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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reality (Part 1)

Dr. Harvey Wexler had to admit that he had really outdone himself this time. His latest invention was nothing short of genius. With a few short lines of code and the press of a button, his machine could literally change reality. He turned small buildings into skyscrapers, filled a dry lake with water, and even tweaked with a few people he worked with. Of course, at the end of the day, he returned it all to normal. Tests were one thing, but he didn’t just want to change things at random unless it was for the benefit of mankind. He made his way home thinking about all the good he could do in the world when he suddenly felt very strange. All of his surroundings blurred around him. It was clear that someone was messing with his machine! The buildings had grown taller, and he had been turned into a woman! He noticed all the changes now, but he knew he didn’t have much time. If he didn’t get back to his invention, he would start to think of the changes as normal; they’d become his new reality. He estimated that he had about fifteen minutes before his memories would accept the altered reality as fact. If he walked fast, he could get back to his lab in ten minutes and reprogram things back to normal in three. Of course, he didn’t take into account that he was now wearing heels. He fumbled in the unfamiliar shoes, adding precious extra moments to his travel time.

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