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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Insider Trading (Part 3)

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Owen watched as they escorted his body out the door. He was sure he saw a scowl on his former face as it was taken out. They took all the computers. Now at an empty desk, Owen put up his feet and watched as file after file was taken away. It was all quite amusing. All his trickery and fraud were found out, but he wasn’t going to suffer for any of it. He had paid his secretary well, so he was sure he would be fine for the time being. And he could pick up right where he left off with schemes and magic to help him climb the ladder again. And he would certainly consider very carefully who he hired as his secretary next time now that he knew how the protection spell worked, not that he felt like things worked out badly this time at all. Before starting on his plan, maybe he’d just take a few days off for himself first so he could enjoy this new body...

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