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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

In a Pinch

This was not how Thomas had expected his business trip would be going. He had flown out Sunday night, first class. On the plane, he enjoyed a few drinks to help him deal with the stress of flying. With a bit of booze in him, he couldn’t stop himself from pinching the ass of a passing flight attendant. He expected a slap to the face, but instead he was suddenly standing in the aisle with heels on his feet as he poured a drink for another passenger. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he swapped bodies with the flight attendant he had pinched.

After serving the last few rows of first class, he went back to his own row. He had assumed the flight attendant was now in his body, but she sure didn’t let up pretending to be him. He tried to press the issue, but instead got an apology about the pinch.

There wasn’t much choice. He was going to have to figure out this new life he now had. He was stuck as a woman, many years younger, and with an undoubtedly much lower salary. It all felt so depressing. As he walked through the airport after the slight, he tried to even begin to imagine how he was going to cope.


  1. There those moments that you wish, you were someone else, or doing something else. And then you are now. And now you another person. Wondering what's next!