Friday, March 1, 2013

Zulu 2.0

Colin was quite proud of his invention. He could simply touch a button on the device around his neck and change his form. Essentially, as long as he wore it, he was a shapeshifter. His geeky friends wondered how it worked. They assumed it was some kind of hologram, but Colin knew the device actually changed his body completely. When he transformed into a woman, he was actually a woman. It was incredible. He was able to construct it after finding a strange medallion that was capable of switching bodies. But the medallion had too many restrictions, like only being able to swap every 12 hours and only being able to switch through some form of contact. By taking apart the medallion and incorporating what looked like magic dust from its inside into his device, he was able to fully control the transformation. A mental image was all that was needed. A mere thought and he could be anyone, anyone in the whole world or even someone he merely thought up!


  1. The medallion meets technology, very interesting! Lots of possibilities.