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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


When the odd man entered the mall with a neon plastic toy gun, few gave him much attention. That is, until he started zapping people with the toy that ended up swapping bodies. A good number of people were swapped before the odd man was pinned to the floor, and the toy was retrieved and used to swap people back to normal. Of course, some of the people swapped found much difficulty getting back to normal. George, for instance, couldn’t find his original body anywhere. He found this quite strange, as he couldn’t imagine the gorgeous woman he had swapped with not wanting her body back. He kept searching the mall, but kept turning up with nothing. He couldn’t imagine anyone wanting to run off with his body either. It was certainly nothing special. He was losing his hair, having trouble keeping his weight down, and didn’t find himself to be a particularly attractive guy. Why would anyone want to be that!? For a moment, it made him wonder why he was trying so hard to get back in that body, especially considering the body he ended up stuck in. Yey he was persistent; the woman he swapped with certainly didn’t deserve to be stuck as him. Maybe she thought the odd man was still around; maybe she was hiding? He had to try harder...

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