook up a hose to the shower, sneaking it out the entrance. Every morning from that day forward, he would go to where he hid the hose and doused himself with water from the hose. Each morning, it transformed him into the woman he had been at Bikini Beach.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Boy Wonder

Fighting Ra’s al Ghul near the Lazarus Pit had some severe consequences for Batman and Robin this time! While al Ghul was turned to dust, Batman had been severely aged. His old frame would be unable to fight crime. Robin, on the other hand, had been changed into a woman. He was just as young and flexible as ever. However, he was questioning if he should continue to call himself the “Boy Wonder” anymore. It no longer seemed appropriate.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bridal shop (Part 2)

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Victor looked down to admire his new body and couldn’t help but smile. He had seen a lot of brides come through the doors at his time in the shop, and he had really lucked out. She was probably one of the most beautiful ones...if not the most beautiful one...that he could remember. And his new body looked even more beautiful in the wedding dress! And that body was his now! But why had this woman looked so happy to be in his body? Why would she possibly want to give this up?

Average day (Part 2)

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Of course, the mall quickly descended into chaos, as people screamed about being in the wrong body or yelling at someone as if that would get them their body back. Joe tried to find a quiet place to observe, to get a good vantage point to try and find his own former body. It didn’t take long. His body seemed to be rushing toward an exit for some reason. He wondered the quick exit meant that the person in his body was responsible for all of this mess. Maybe they knew of a way to reverse all of this. But why do it in the first place? What possible goal could there be in having lots of people swap bodies?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

All the excuse in the world (Part 1)

TG Body Swap Caption
Jason locked himself in the bathroom. He still couldn’t believe it, but he had switched bodies with his friend, Gloria. He was intensely curious about exploring his new body, but he felt like doing so would be violating his girlfriend’s trust and her privacy. He wanted to just rip off her clothes and look at his borrowed body in the mirror, but for the time being he was caught in a moment of moral questioning about doing so. Eventually, he’d have to change clothes, go to the bathroom, or shower. He’d get a better view of his new body at that time and have all the excuse in the world to do so then.

Paper route

Joey was excited. He had his first day of work today. Sure, it was a job as a paper boy, but it was his first job ever. That meant he would no longer depend on his parents for an allowance, and he could spend his money on whatever he wanted. What young man wouldn’t be excited? However, he was so excited that he hadn’t seen his mother in the hall on his way out. He bumped heads with her causing their bodies to swap. Of course, he was too excited to notice his new body yet either. He rushed out the door with her body without the slightest thought given to the fact that he was now in his mother’s body. He wouldn’t notice until about halfway through his route...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Detention (Part 1)

Students were surprised when they walked into their first period English class to see their teacher, Miss Chang, leaning back in a chair with her feet on a desk. She just sort of nodded casually as the students entered, shrugged off any late-comers, and didn’t promptly start a lesson like she usually did. A change in attitude wasn’t the only thing they noticed. They also noted how she was dressed. Her heels were much taller and her skirt was much shorter than usual.

Of course, there was no way for anyone in the class to know what was really going on. It had happened after school yesterday when Miss Chang was supervising detention. There had only been one student staying after, Luke Baker. Even under Miss Chang’s watchful eye, Luke was misbehaving. In a moment of frustration, she yelled extensively at him, and in mid-scream, the world changed. The two had switched bodies; Miss Chang found herself in Luke’s body, and Luke found himself in hers.

Both were horrified at first, but Luke soon saw a chance for more mischief. He decided to ruin Miss Chang’s reputation as a strict educator. Maybe if he was lucky he could even get her fired. The casual attitude and somewhat slutty outfit were both part of his plan.

Exclusive access

While most vacationers on Exchange Island switched bodies with someone at random, they had set up an exclusive portion of the resort where visitors were promised a young and beautiful body. Usually, it was a wealthy elderly person swapping with a broke beautiful person. The added fee would go the poor person. Rupert had paid a heft price for his access, but as soon as he found himself in his new body he knew it was worth every penny. He invested a lot of money on the trip and this body. He hoped she enjoyed his money, because he paid enough money to stay at the resort for 50 years.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The 22nd century brought all sorts of new technology into the world, and it didn’t seem like it would stop anytime soon. Dr. Jake Mxyl had been working on a breakthrough in bodyswapping technology when he accidentally swapped himself with a gymnast. Not wanting to let the young girl or her team down, he agreed to compete as her in an upcoming meet. He was surprised that once he took to the mat, his body felt like it was on auto-pilot. He was able to do the moves without even thinking about it. Of course, what he didn’t know was that the team’s coach wasn’t taking any chances. He had activated a chip in the young woman’s brain, enabling her body to do the moves perfectly.

That's what friends are for (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
It felt like the longest four hours of Barney;s life. He had agreed to have his body transformed into a copy of Diane, his best friend Ernie’s wife, for a company picnic. Everyone at Ernie’s job was a total jerk. There were a number of rude comments and a few guys grabbed his ass. He was glad to be heading back home so that he could be transformed back. But in the car, Ernie made a move, lifting up Barney’s shirt. He wasn’t trying to be sleazy; he just missed his wife since she left him. Barney was in shock. He quickly pulled down his shirt as best he could before Ernie could make any more moves, and he demanded to be taken home and transformed back NOW. The drive was silent.

Monday, March 4, 2013


The New Great Shift Captions
Harold was very distraught upon switching bodies with his co-worker, Ayumi. He needed to find a way to reverse it! He didn’t want to be a woman! He ran all the numbers he could think of to find a scientific solution, but he turned up with none.

Ayumi sat beside him to try and calm him down. If anyone should be upset, it should be her. She was now in his older, balding body. She lost her womanhood and her youth. But maybe he was looking at the situation all wrong by trying to find a scientific answer to this. Perhaps they didn’t switch because of anything scientific, perhaps they switched due to magic!

He laughed; he didn’t believe in magic! Magic was impossible. But Ayumi simply stated back that switching bodies was also impossible, or so they thought this morning. If they had eliminated all scientific possibilities, the only remaining option was clearly some form of magic!

New life (Part 1)

Alex woke up feeling ill. He could immediately tell something was wrong, but he was truly surprised when he figured out that at some point during the night he had swapped bodies with a young woman! In a complete state of shock, all he could do for the next hour was continue to lie in bed wide awake. After some time, he decided to assess his situation. He looked to be around eighteen years old, hispanic, and female. Flipping on the television, and he soon found out that he wasn’t the only one!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Wishing fountain (Part 3)

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Feeling ever more desperate as time passed, Charles stood on the side of the fountain, threw the entire purse in, and wished as hard as he could. Still nothing. He sighed. He was sure stuck as this woman now. He also figured everything he needed to know about his new life as her was probably in that bag he had just thrown in the fountain. He fished it out and started reading it’s soggy contents. His name was now Charlyne, and he lived in a wealthy suburb. He supposed it wouldn’t be a bad life, but he still wished he never made that wish!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Facebook exclsuive captions!

Hello all!

I've decided that for every 100 friends I get on Facebook, I'm going to post an exclsusive caption to FB! So be my friend over there!

I love you, Bro

Anthony and Brett had been best friends since kindergarten, but things had gotten a little weird ever since the Great Shift had switched Anthony into the body of Brett’s girlfriend Sarah. Anthony had hoped a friendly lunch would ease the tension. It was seemingly beginning to work until Brett pulled out a small box and placed it on the table.

“What’s that?” Anthony asked.

“Open it.” Brett responded.

Anthony hesitated before lifting up the lid, peeking inside, and slamming it down. “What the hell?” Anthony demanded.

“No, I’m serious.”

“A ring? A fucking ring? How many times do I have to tell you this. I may look like Sarah, but I’m not Sarah!”

“I know! I know you’re not Sarah. That’s exactly why I’m asking. Sarah was beautiful, but a bit of a pain. But now that you’re her. I mean, my best friend’s brain in her could I not want to marry you?”

Anthony sighed. He couldn’t believe he was having to do this. “Look, Brett, you’re my best friend. Yes, we’re best friends. We will always be best friends. Despite what I may look like, I’m still the guy who you would go to the bar with on Friday nights to pick up chicks. I still want that. I want chicks. I know some have been affected by the hormones of their new bodies, but Sarah’s really haven’t affected me. I’m a lesbian now. I guess I can also say this now: I love you, Bro....just not like this.”

Anthony slid the ring back over to Brett. Brett could only stare back at his friend with a terrible look of rejection.