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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Transformation Powder

“I think Tanya threw the vial of transformation powder over here,” Evan screamed over to Mark.

“Why don’t you lean over and pick it up so you can use it to change yourself back to normal?” Mark yelled back.

As Evan bent over to search through the grass, he still couldn’t believe Tanya had tried to toss this vial away. Maybe she didn’t want to get back to normal, but he certainly did! He hated that she had used this powder to transform him into a woman with a big butt. And that’s when Evan suddenly had a realization. He picked up the vial and quickly stood upright.

“You were staring again, weren’t you, Mark?” He accused.

“Well, come on, dude,” Mark confessed, “It’s so round...and perfect. You know I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone.”

“Well, it’s gonna go soon, because...” Evan stopped suddenly when he looked inside the vial. All of the transformation powder had been used up, which meant he was stuck in this body unless they could locate some more.

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