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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Holler (Part 1)

Jake had always been a little uncomfortable when the guys at the construction site hollered at a passing woman. But after a few weeks, they all started making fun of him for not joining in. And so, against his better judgement, the next time he saw an attractive woman pass, he decided to lead the charge. The other guys cheered him on. Jake immediately felt bad as the woman seemed to frown and increased the speed in her step. It started with a bad feeling in the put of his stomach. It grew from there. After about an hour, he was getting tingles and he felt parts of his body go numb. 

A little more time passed and things got really weird. Jake could tell the hair on his head was now rapidly growing out. He swore his beard was thinning too. His arms and legs felt more slender.

By lunchtime, the changes were undeniable. He had become a female version of himself. And once lunch was over, even his clothes had changed to a fashionable version of what he had been wearing. His boots were now heels, his overalls now a cute leather outfit.

He walked back to the construction site, but instead of being welcome, he was greeted to the same sorts of hoots and hollers that women got when passing by. Jake realized this was no longer where he worked, but much like his physical changes, the mental affects of his transformation were happening slowly.


  1. good start, interesting story, good pic

  2. That is one phugly outfit, and it looks uncomfortable too, but the caption was very nice.