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Monday, December 31, 2018


Connor knew he only had himself to blame. Genevieve had asked him not to kiss her at midnight on New Year’s Eve, but he did it anyway. The kiss triggered magic that swapped their bodies. Genevieve didn’t mind being in Connor’s body, but Connor didn’t want to be a woman. Genevieve broke the bad news that they couldn’t swap back, but told him that he could swap with a different guy with another kiss if he did it before the sun came up. So Connor puckered up and went out on the streets with a mission. After a few hours, he was still unsuccessful. Too many guys were with their girlfriends, a few more were just too drunk. Connor was close a few times, but chickened out feeling weird kissing another guy (even if he was a woman at the moment). He realized finding someone to kiss shouldn’t be hard, especially on New Year’s, but for some reason it was!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Finer Points (Part 4)

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Three months later, Nicholas sat on a couch in Benson’s apartment. He was excited as he wore his favorite little black dress for the event they would be attending.

“I’m so proud of this achievement, Darling,” He said to Benson, “You absolutely deserve this award. It’s such a breakthrough that you invented a procedure for swapping people’s brains! I mean, that’s just incredible.”

“It was a lot of work.” Benson replied, “Honestly, today feels like the best day of my life. Well, second best.”

Nicholas blushed before giving Benson a kiss, “Thanks. Marrying you two years ago was the best day of my life too.”

Benson knew the memory of a wedding he implanted Nicholas was a lie. Heck, he planted a lot of lies like how they first met, dates, and so on. He also forced a lot of feelings too, like unconditional love and devotion. And the amount he took away was even greater. Heck, Nicholas didn’t even realize his name was really Nicholas. But Benson had managed to not only eliminate his competition, but create himself a beautiful, dutiful wife in the process.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Finer Points (Part 3)

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Nicholas stood up defiantly, placing a hand on his hip. “I don’t have to sit here and take this,” He demanded, “What’s stopping me from walking out of here and telling all the science journals the truth?”

Benson laughed, “What’s stopping you? Well, for starters, you may know the scientific journals exist, but do you recall the name of a single one? Think further, can you even remember how to dial a phone? And if you even tried to leave right now, I bet you’d find operating a door knob to be a completely insurmountable task. The level of knowledge I didn’t transfer over to that new body of yours is enormous. And don’t assume you can just relearn these things, as that is something I denied you as well. I do appreciate your spirit here, Nicholas, but I’m afraid you are simply outmaneuvered here.”

Nicholas felt like he should be angry, but Benson had thrown so many words at him at once that he was having trouble even keeping up. He did get the sense that he wasn’t going to have much of a choice here...

Friday, December 28, 2018

Finer Points (Part 2)

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Nicholas twirled his hair and spun around in his chair. “Why would we do this?” He asked, still able to access his natural curiosity, “Why would we make me dumb? Did we have some sort of hippopotamus?”

“Hypothesis.” Benson corrected him, “And, oh, no, it was nothing that grand. Simply put, I’m going to take sole credit for this work, and I deserve it. You were coasting after your original discovery, and I was doing all the grunt work with the finer details. But those finer details were about 90% of the effort, and you wanted to split the credit equally. No way!”

Nicholas stared blankly at Benson. Even the simple numbers were a bit too difficult for him right now, but he could read Benson’s tone. “Why would you confess all this?” He asked.

Benson continued, “Because it doesn’t matter. I swapped you and Victoria weeks ago. And I keep plucking at your memories to make sure you’re dumber and dumber and not a threat to me anymore. The next step is to try to see if I can implant a brand new memory in there to make you believe something is true that isn’t. That something happened when it didn’t.”

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Finer Points (Part 1)

“What the hell just happened?” A very shocked Nicholas asked to his colleague Benson, “Why did I suddenly swap bodies with our secretary?”

“You don’t remember?” Benson asked, “We just made a scientific breakthrough.”

“Really?” Nicholas smiled, enticed by the idea of scientific discovery, “Why don’t I remember any of this?”

“You were the genius behind it! You developed the tech that allowed two people to swap their basic core of who they are. You enlisted my help for some of the finer details. I figured out how to ensure every single memory, skill, impulse, and instinct could be swapped...or not swapped. After all, it may be difficult to adapt to a 5 foot tall body if your brain is used to being 6 foot tall, so we leave that behind.”

“Why don’t I remember any of this? I don’t even feel like I can understand any of this! Let alone figure out how any of it was done.”

“Because you don’t. When you can Victoria swapped, I made sure you didn’t get any of your memories about how to do any of this and much of your intelligence, for that matter. Right now, quite frankly, you’re as dumb as a post.”

Wednesday, December 26, 2018


At this point, the bus seemed to be running at least half an hour late, but Mark still waited there patiently for it. In all honesty, he didn’t feel like he had much of a choice. Calling a taxi was off the table. After all, it was a taxi that was the reason he now had the body of a gorgeous woman. His body had been stolen by the driver, and then he had been able to be steal this woman’s body after that. While the odds of running into that same taxi were low, he still saw it as to much of a risk. He didn’t ever want there to even be the slightest chance of losing this body; it was far too amazing. And so he waited for the bus, no matter how late it was.

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Holiday Resort

Exchange Island was a very interesting place to visit during the holiday season. During the days, it was often warm enough to wear a swimsuit and enjoy the beach. At nights, temperature drops often allow for a small amount of snow. It was also the height of Asian tourist season for the island, a fact that Calvin was very aware of. In fact, Calvin visited every year during the holidays, knowing his odds of being in the body of a hot Asian woman were pretty good. This was certainly true this year. Calvin got to enjoy the warm temps, some nice skiing, and the best body he could’ve ever imagined spending time in.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Holiday Party

It happened right in the middle of the office holiday party. There was a huge flash of light and suddenly it seemed like everyone in the attendance swapped bodies with someone else in the office. Bernard laughed when he realized he was in Heather’s body. Heather worked in Human Resources and got really into the holidays to try to boost office morale. He wasn’t sure if it was more awkward for him to be in the body of a woman or to be wearing Heather’s outfit, which was worn in attempt to win the office’s ugly sweater contest. And while Bernard was laughing, others were panicking. People were checking their phones and finding news reports of what was being called “The Great Shift,” which seemed to be worldwide with an estimated 99% of the population swapped into someone else’s body. Bernard could only figure that everyone would eventually adjust, including himself. He’d just have to get used to being in Heather’s body.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Holiday Job

As the holidays approached, Sam was in need of some extra cash. However, finding a part-time job proved to be difficult. His friend had told him about an opening at the mall for elves in the Christmas village they had set up. The only problem? At this point, they were only looking for females to fill the remaining rolls. Sam was desperate. He asked for help to pull off hair, makeup, padding, and more to pass as a woman. In the end, he was more than convincing and got the job on the spot. Being stuck as a holiday elf was certainly humiliating, and having to dress up a woman was just icing on that cake. The only plus side, he guessed, was that he was sure no one would ever recognize him. Each day when he went to work, he felt like he was going to cry, but he put on a smile and played his part as best he could...

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Transformation Powder

“I think Tanya threw the vial of transformation powder over here,” Evan screamed over to Mark.

“Why don’t you lean over and pick it up so you can use it to change yourself back to normal?” Mark yelled back.

As Evan bent over to search through the grass, he still couldn’t believe Tanya had tried to toss this vial away. Maybe she didn’t want to get back to normal, but he certainly did! He hated that she had used this powder to transform him into a woman with a big butt. And that’s when Evan suddenly had a realization. He picked up the vial and quickly stood upright.

“You were staring again, weren’t you, Mark?” He accused.

“Well, come on, dude,” Mark confessed, “It’s so round...and perfect. You know I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone.”

“Well, it’s gonna go soon, because...” Evan stopped suddenly when he looked inside the vial. All of the transformation powder had been used up, which meant he was stuck in this body unless they could locate some more.

Friday, December 21, 2018


“You can’t just leave me here stuck in your sister’s body!” Steve protested with his hands on his hips, “What if her husband comes home? Or her kids?”

“No one will be home for hours,” Alvin assured Steve, “We know the body swap device works; it just overheated. I am going to run back home to get the parts to fix it. I’ll have you back to normal before you know it. Oh, and you may not realize this, but I think being in Karen’s body is already having an effect on you. Your stance and movements are already much more like hers than your own.”

Steve couldn’t think of a good comeback, and the more he argued the longer it would be before he was able to swap back into his own body. He never appreciated being a test subject for Alvin’s weird inventions and this one had put him in a particularly odd situation...

Thursday, December 20, 2018


His first day at a new job started relatively normal for Nathan. He spent the morning sitting around as someone from IT set up his computer and email. But when he returned from lunch, he got a strange headache, and suddenly he found himself in a meeting filled with high level employees. He noted he was now wearing an expensive suit and realized the body he had was not his own. He attempted to just sit quietly and not panic as the meeting continued. Soon after, he experienced another headache and found himself swapped yet again with someone else. He now sat alone in a quiet office; no one seemed to be bothering him. Then the next headache came.

At this point, he was starting to know what to expect, but he was still a little surprised to find himself in a woman’s body for the first time. On this round, he was now standing in the lobby. He wondered what could be causing these swaps and if anyone else was affected. The office hadn’t devolved into chaos, so he couldn’t imagine they were too widespread. He figured he just needed to wait this out. But this time he waited and waited, and the headaches did not return. He was at a loss. He couldn’t go home like this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


When the odd man entered the mall with a neon plastic toy gun, few gave him much attention. That is, until he started zapping people with the toy that ended up swapping bodies. A good number of people were swapped before the odd man was pinned to the floor, and the toy was retrieved and used to swap people back to normal. Of course, some of the people swapped found much difficulty getting back to normal. George, for instance, couldn’t find his original body anywhere. He found this quite strange, as he couldn’t imagine the gorgeous woman he had swapped with not wanting her body back. He kept searching the mall, but kept turning up with nothing. He couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to run off with his body either. It was certainly nothing special. He was losing his hair, having trouble keeping his weight down, and didn’t find himself to be a particularly attractive guy. Why would anyone want to be that!? For a moment, it made him wonder why he was trying so hard to get back in that body, especially considering the body he ended up stuck in. Yey he was persistent; the woman he swapped with certainly didn’t deserve to be stuck as him. Maybe she thought the odd man was still around; maybe she was hiding? He had to try harder...

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Sent to the Corner

Alex sulked as he couldn’t believe he had been sent to the corner of the classroom. He should be receiving praise not punishment! After all, each student had been required to present an idea for invention, but he had done one better with a working prototype; his body swapper actually worked! Sure, it was a bit accidental that it swapped everyone in the entire class, and he had never intended to be the one to swap bodies with the teacher, but that’s just what happened. How was this not considered an impressive feat? He could only sit there and think about how angry he was.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Not Ready

Amber and Thom were shocked to have their bodies swapped by the Great Shift. And Amber, worried about what Thom would do while in her body, used her new strength to overpower Thom and tie him up. Thom certainly understood Amber’s concerns. Heck, he wanted nothing more than to fully explore this body. However, after several hours, the thrill of being a woman wore off, and he was tired of being tied up. He pleaded with Amber to untie him, but she still wasn’t ready. She was still worried about what Thom would do to her body.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Clutch Tighter

Harvey clutched Angelica’s purse tightly. For one, he wasn’t used to carrying a purse around, and two, the Medallion of Zulu was contained within. If he hoped to swap back with Angelica in ten hours, he’d need to take good care of it. Of course being unaccustomed to bringing a purse with him throughout the day would be his undoing. It wouldn’t be long before he brought it to a coffee shop and simply forgot it. While he rushed back and found it fifteen minutes later, the only thing missing inside was the medallion. Now he walked around clutching it even tighter, not sure what he’d tel Angelica to explain to her that he’d lost the medallion, and that they’d both be stuck in each other’s bodies forever.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Let Me Explain

Miranda was horrified when she looked down at her own hands to see them old and wrinkled. Then she looked over to the bar at the bistro where she had been eating to see her own body smiling.

“Come over here and sit,” Her body said, “Let me explain.”

Miranda moved slowly in the old body she now inhabited. When she sat down, it was obvious to her that her new body was not only old, but it was also a man’s body. She sat silently as her body explained.

“I know it’s pretty shocking to find yourself in the body of an old man. I mean, I was shocked when it happened to me. I suppose it’s worse for you, considering you were a woman before. I didn’t want to be a woman; it’s just the way it turned out. The body you have now has an odd curse on it. It has the ability to swap bodies with other people. Not just anyone, mind you; it can only swap with certain people. You’ll just have to keep trying until you find someone, which I finally did when I found you. But obviously you can tel from the age of that body, you better act fast. I had a heart attack when trying to find someone, and the hospital told me it wasn’t that body’s first one either! I can’t fully explain how to swap with someone but you’ll just feel it. You’ll just know! Now, if you’l excuse me, I believe you have some work to do while I enjoy my new life as you.”

Friday, December 14, 2018


As the weeks passed since Luke was first swapped into the body of the magic taxi’s driver, he was really warming up to the idea of being in someone else’s body. And he decided to be as different as possible by stealing the body of a woman. However, shortly after acting on that decision, he quickly regretted it. Luke stood on the curb feeling awkward in his new body as the taxi drove away with the woman whose body he stole now inside the cabbie’s body. He looked down still baffled about why he chose to take a woman’s body.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Making a Plan to Cause Chaos

After receiving an odd package in the mail, Bret was certainly skeptical over the instructions inside that claimed the device within was a “body swapper.” He was pretty sure this had to be a prank, yet he was still curious. After a few days he finally brought the thing to a coffee shop where he aimed it at someone and hit the button. Sure enough, he was transformed into the barista behind the counter while she became him. He pressed several more times, swapping just about everyone in the place. When he finally stopped, he was in the body of an Asian woman who had been sitting just to the left of him. As he observed the scene he realized no one seemed to even notice. The barista with his body continued to serve coffee. The businessman with the barista’s body was screaming into his cell phone (although now with a much higher pitched voice) with no concern that he was wearing a uniform for a coffee shop instead of his suit. He wondered if he could make people realize the swaps, then he could really cause some chaos...

Wednesday, December 12, 2018


School was just letting out that day when the Great Shift struck. Most of the students at the local high school swapped amongst themselves, but Anthony was surprised to suddenly be behind the wheel of a car. He managed to pull over safely, get out, and make his way back to school. He was still in shock from the experience and didn’t notice his new body until he was just outside the door. That’s when it all started to sink in. It didn’t bother him that he was female, but he was bothered that he was much older now. He had been 18 just moments ago, and now he guessed he was probably in his early 30s. He could only assume he swapped with some mom on her way to the nearby daycare. He was now over a decade older than most of his friends. This sucked!

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

New Job

On the first day of his new job, Ryan had to sit through the company’s orientation. There was the typical stuff like picking health plans and 401Ks, and then there was the sensitivity training and sexual harassment portions. Apparently as part of the training all new employees were required to use a body swapper to randomly swap with a volunteering existing employee for two weeks. Ryan didn’t think much of it until the swap actually took place when he found himself in the body of a woman. It felt much more uncomfortable than he expected. He felt like he could fall over in the heels at any moment or that one wrong move could cause a wardrobe malfunction. He sure hoped this sort of experience did teach people at the company a lesson, otherwise he was sure he’d be in for a terrible two weeks of co-workers hitting on him.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Let Down

As Thomas entered the room, William turned toward him with an expression that seemed prepared for a let down. William paused before he spoke, “You better have found a way to fix this whole body swap thing. Your machine caused me to start randomly switching with people a month ago. I was switching with people every few hours, and you and I seem to be the only ones who actually realize it. And then I got stuck in this woman’s body for days for some reason. And now she’s about to get married. I am NOT going to be this guy’s wife.”

Thomas paused, “I’m afraid I have some bad news then. I managed to use my machine to remotely stabilize your swapping, but that means the body you’re in now is yours. You’re going to be stuck like that.”

William went from let down to angry. He was about to unload but was interrupted to be called down to the ceremony.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 3)

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Owen watched as they escorted his body out the door. He was sure he saw a scowl on his former face as it was taken out. They took all the computers. Now at an empty desk, Owen put up his feet and watched as file after file was taken away. It was all quite amusing. All his trickery and fraud were found out, but he wasn’t going to suffer for any of it. He had paid his secretary well, so he was sure he would be fine for the time being. And he could pick up right where he left off with schemes and magic to help him climb the ladder again. And he would certainly consider very carefully who he hired as his secretary next time now that he knew how the protection spell worked, not that he felt like things worked out badly this time at all. Before starting on his plan, maybe he’d just take a few days off for himself first so he could enjoy this new body...

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Owen didn’t have much time to consider his next steps as the SEC came bursting through the door with a SWAT team.

“Which office is Owen McCormick’s?” One of the men asked.

Owen did his best to impersonate his secretary by typing and smiling as she often did, “Is everything okay? Is Mr. McCormick in trouble? Is there anything I can help with?”

“I’m afraid not, Miss. Your boss and many others at this organization have been under investigation for some time now, and we’re here to apprehend him.”

“Oh my! I’m sure its just a misunderstanding,” Owen lied, “I’m not in trouble, am I?”

“I’m afraid we have more than enough evidence against them. And don’t worry about yourself; this was a case at corruption at the highest level. Though you may want to consider getting your resume ready. I doubt this place will still be here considering what they’ve done.”

Owen just continued to type and smile as he began to wonder if his protection spell had actually worked perfectly.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 1)

Owen didn’t climb to C-Level at his work by accident. It was a crafty combination of shrewd business, being a little bit underhanded, and a slight amount of literal witchcraft. While a little insider trading helped his bottom line a little, a spell to see into the future helped a lot more. He was living comfortably and felt like no one could touch him -- in fact, he has a protection spell to make sure of it! The day things got weird started out normal enough, but as he was taking a breather between his mid-morning update and his first lunch meeting, he suddenly found himself swapped into the body of his own secretary!

He examined his smooth legs in shock. His first reaction was that his protection spell must have failed and that his secretary was actually a much more powerful spellcaster than himself. She must’ve devised this plan to steal his life and his money. And now he was suck as her! He’d have to get her back, but how could he if she was indeed as powerful as he thought she was?

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Cliché (Part 2)

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The next few days of the business trip went smoothly despite the fact that Martin and Jane had swapped bodies. They had discussed how to act like the other, but many conversations often turned to cold silence. When everything had finished and Jane finally pulled the car up to the front of her house to let Martin off, Martin sat there frustrated and afraid to get out.

“I’m not sure I can do this,” He sighed, “I mean, your husband is going to know I’m not you.”

“You’ll be lucky if he notices you at all,” Jane groaned, “I’m not sure he’s even looked in my direction once in the past two years. He just barks commands; make sure you listen and obey.”

“This still sounds like the absolute worst.”

“We don’t have a choice...”

Wednesday, December 5, 2018


The story started out very cliché. Martin and Jane were co-workers for many years. Their relationship had been quite platonic, but over drinks during one business trip they began to talk about their spouses. James explained how bored he had become with his wife, and Jane pined about how poorly her husband treated her. The next thing the two of them knew, they found themselves in bed together.

Where the cliché fell apart was the next morning when Martin and Jane woke up in each others’ bodies. Martin lay on the bed and opined, “How am I going to explain this to me wife?”

“We can’t tell them anything,” Jane sniped, “What would we tell them? That we switched bodies after having sex? I’m not sure if they’d laugh at us or kill us. We have to pretend to be each other.”

“I don’t know. I heard last night about how your husband treats you. I’m not sure I could --”

Jane interrupted before he could finish, “And your wife sounds like a snooze, but we don’t have the luxury of an option here...”

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Get Rich Quick

It was only a few minutes ago that Greg was trying to take a nap in the back of his van. He heard what sounded like a faint knocking at first that he tried to ignore, thinking it was the police coming to harass him. Then there was a sudden flash of light and instead of sleeping in his van, he was standing in a very fancy apartment. He noticed his fingernails were well manicured and feminine then he began to run his hands up his new curves. He was clearly a woman now, wearing what was likely an expensive pantsuit. In fact, just about everything in this place looked expensive. He couldn’t even begin to imagine how he found himself in the body of a rich woman, but he certainly realized he didn’t have much to complain about!

Monday, December 3, 2018

Impressed with Himself

Clark was impressed with himself. It had been about two months since he was cursed into having a woman’s body, but he had adjusted fairly well. The first day, any makeup he tried to put on was a complete mess, but now? He was a pure expert. At this point, the idea of being a woman no longer felt like a curse to him at all. In fact, he was kind of dreading the day when the curse would end, and he’d be back to his own body. He didn’t know how long it was supposed to last, but something told him now that he was enjoying himself, it would be over soon enough.

Sunday, December 2, 2018


Miranda had spent a miserable week on Exchange Island inside the body of an overweight, middle aged man. She couldn’t wait to swap back to her own body and expected it to happen when the plane landed back on the mainland -- just as she had swapped the first time when the plane landed on the island. However, when the plane touched down and all the people on it departed, she was still stuck in the wrong body.

She approached her own body to demand answers, but the man inside her body just shrugged. He didn’t know why they hadn’t swapped back either. He explained that while he had certainly enjoyed his time in Miranda’s body he didn’t have any interest in being like this for good. Swapping into someone else’s body was great for a vacation, but he certainly didn’t want to be stuck like this! She was skeptical, but she didn’t have any reason not to believe him.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Fried (Part 2)

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Max couldn’t help but feel nervous as he walked back to Sarah’s apartment. He couldn’t quite figure out why, but he tried to run through possibilities. He was pretty sure Sarah wasn’t following him. How could she possibly know he intentionally fried the circuits in order to steal her body anyway? Could it have been someone from the lab? No, they didn’t even know he had used the body swapper at all or who Sarah was. Then again, maybe he was just feeling vulnerable due to his new female body. It seemed plausible, but the feeling had to be shakable, didn’t it?

Friday, November 30, 2018


An enraged Sarah followed Max out on to the street. Max simply turned around with a rather blank expression on his face.

“I’m sorry,” He said, “I do understand your frustration, but there is very little I can do at the present time. I know you signed up to be apart of this body swap experiment and expected to be back to normal before its conclusion today. However, due to the malfunction when we attempted to swap back, we will be stuck as each other for the foreseeable future. I have ordered the replacement parts, but I am completely unable to make repairs until they arrive.”

Sarah wanted to scream more at Max, but she knew there was little he could actually do. She saw the fried equipment; she knew she was just going to have to wait. But there was just something so maddening about having a nerdy guy like Max stuck in her beautiful body while she was stuck trapped in his...

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Back of the Van

Jake’s plan started off well enough. He had drugged himself yet managed to cast the body swap spell to switch bodies with Marilyn before his own body passed out. Then he managed to get his own body into the back his van, despite Marilyn’s under average strength. Then he threw a blanket on top and spent a few hours enjoying Marilyn’s life.

The problem started when he returned to the van in hopes of swapping back. The most obvious problem was that his own body had gone missing. There was no sign of it anywhere, and even the blanket was gone. If he couldn’t find his own body, he couldn’t reverse the swap. Not that he minded spending a little more time as Marilyn, but he hoped he could’ve done this whole thing without her ever realizing. Now that was already too late...

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Party

Thom was honestly shocked as he walked through the entryway of the party. He had heard weird and magical things took place at these events, but he never knew that was meant so literally. As he entered, his head was swapped onto his date’s body and vice-versa. Caroline was far less surprised. She had been to these parties before, and she knew this was just the start. These parties were only for the elite, and Caroline knew exactly what Thom had in store for him, especially now that he was the one with her body...

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Warren had been stuck in this body for 10 long years. Diane had originally used the Medallion of Zulu to swap with him because she wanted his fortune. But Warren was quite resourceful. It didn’t matter what body he had, he was able to make his ideas work, create new companies, and earn millions no matter what body he had. Of course, now that he had once again amassed another fortune, he was going to spend a pretty penny to excavate the area where Diane claimed to have dumped the Medallion. Even if it took him another ten years, he was going to find that thing and get his body back!

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Impossible Storm

As Charles stood there on the sidewalk feeling dumbfounded, he still couldn’t believe it was possible. And even if possible, having everything line up in a way that would work seemed statistically unlikely.

It had just started to rain when he pulled out his umbrella. Yet the storm came on fierce with thunder and lightning. A bolt struck his umbrella, but instead of electrocuting or killing him, the lightning must’ve also struck another person clear across town at the same time. The electrical current must’ve caused his brain to rewire itself, and he ended up swapping into this woman’s body, and presumably she was now in his.

As he stood there not quite sue what to do next, the rain let up and stopped. It was as if the storm had only existed to strike that lightning bolt and cause this body swap. Sure that seemed outlandish, but so did swapping into another person’s body!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Common Cents

Oscar knew he was an unattractive nerd; he had been his whole life. And as a man of science, he knew throwing some change into a fountain and making a wish would never work, but he still often did it. He would just toss in a penny or dime and wish he was more attractive. After dropping so much into so many fountains, he was really taken by surprise when he did so at one fountain and began reeling over in pain. He could quickly tell that his body was rearranging itself. As the pain subsided, he found that he was now indeed attractive, although certainly not in the way he would’ve expected. He was now a gorgeous blond woman in a skintight body suit. He quickly assessed that he should’ve made a more specific wish. At the very least he should’ve specified gender! Of course, with the outfit he had now, it was obvious he didn’t have more change to drop. He looked in the fountain itself, but it seemed completely clear. He was sure he just needed one penny and one more wish to fix this all, but he couldn’t find a cent around anywhere...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Don't Cry Over Spilled Potions

Victor examined the mess he had made on the floor, and he couldn’t help but feel a certain sense of dread. He could only hope that Bethany knew how to make another vial of antidote for the body swap potion they had both taken earlier. He hadn’t enjoyed his time in Bethany’s body; being a woman was just too damned uncomfortable. From the awkward heels to the tight dress, it all just felt so weird. He had only agreed to swap because Bethany had been so into the idea of making these weird magic potions that he thought he’d humor her. How was he supposed to know one would actually work anyway?

Friday, November 23, 2018

Poking and Prodding

Evan awoke feeling strange. It didn’t take long for him to realize he now had someone else’s body. He immediately went to examine himself in the mirror. He was fascinated that the beautiful blond woman in the mirror was him. He watched as the reflection mimicked his every move. He began to poke, press, and stretch every part of his new body. Even touching something as seemingly inane as his forehead seemed outlandish to him. He probably spent a good hour just poking and prodding at his new face.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Goof Offs

Tony had always considered himself a hard worker. For the past twenty years, he had been working at the loading docks, and he’d always have to yell at the other guys not to mess around. It was one of those times he caught sight of a few goofoffs actually going into one of the shipping containers. He thought it was bad enough they managed to knock the thing open, but they should’ve at least had the common sense to just lock it back up and keep it moving. But as he went to go yell at them, he caught a glimpse inside to see the men gawking at a large piece of state of the art tech. Just as he was about to shout at them, one of the men hit a button on the device. A bright light shot out of the container blinding Tony, the other men, and several other people not far away. Once Tony regained his vision, he realized he was quite far from where he had been. In fact, he was well outside the dock’s gates. And even weirder, he was now in the body of a woman! It took him a few more minutes to just absorb the situation before he decided to run back to where he had been. It was quite difficult with heels now on his feet, but it seemed many people were now gathering at the fence. It seemed that inside the container had been some sort of body swapping device, and one of his idiot co-workers had turned it on. Tony had been swapped with a passer-by, and it seemed he was one of quite a few people who had been hit. As soon as he could figure out who was who, he was ready to start yelling at people for messing around.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Radio Daze

Aaron couldn’t believe what had just happened, but he was sure there had to be something to explain it. He first tried the internet, but the connection seemed to be down. Finally, he found an old radio in the basement, and sure enough there were news reports about something called “The Great Shift.” A worldwide body swapping event would certainly explain why he was now in the body of an Asian woman. However, there didn’t seem to be any talk about how long the swap was going to last or even if they thought it would only be temporary. Aaron realized that meant he might be stuck like this forever...

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


Trevor looked at his unconscious body in the truck of his car. If all went according to plan, he’d be back before his body regained consciousness. Sure, he had stolen Allison’s body, but it was all for a plan. And if the plan went well, she’d never know. She’d spend the entire time swapped into his body passed out in this trunk. But Trevor couldn’t swell on that now. He act had to act fast to make it work.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Janice awoke first after the body swap. She stood over her former body in complete shock. It got even weirder when Luke awoke. Janice watched as a big smile came across her former face.

“This is the absolute best!” Luke exclaimed, “I can’t believe that weird spell worked.”

“Okay, it did,” Janice said nervously, “I know I was skeptical, but you proved your point. The spell worked; now swap us back.”

“That’s what makes the spell even better. It’s a one-time thing. I am now you and you are now me. Forever.”

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Data Loss

Professor Nelson West had perfected an equation that would enable two people to swap bodies. It seemed like science fiction, but the math was solid, and sure enough after entering he information into a device he created, he was able to swap with one of his students. Unfortunately, the computer crashed with significant data loss. Now inside the body of his own student, he needed to figure out the missing pieces of the equation. He was coming close, but he just couldn’t seem to get it. If he couldn’t figure it out again, he’d be stuck in this young woman’s body for good.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mirror Pants

Mark was well aware of how cheesy the pick up line about mirror pants was, but when he actually saw a woman with pants so shiny he could see himself in them, he couldn’t help himself. He meant it as a joke more than anything, but she certainly didn’t take it as one. Her face turned red and she said something in a language Mark couldn’t understand. The next thing Mark realized, he had swapped bodies with the woman and now he was the one wearing the tight, shiny pants. The woman now inside Mark’s body simply smiled and ran off. Mark just stood there for a few minutes trying to get a good look at himself and letting his mind wrap around the fact he was a woman now. Then a man passed, and he heard a man say he familiar pick up line, “Are those mirror pants? Because I can see myself in them.” This was followed by another man with another pick up line, “Is your ass a cake? Because I want a piece of that.” In fact, it seemed every man that passed let off a cheesy pick up line in Mark’s direction. After a dozen or so did, Mark was annoyed, but it still just didn’t stop. It soon became maddening...

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Plot

Kevin was shocked to wake up on the morning of his wedding inside the body of his fiancee’s maid of honor. He could only assume it was weird cosmic fluke like out of a movie. But after a quick phone call to her, he soon learned it was a plot to steal the love of his life away from him. He knew he had to act fast. His wedding was in a few hours, but this body did offer a few advantages. For one, his fiancee was traditional, so she’d refuse to be seen by her soon to be husband before the wedding, and she’d be getting ready with none other than her maid of honor. This was Kevin’s window. He’d have to use that time to convince her who he really was, explain the whole plot, and come up with some sort of plan. He wiggled into the uncomfortable bridesmaid dress, ready to see his fiancee and get her to understand what had happened...

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Universal Remote

When Alex got the odd remote in the mail, he found it hard to believe the instructions that were included. According to the manual, the remote could swap any aspect of any two people (personality, body, clothes, and so on) with or without their knowledge. It didn’t even seem possible, but Alex still felt curious enough to test it out. He went to the park and saw some guys playing basketball on the court while some women were taking photos of each other’s outfits not far away. He decided to use the remote to swap one of the women with one of the guys, both body and clothes but also make them completely unaware of it.

Alex’s eyes went wide as the two actually swapped places. There was now a guy snapping photos with the rest of the women while one of the women was now on the court. What was most amazing to him was that the guy on the court now with a woman’s body didn’t seem at all affected by it. He was still able to play as well as ever. He was sure the lack of a sports bra might be a problem and it didn’t even seem possible for him to run well in the long, tight skirt. Yet somehow he managed effortlessly. Alex was transfixed for so long that it was a solid hour before he even remembered that the remote was what caused this, and he realized the power to make things a lot more interesting now rested in his hands...

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


“You know, they do say it’s bad luck for a husband to see his bride in her dress before the wedding,” Richard explained.

Victoria rolled her eyes as she replied, “You know I don’t buy into any of those old superstitious traditions. I needed to see how I was going to look in this dress.”

“There are plenty of mirrors.”

“I can’t use mirrors to see every single angle.”

“So you used a body swap spell?”

“What did you expect when you proposed to a witch?”

“Every day is an adventure! That’s for sure! Now can we please swap back to our own bodies?”

“Actually, could you just try on the other one for me? Please?”

“I don’t think I can even figure out how to get this one off! Let alone try to put another one on!”

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


As Kyle continued to search through a seemingly endless rack of shoes, he pulled out another set of heels and threw them to the ground. His frustration suddenly turned to amusement as he laughed at his situation. He was going to be stuck in Lucille’s body for the next two weeks, and he couldn’t even find a pairs of flats among her vast collection of shoes. It seemed to defy logic and reason. Then again, the fact that he swapped bodies with her in the first place also did just that as well.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Christmas (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Robert and Tyler sat in awkward silence for more than thirty minutes. But the longer the silence lasted, the more they both became sure the other had also been swapped. Finally, they each said the other’s name at the exact same time, and they both felt a moment of relief.

The levity didn’t last long. They may have taken comfort in the fact that they were both in the same predicament, but it was still quite a predicament. They were each stuck in the body of their own wife, and they still weren’t any closer to figuring out what their gifts would be.