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Friday, March 22, 2013

No tricks

TG Transformation
Bill couldn’t believe how much his friend Evan still loved magic. It had been a hobby of both of them in high school, but Bill had given it up during college. Now that they were accountants, Bill got a little tried of Evan trying to show off new tricks.

Evan claimed the latest was no trick, and it would be like nothing Bill had ever seen. Skeptical, Bill watched as Evan slipped behind a curtain set up in his apartment. A few moments later, a gorgeous woman popped out.

“Ta-da!” She said.

Bill shrugged, “Not much of a trick. Evan can come out from behind the curtain now.”

“You still don’t get it.” The woman said, “I AM Evan. We aren’t talking tricks anymore. This is real magic and I can transform myself into anyone I want.”