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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Detention (Part 1)

Students were surprised when they walked into their first period English class to see their teacher, Miss Chang, leaning back in a chair with her feet on a desk. She just sort of nodded casually as the students entered, shrugged off any late-comers, and didn’t promptly start a lesson like she usually did. A change in attitude wasn’t the only thing they noticed. They also noted how she was dressed. Her heels were much taller and her skirt was much shorter than usual.

Of course, there was no way for anyone in the class to know what was really going on. It had happened after school yesterday when Miss Chang was supervising detention. There had only been one student staying after, Luke Baker. Even under Miss Chang’s watchful eye, Luke was misbehaving. In a moment of frustration, she yelled extensively at him, and in mid-scream, the world changed. The two had switched bodies; Miss Chang found herself in Luke’s body, and Luke found himself in hers.

Both were horrified at first, but Luke soon saw a chance for more mischief. He decided to ruin Miss Chang’s reputation as a strict educator. Maybe if he was lucky he could even get her fired. The casual attitude and somewhat slutty outfit were both part of his plan.


  1. So hot!! Luke is lucky swapping into that sexy body :)

  2. LOL! great start. PLS continue. I wonder how she's doing? Also, he's not too bright. What if they DONT SWAP back then he'll be stuck with HER REP