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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Run Away

Luke barely had time to process what happened. He had been jogging in the park when a woman came running up behind him. He wasn’t quite sure what happened next, but he found himself in her body. Judging by the smirk on his former face, he had a feeling she was responsible. Before he could react, she kicked him in the shin and ran off.

Luke wanted to give chase. He wanted to get his body back. However, his leg was hurting, and he needed to take care of that first. After all, what was this woman’s endgame? If she went back to his place, he knew where he lived. If she went back to her own place, he was sure someone knew this woman and where she lived. Where could she run to?

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Not Ready

Finding himself in a woman’s body as a result of the Great Shift was shocking for Gerold. He wasn’t sure if he was ready for things like makeup and skirts, not to mention things like PMS and periods. As he prepared himself for the latter, he was surprised that it still hadn’t happened after a month, and still nothing a month later. It wasn’t until his belly started growing out that the true nature of his predicament was apparent; he was pregnant! It must’ve happened days before the Shift, and now he was the one with a new life growing inside of him. He had tried to mentally prepare himself as soon as he became a woman, but this was more than he was ready for! This couldn’t be happening to him!

Monday, September 28, 2020

While You Wait

“The way I see it, you’ve got two problems here,” Elliot explained, “The first is the problem with your car’s engine. I can fix it in a few hours. That’s easy. The other problem is the fact that we somehow switched bodies when you walked into my shop. That one I can’t help with; I’ve got no idea how it happened. I’m not saying I can complain. It feels good to be about twenty years younger again -- not that I would’ve ever chosen to be a woman. I can still fix your car while we wait to see if this all works itself out, or we can just wait if you’d prefer not to see your hands get a little dirty. It’s up to you.”

Sunday, September 27, 2020


William had gotten into witchcraft a few years ago, but he had never been particularly good at it. He kept practicing spells, but anything complex would fizzle out or underwhelm. Then he found a simple spell that would supposedly boost his powers. He went into the park in the middle of the night to cast it.

He blacked out and woke the next morning. He didn’t feel more powerful, but he did feel quite strange. As he looked down at his body, he realized why. The damn spell had transformed him into a woman! And not only that, he appeared to have a pretty nice body with a small, red, leather dress. He figured he must have messed up.

He sighed. But then he tried another spell -- teleportation to get back home. He knew it was a long shot, as that spell never worked for him; however, this time it did. It seemed weird, but maybe transforming into a woman was in fact, a way to boost his powers...

Saturday, September 26, 2020


Jenny turned away. She still couldn’t believe what had happened. Her friends had warned her not to sleep with Gavin; they told her about the rumors he was into weird stuff. But she never expected that weird stuff to include body swapping. She pressed him on some ground rules about what they could do or couldn’t do in each other’s bodies, but he didn’t care. He claimed her body was his now, and he was going to do whatever he wanted. She didn’t want to watch as he was the one now in control of her body. It felt too weird. Sure, Gavin had been cute, but she never wanted anything like this. This was going to be a problem!

Friday, September 25, 2020


It had been an error, a simple miscalculation when activating his invention, but as a result, Milton had spent the past month waking up each day in a different body. In the first week, he calculated a way to stop the swapping at any time, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t seem to increase the probability of getting back into his own body. By the two week mark, he realized he’d have to settle for a body that was merely suitable enough -- this, however, turned out to be quite difficult.

One day he woke up as a baby, the next an old man, and one day an adult film star. He was starting to think he’d be swapping forever. And one day he woke up the body of a woman around his same age. He dismissed it at first, he was pretty sure he didn’t want to be stuck as a woman for the rest of his life. But as the day went on, he realized it might not be so bad. She had mostly plain clothes, her proportions weren’t outlandish like a few bodies he had in the past, she seemed genuinely average. There was a comfort in average.

On the street, he looked down at his unremarkable outfit and decided this was it. This was the body he was going to keep. He only needed a few small parts to construct what he needed, then this would be who he was forever...

Thursday, September 24, 2020

The Solution to All of Life's Problems

When Aaron passed out and he awoke to not only find himself in a strange house but also in an unfamiliar body, he thought he was dreaming. As time passed, it felt less and less like a dream. When he turned on the TV and saw all sorts of news reports about some sort of body swapping event, he realized he wasn’t dreaming. He was a woman now, and he just had to deal with that. Of course, he decided quickly that the best way to deal with that was to go into this woman’s kitchen and open up a bottle of wine. It didn’t solve this problem, but it certainly didn’t make it any worse!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Around the World (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Getting home turned out to be not so easy for Jason. He had to prove he really was to not only his home country, but also to the country where he ended up to a bunch of people who didn’t speak the same language as him. The process took time, he needed to figure out where the woman he now was lived at so that he wasn’t homeless while everything was processed. It took nearly a year before he got the call.

Finally getting home again felt great. He loved reconnecting with all his (now also swapped) friends. There were also things that felt weird. Food tasted different -- almost weird. He wasn’t sure if this was his new body’s differing taste buds, or if he just got used to the flavors overseas in the past year. He found himself dropping foreign words into his conversations. He had never learned the language, but he did pick up a few things -- mostly swears. He would often daydream about going back...

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Around the World

When the Great Shift happened, most people swapped bodies with someone within a few feet of them. Over 99% of people swapped with someone within a mile radius. Every now and again, someone swapped bodies with someone a considerable distance away. 

Jason, for instance, found himself halfway across the globe in a new body as a result of the Great Shift. While most people were challenged by the fact that they found themselves in a new body, Jason had the added complication of trying to understand what was going on with no one around being able to explain in a language he knew that the same thing was happening to them. He felt lost and confused, and he knew he had nowhere to turn for help.

His only saving grace seemed to be due to the fact that he had swapped into a body located near a major tourist attraction, and he eventually found someone who could speak the same language.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Holler (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
It all slowly cam back to him. Jake remembered the job he had at the PR firm, and the cupcakes he needed to pick up for the girls in the office. He remembered his name was actually Aida now, which is what his mom would’ve named him if he had been born a girl.

Luckily, it seemed he wasn’t forgetting anything about being Jake or who he had been. Instead, he was like all this new information was just building on top of everything he knew about himself.

Sure, now he knew how to style a client, but he still remembered everything about miter joints. He could rehash all the latest celebrity gossip and the cheat codes of his favorite video games. He knew how to deal with a period while remembering peeing standing up.

He was very worried that old knowledge would fade, but it never seemed to. In fact, there was a sort of curse to that, because he still couldn’t shake how bad he felt for catcalling that woman the morning his transformed. He couldn’t shake it no matter how hard he tried.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Holler (Part 1)

Jake had always been a little uncomfortable when the guys at the construction site hollered at a passing woman. But after a few weeks, they all started making fun of him for not joining in. And so, against his better judgement, the next time he saw an attractive woman pass, he decided to lead the charge. The other guys cheered him on. Jake immediately felt bad as the woman seemed to frown and increased the speed in her step. It started with a bad feeling in the put of his stomach. It grew from there. After about an hour, he was getting tingles and he felt parts of his body go numb. 

A little more time passed and things got really weird. Jake could tell the hair on his head was now rapidly growing out. He swore his beard was thinning too. His arms and legs felt more slender.

By lunchtime, the changes were undeniable. He had become a female version of himself. And once lunch was over, even his clothes had changed to a fashionable version of what he had been wearing. His boots were now heels, his overalls now a cute leather outfit.

He walked back to the construction site, but instead of being welcome, he was greeted to the same sorts of hoots and hollers that women got when passing by. Jake realized this was no longer where he worked, but much like his physical changes, the mental affects of his transformation were happening slowly.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Gambling Problem

“Ally, I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry,” Ed begged.

“I told you to stop gambling,” Ally replied calmly, “You said you stopped gambling. Yet somehow you managed to come home today with the body of some white girl because you wagered your own body in a card game? How did you even do that? How is that even possible? You’re lucky I even believe you. Have you thought about what you’re going to tell your work? Your boss? Do you think they’ll magically believe you and let you keep your job? You fucked this up, Ed. You are going to lose that job. We’ll probably lose this house. It’s still entirely possible you’ll lose me. You need to fix this.”

Friday, September 18, 2020

Something Wrong

Jared pulled his friend, Peter, into the women’s bathroom and slammed him against the wall, demanding answers.

“You said we’d be swap with our sisters for 24 hours, and it’s been a week,” Jared yelled, “And each day, it’s getting worse. I can apply makeup perfectly, I can coordinate outfits -- I find myself CARING about coordinating an outfit -- I don’t even want to tell you the way I’ve been looking at guys these days. It’s not just that this weird spell you cast transformed my body into Alice’s, I think I’m becoming Alice...even down to the way I think. You need to undo this. You need to reverse this. I need to get back to normal.”

“You will,” Peter said nervously, “I mean, you are. That’s sort of how the spell works. Your personality, your memories, everything about you will become like Alice so that it’s like you never swapped at all. It was all just supposed to happen faster, so that we wouldn’t even notice. I don’t know what I did wrong.”

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Sweet Candy

“No! I want the candy from the top shelf!” Jake demanded.

Ron reached up to comply before suddenly turning around to snap back, “You know, just because you swapped into the body of some brat doesn’t mean you have to act like one. And just because I swapped into the body of that brat’s mom doesn’t mean I have to listen to you! In fact, maybe I should be telling you what to do in this mother-child relationship!”

Jake looked like he was about to cry, but Ron wasn’t buying it.

“No,” Ron continued to insist, “I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to play off my new motherly hormones, and it’s kind of working. But I also know we’re both grown men here, and I know that you’re still checking out y new ass while turning on the water works. It’s gross, man! If I could abandon you here, I would, but as long as I’m in the body of this mom, I guess I have to play the part. But that doesn’t mean I have to buy you this goddamn candy.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hands Up

After hearing a sharp yell the moment he rested his hands on his knees, Matt quickly put his hands up and turned in the direction of the shout.

“Okay, okay,” He sighed, “See! Your hands aren’t touching any part of your body. But, seriously, I’m going to have to at some point -- we swapped bodies, Carla! At some point I’m going to have to change clothes or use the bathroom or shower, and then these hands are invariably going to touch some place you feel uncomfortable with me touching. I’ve respected your wishes so far, but you’re going to have to be a little bit reasonable here as well.”

Carla scowled in Matt’s direction. She knew he was right, but the thought of Matt being inside her body still grossed her out. She didn’t want him in there, and she certainly didn’t want him touching anything while he was. The best she could hope for was that they’d swap back as mysteriously as they swapped in the first place and soon...

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Free Vacation

Zach had been pretty psyched to win a vacation to an exotic island. Of course, after embarking, he soon found out the resort was more than a little odd, it was downright magical.  Upon arriving on the island, each guest would swap bodies with another arriving guest. Finding himself in a woman’s body was completely unexpected for Zach, but he decided to roll with it as best he could. However, just because he was a woman now didn’t mean he knew anything about actually being a woman.

Evan doing something like putting on a bikini was a near impossible task. The bikini bottoms were logical enough, but the way the straps crossed on the top made it difficult for Zach to figure out. He did his best. It felt a little tight and he was pretty sure something was wrong, but everything was covered up enough to hit the beach.

He realized there were likely to be plenty of other things that were going to be difficult to figure out, but this vacation was only for a few weeks. And, plus, it was free, after all.

Monday, September 14, 2020

On Hold

“Look, I think I’ve been holding long enough,” Mitch said with growing impatience, “I think you sent me the wrong product and I need --”

Mitch grumbled as he was put on hold again. He had been on the phone for over an hour now. It was only two days earlier when he went online to buy a product guaranteed to bulk him up. Thanks to advances in technology, workouts were a thing of the past. Now you could just order a product that could use tech to instantly give you six-pack abs, bigger muscles, or lose inches off your waist -- and would even morph your clothes to match. Of course, sometimes screw ups happen. Mitch was sent the wrong product and now from the neck down, instead of looking like a male bodybuilder, he looked like a female super model -- and was, in fact, female in all the ways that counted. To compound the problem, he couldn’t seem to get anyone on the phone to help him fix the problem. When they finally gave him a solution, Mitch wasn’t happy with what he heard.

“Eight weeks?” He shouted, “What do you mean it’s back-ordered? I’m going to be stuck like this for eight weeks?”

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Two Hours

Two hours. Edwin was trying to imagine all the things he could do with Adria’s body for two hours, after which time they would switch back to normal. There was a lot he promised he wouldn’t do (though he was certainly tempted to still do it), but he decided to play by the rules and do something she said he could do.

Immediately, he went into Adria’s closet and started trying on clothes and shoes and anything else he could. It was much more fun than he expected, but also more time consuming. The clothes were tighter, harder to get on and off, and just took longer. The boots were tough to walk in, some dresses were hard to breathe in, but damn, he was sure having a good time. Two hours just flew by...

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Minor Modifications

Frank and Eddie had been friends since college. Even thirty years later, they still found time to hang out about once a month. Frank had arrived at Eddie’s place with a six pack and they were going to watch the game on TV.

He was shocked to have Eddie’s door open and see his college girlfriend, Kelsey standing there. But it was impossible, because it looked like she clearly hadn’t aged a day.

“Do you think I programmed Kelsey’s butt too big?” The woman asked, “Her butt wasn’t this big, was it?”

“What the hell is going on here? Who the hell are you?” Frank yelled in shock.

“Come on, Frank. It’s me. It’s Eddie. This was that thing I’ve been talking about for the past 30 years. I finally worked out all the flaws in the tech. Haven’t you been paying any attention?”

“I guess when you talked about recreating people,  you meant on a computer screen.”

“Nope. Real life. Nano-technology! In fact, I’m indistinguishable from the 20 year old woman you knew 30 years ago -- except for maybe a few gaps in my memory, which is why I asked about the butt.”

“Turn yourself back, man. This is creepy.”

“It took weeks to get like this! It’ll take weeks to go back, but I can make small modifications, so please, just let me know if I need to adjust this butt.”

Friday, September 11, 2020

Not Giving Up

It had been two months since that damned cab ride that temporarily swapped Garret into the driver’s body before then swapping with this woman. He absolutely hated being a woman. He always wore jeans and ball cap, often baggy clothes. The only hit of femininity were the high heels, which he only wore because he felt so much shorter as a woman than he had been. He didn’t want to be a woman, so he did everything he could to find that cab in order to swap back into a man’s body.

He first tried calling the city’s taxi commission. He had written down the number and license, but it didn’t correspond to any cab on record. He called every company, but still came up empty. Eventually, he just started standing on busy streets flagging down cabs. He was sure he’d remember what the driver looked like -- heck, he had been that driver for a few hours. When a taxi would stop, he’d check the number and the face or the driver. If neither matched, he’d let it go, explaining he changed his mind. The driver would usually curse him out for wasting time.

Garret realized he’d probably spent hundreds of hours hailing thousands of cabs at this point, but so far he hadn’t gotten into a single one. Not one matched the magic taxi that had picked him up two months ago.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Always the Bridesmaids

“Do you think we should tell Kate about the body swapping and how her husband-to-be’s groomsmen are now her bridesmaids?” Lyle asked.

“Oh, God, no!” Brendon replied, “She has enough to worry about. Besides, if she didn’t notice last night at the bachelorette party, I doubt she’ll notice today at the wedding.”

“I never expected a bachelorette party to be so much fun. That massage alone was heavenly!”

“I know!” Nathan interjected, “I didn’t expect that I’d like being a woman, but here we are! It’s been bliss. Even these dresses actually feel free and liberating. Heck, I’m not even wearing any underwear! It feels great! I know we’re only supposed to be swapped for a week, but do you think Natalie might be interest in staying swapped?”

“You can ask. I might ask Ashleigh as well.”

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

In a Pinch

This was not how Thomas had expected his business trip would be going. He had flown out Sunday night, first class. On the plane, he enjoyed a few drinks to help him deal with the stress of flying. With a bit of booze in him, he couldn’t stop himself from pinching the ass of a passing flight attendant. He expected a slap to the face, but instead he was suddenly standing in the aisle with heels on his feet as he poured a drink for another passenger. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he swapped bodies with the flight attendant he had pinched.

After serving the last few rows of first class, he went back to his own row. He had assumed the flight attendant was now in his body, but she sure didn’t let up pretending to be him. He tried to press the issue, but instead got an apology about the pinch.

There wasn’t much choice. He was going to have to figure out this new life he now had. He was stuck as a woman, many years younger, and with an undoubtedly much lower salary. It all felt so depressing. As he walked through the airport after the slight, he tried to even begin to imagine how he was going to cope.

Tuesday, September 8, 2020


Jeremy had no idea why the random woman had decided to steal his body or how she had managed to do it, but he was absolutely sure she wasn’t going to get away with it. Even though she dashed off immediately, Jeremy had a tracker on his phone. He just signed into the website and it pulled up a map. The dot indicated she hadn’t gone far; she was still in the mall.

Jeremy walked over as fast as he could while wearing the heeled boots. He seemed to be right on top of his phones; location, but didn’t see his body anywhere. Then not far away he spotted a trash can. He walked over and rummaged through and found his phone. The woman who swapped with him was even more clever than he had hoped, but he still wasn’t giving up. The last thing he wanted was to be stuck in the body of a woman -- even an attractive one!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Celestial Event (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
As Evan started to walk away, Julia shouted, “Come back! You need to fix this!”

Evan sighed turning his head, “I understand the events that transpired; I do not know how to recreate them. And I assure you that I did not anticipate becoming each other.”

The last thing Julia wanted was this nerd out of her sight with her body, “You don’t know the first thing about being a woman! How will you even cope?”

“I assume it is...manageable.”

Julia laughed, “You won’t make it through a week without my help.”

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Celestial Event (Part 1)

Julia had been walking on campus, paying more attention to her phone than where she was going. At the same time, Evan has his nose in a book, also seemingly oblivious to those around him. Just as the two were about to bump heads, a beam of light shone between them.

Evan was a bit more prepared for what just happened. He grabbed the glasses from his former face and the book from his old hands.

“Fascinating,” He said, “The celestial event transpired exactly as predicted, but I never could have expected spacial displacement of my corporeal form into another’s anatomy.”

Julia’s processing took a bit longer, but was slightly more blunt. “Holy shit,” She whispered, “I swapped bodies with a dork.”

Saturday, September 5, 2020


Karen thought she couldn’t have been more horrified when she looked down to see two large, masculine, dark-skinned hands with fingers reacting to her own movements. That is until she looked up from them to see her own face smiling back at her.

“Hope you enjoy my life,” Karen couldn’t believe she was hearing her own voice say those words, “Because I sure as hell am going to love being your entitled ass.”

“How --? Why --?” Karen could only seem to say single words, still quite unused to the deep voice she now had.

“You got me fired! You know most people don’t complain about coffee being too hot. They just say thank you and wait a little longer or add a little more milk. But not stuck up bitches like you. Luckily, my grandma was a witch and taught me a thing or two. Thanks to a little spell she gave me, you’re going to be broke and out of a job, and I’m going to be driving around in a luxury SUV.”

“But I have a husband! And a child!”

“Being a man myself, I’m pretty sure I know what one likes. Your man will be in good hands with me. Plus, I’m sure I’ll raise your kid in a way that doesn’t turn them into the same type of spoiled brat that you grew up to be. Now, if you don’t leave me alone, I will call the police. And I promise you, considering you have my body now, you don’t want that...”

Friday, September 4, 2020

Field Report

Tim had always been a natural in front of the camera. Despite being the younger field reporter, no one ever doubted his ability. When the Great Shift struck, the control room immediately went to Tim to check in. He was well enough, close enough to the camera and his original body to file a report. But much like the rest of the population, Tim now had a new body. It was older than his had been, not to mention Asian and female. When he spoke in front of the camera, for the first time his colleagues could hear he was shaken and nervous. Nearly everyone attributed to the stressfulness of the event itself.

However, as the months passed, Tim’s confidence never seemed to return. Instead of being the confident, tall, well-spoken blond man, he was now a nervous, shy, mumbling Asian woman. He would tell himself he was still who he was, but he never could seem to recapture his magic.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 4)

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As Kelly left, Daniel sat down. The first thing he decided was that he was keeping the boots on. They were fine; he didn’t see what the big deal was. Chicks just wear things like this, right? Then he decided not to cancel any of her meetings. If Kelly could handle conference calls, so could he, right? Maybe he wouldn’t even agree to swap back when Kelly finds a way -- if she even finds a way! And that’s when he got a brilliant idea.

The flaw that swapped them had to be in the code somewhere. With Kelly’s password that she had given him to login, he could find it in even if it was in one of the restricted sections. Then he could move it some place she would never find it. They’d never be able to swap back. He’d be the boss for good!

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 3)

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“So, what’s the plan for the day?” Daniel asked.

“You’re going to look around my office. I should have some shoes around here somewhere for you to change out of those boots. Cancel any meetings on my calendar. Just please try to lay low.” Kelly replied, “I’m going to go to your desk and try to see what I can do about recreating the accident in order to get us our bodies back.”

“But I -- ” Daniel tried to interject.

“Just leave this to me. I got this. I’m the boss, after all. Right?”

Those words stung Daniel. Technically she wasn’t the boss right now; he was. And maybe he could enact some revenge on Kelly’s arrogance. He sat down at her computer to go about his plans.

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day at the Office (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.
Only a few minute later, Kelly came into the office. Daniel turned around.

“Oh, hello, Daniel,” He said, “Shouldn’t you be out in the open office area?”

“Cut the crap, Daniel,” Kelly sneered, “No one’s here yet; we don’t have to pretend --” She paused as she took note of what Daniel was wearing and quickly changed topics, “Didn’t I tell you explicitly NOT to go into the back my closet to find something to wear?”

“I must’ve misheard yesterday. I thought you instructed me to take things from the back to wear for work.”

Kelly seemed frustrated but also curious. She spoke softly, “You can probably get away with the leather skirt in the office, but those boots? I’m surprised you could even muster a slight heel.”

“I think it’s just muscle memory from having your body. It was kind of phenomenal how not difficult getting ready was. Also, just how often do you wear these sort of boots to have no problem walking in them?”

“Well, I don’t wear them to the office!”