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Thursday, July 17, 2014

What If It Wasn't an Accident?

An accident with the Medallion of Zulu had caused Josh to switch bodies with his sister, April, on the morning of her wedding. Seeing as how they wouldn’t be able to switch back for 12 hours, April pleaded with her brother to pretend to be her for the ceremony. Josh reluctantly agreed as he went through all the hair and makeup routines and found himself dressed in a beautiful white gown.

With minutes left to go before the ceremony, a bridesmaid casually asked him, “So you didn’t get cold feet after all?”

Suddenly Josh froze. What if the accident with the medallion hadn’t been an accident? What if this was his sister’s way of getting out of this whole thing? What if he was going to be stuck like this? Stuck in her body in her life with her husband? It wasn’t too late to run, was it? He could run off. Sure, he’d still be stuck in his sister’s body, but at least he wouldn’t be tied down to a husband!

Then the music started...

Friday, July 11, 2014

Reality (Part 3)

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The phone rang several times before someone finally answered, and Harvey smiled with a sense of relief.

“Sarah!” He said quickly, “It’s me! It’s Dr. Wexler.” He paused, “What do you mean who else would it be? I need you to do something for me fast. I need you to...I need you to...I honestly can’t think of what I need from you right now. I’m sorry to trouble you, Sarah. You should head home. You work late enough as it is! I’ll see you on Monday!”

Dr. Wexler didn’t make the call in time. A new reality had been written. His life would be mostly the same, except he was now Dr. Harriet Wexler instead. There were plenty of other shakeups in the world as well, but he wouldn’t be aware of any of them...nor would anyone else.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

So Far (Part 5)

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After speaking with Marvin, Tiffany knew she needed to ruin Xing and get back to her own body as soon as possible. And for that she needed Steve. Tiffany noticed a change about Steve before even getting close. He was wearing tight clothes and a huge smile on his face. This worried her.

“So I got the geek out of your body,” She told him.

“Babe?” He asked looking into his own eyes.

“Yeah, I switched with him. He’s in MY body now, so you really owe me.”

“Actually, I’ve been rethinking this plan.”

Tiffany’s face turned even more sour.

Steve continued, “I went out with Xing’s friends last night. They’re really fun. I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time. I know it’s weird, but I’m actually liking this! I want to stay Xing Liu not just for a few days but forever! And I’m not going to ruin my future for you!”

Tiffany’s heart sank. She knew she had to undo this. Xing was tough competition, but an athlete like Steve in her body would be unbeatable. This was all backfiring!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slacker (Part 7)

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After calling in sick, Neil mostly just sat in bed for most of the day, not feeling like doing much of anything. When he finally got up at about 3, he looked down at his sheet nervously. There was a giant blood stain. He felt a twinge of worry; what was happening to him? Was he injured? Dying? Then it dawned on him. His life had been going so well since the Shift, he had forgotten the obvious -- he was a woman now. What was happening was completely natural, and would now happen to him each and every month. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for this!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Reality (Part 2)

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Harvey checked his watch. It had been twelve minutes already and he was only halfway there. There was no way he’d make it in time, but there had to be people still there! Who was still there? He thought about it for a minute, and it dawned on him. Sarah usually stayed late; he’d call her and instruct her through the process of using the machine to reverse all of this! He started to dig through his purse to find his cellphone. He couldn’t believe how much was in such a small bag! Of course, if he couldn’t find that phone, he’d knew he’d be adjusting to finding things in a purse shortly. He was hoping that didn’t happen. And with very little time left, he found it. He quickly dialed Sarah and waited as it rang...

Friday, July 4, 2014

Normal Day (Part 3)

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I awoke feeling even stranger than last time, but knowing I was in a new body, I immediately rushed to a mirror on the wall. I was shocked when I saw my reflection. I was a woman! This was NOT what I had specified! I demanded answers. The odd man explained that trying to perform the body swap a third time would be far too dangerous to attempt, and he pulled out my list. The handwriting was a mess. The old man’s arthritis was certainly why. Many items were barely legible. A “b” looked like an “f” and instead of a request to “be male,” it certainly looked like a request to be “female.” I started to be thankful that gender seemed to be the only major screw up! I asked about my new body, now a bit more fearful of possible unknowns. It turned out she was young, successful, a non-smoker, mostly everything I could ask for. The only catch; I was now a woman, and there was nothing I could ever do about it!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

So Far (Part 4)

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It took Tiffany a while to consider her next step. She could convince Steve to screw up Xing’s life, but not as long as Marvin was in Steve’s body. She couldn’t just switch Marvin and Steve again, because Marvin would simply excel with Xing’s body. Ultimately, she dreaded the next step in her plan.

Tiffany woke up the next morning and rushed over to her own off-campus apartment. Sure enough, her own body was there getting ready for practice with a huge smile.

“And I thought it was fun being in THAT body,” Her own body told her, “Being in your body is even better.”

Tiffany rolled her eyes. She had no choice. She used to spell to switch her own body with Marvin. She was now in Steve’s body and Marvin was now in hers.

“Look,” She told him, “I saw how you were able to move with Xing’s body. With my body, you should be able to do even better; just don’t screw up my life in the next few days.”

“As long as your a good boyfriend to me in that time,” Marvin fluttered back.

Tiffany roller her eyes again; what had she done?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Derek smiled as he looked over the legal brief his lawyer had sent over. When he had swapped bodies with Nancy a few days ago, it was supposed to only be for a week, but Derek simply loved being in her body. He knew he needed to find a loophole to stay in it. He hired the best attorney he could find. This brief was the result. It might not guarantee that he’d be able to stay in Nancy’s body forever, but it should tie things up long enough in the court to allow him to remain being her for a very, very long time.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reality (Part 1)

Dr. Harvey Wexler had to admit that he had really outdone himself this time. His latest invention was nothing short of genius. With a few short lines of code and the press of a button, his machine could literally change reality. He turned small buildings into skyscrapers, filled a dry lake with water, and even tweaked with a few people he worked with. Of course, at the end of the day, he returned it all to normal. Tests were one thing, but he didn’t just want to change things at random unless it was for the benefit of mankind. He made his way home thinking about all the good he could do in the world when he suddenly felt very strange. All of his surroundings blurred around him. It was clear that someone was messing with his machine! The buildings had grown taller, and he had been turned into a woman! He noticed all the changes now, but he knew he didn’t have much time. If he didn’t get back to his invention, he would start to think of the changes as normal; they’d become his new reality. He estimated that he had about fifteen minutes before his memories would accept the altered reality as fact. If he walked fast, he could get back to his lab in ten minutes and reprogram things back to normal in three. Of course, he didn’t take into account that he was now wearing heels. He fumbled in the unfamiliar shoes, adding precious extra moments to his travel time.