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Friday, September 30, 2011

Territorial (Part 1)

Terrance was always very territorial whenever he was at a club. He played the role of the alpha male and would start a fight with anyone who he thought was invading his scene. After one too many drinks one night, he got woozy, his head spun, and he spotted a man wearing the same baseball cap and sports jersey he did. He marched over to start a fight. Had the music not been so loud, he would’ve heard heels clicking as he walked. Had he not been so drunk, he would’ve realized the woozy feeling wasn’t from booze, but from the Great Shift. And had he not been so arrogant, he would’ve quickly learned the man he was about to confront was himself and that he had been swapped into the body of a gorgeous woman.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New relations (Part 3)

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Gregory had only been going to the gym for a little while, but he already felt great about himself. If he was going to be a woman, he was going to be the hottest woman around. He’d not only make his ex jealous, but everyone else! He knew he’d be able to have his pick for a new relationship--and he’d be open! He could tell his new female hormones were attracting him to men, but his old male brain certainly had an influence, making females still equally appealing. He guessed he was bisexual now! Oh well, just more options for dating on Friday nights!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not alone

One minute everything was normal, and the next Hank found himself in a woman’s body. He looked down at his thin legs encased in leather pants in confusion. He wanted to scream, but had no desire to draw much attention to himself. Then he noticed a woman in a black dress seemingly equally shocked.

“Did something...strange just happen to you?” He asked.

“Very strange!” The woman responded.

“Me too!” A third one chimed in.

They quickly learned they weren’t alone in finding themselves in new bodies...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Automated Transformation Machine (Part 2)

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Joe not only had some stranger’s body, but he also had her keys, her wallet, and so on. He guessed that meant her car was in the parking lot somewhere. He pressed the alarm on the keychain, and quickly found it. He spied a woman using the ATM out of the corner of his eye. He thought about warning her and telling her about what happened to him. He knew that he would just come of sounding crazy. In a few seconds that woman would have his body anyway, and there was nothing he could really do about it, was there? As he got into the car and drove off, he saw his old body looking confused. He knew that he had just had that experience not seconds before. He felt some sympathy, but he just drove off, ready to start his new life.

Monday, September 26, 2011

One night (Part 1)

It was three hours ago when Denise approached Zach with a far-fetched idea. She proposed they switch bodies to spend the night as each other. Zach initially laughed in his friend’s face. It was impossible to switch bodies! Plus, why would he want to switch bodies with a girl. She told him that she could, in fact, switch their bodies, and questioned if he wasn’t the least bit curious about life on the other side of the gender fence. He reluctantly agreed and soon magically found himself in Denise’s body! It was awkward and uncomfortable for him at first, but now after only a few hours as he sat in her body, he realized that he was really enjoying it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


When Dave told his daughter that he wanted to chaperone her prom, she freaked out. Not wanting to have his daughter angry at him but still wanting to keep a watchful eye out, he figured out a plan. He simply “borrowed” the body of one of her friends. However, when he went to the bathroom to adjust the uncomfortable prom dress, he returned and discovered that he could not find his daughter anywhere! She must’ve left with her date!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Chad sighed. He had certainly peaked in high school, back in the late 80s. Back then, he was popular, on the football team, and was just plain cool! Now he was overweight, stuck in a deadend job, and just plain miserable! At a bar one night, he announced loudly to a friend that he would give ANYTHING to go back to the 80s.

He heard a voice in his head ask, “Anything?”

“YES! ANYTHING!” He shouted as he felt sucked away.

When he regained his composure, he was indeed back in the 80s, but he wouldn’t be on the football team this time around! He had given up his life to return to the former decade, and given a new life. Instead of being a popular jock, he was now a heavy metal chick.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Frequent flier

After many years of business trips and vacations,
Justin finally had collected a million miles, enough to enroll in the airline’s most exclusive benefits for frequent fliers. He was most excited about being able to fly anywhere in the world for free. He had no idea how they could afford it. He spoke with a representative about collecting his rewards, and she asked him if he had read all the terms and conditions. He claimed that he did, and she smiled as she lead him into what she claimed was a room for exclusive members like him. Inside it was pitch dark. He couldn’t see anything, but he suddenly felt strange. The lights came on, and Justin finally saw what happened. He body had been completely transformed into that of a busty blonde woman, and was wearing the uniform of the airline’s stewardesses. He felt a mix of shock and curiosity as he ran his hands all up and down his new body. The representative entered the room and asked where he wanted to go first. Justin could only scream about what had happened to his body, but the representative explained that it was all in the terms. He’d get free flights, but he’d have to work for them as a stewardess!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Get used to it (Part 1)

Christopher scowled, “I feel fat and bloated and just sort of pissed.”

“Oh,” Esther retorted, “That’s just because you’re having my period. We can’t use the Medallion of Zulu to switch back until it’s over with, so you’ll just have to get used to it, and to having my body, for the next couple of days.”

He grumbled some more, “I think I can pull off being you, wearing this damn satin skirt suit of yours. But I might make you change; you made my body look totally gay.”

“Gay? Gay? I simply made you dress well for once! And I wouldn’t be caught dead in that skirt suit anymore! It is SO last season!”

“Yeah, saying things like that is totally going to make people think I’m gay. Maybe you should just keep your big mouth shut for the next few days...”

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Automated Transformation Machine (Part 1)

After taking out some cash from the ATM, Joe received a very strange message.

The screen read, “Would you like some change?”

Joe double-checked his cash, and made sure it was all there. He couldn’t imagine what sort of change it meant, but he selected “Yes” anyway. He soon found out EXACTLY what it meant. The machine quickly scanned his body, and then shot him with a strange beam. Joe soon found himself transformed into the last person who asked the machine for “change,” a beautiful young woman! His own body was placed in memory, ready to be given to the next ATM user who asked for change.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

7 days (Part 4)

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Dwight was scheduled to return the second day at 9AM for further tests. There was concern when 9:15 rolled around, and he wasn’t there yet. But when he did finally show up at 9:20, the concern grew even more. He arrived in Katrina’s body wearing black jeans that were practically painted on, super high heels on his feet, and a leather jacket showing major cleavage (with no bra or even a shirt). No one had expected the nerdy student to so quickly embrace his new found femininity.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Like father like son

Mark would often ask his mom about his dad, but she never said much. She would tell her son that they were happily married until “something happened.” He had assumed that they had divorced or that his dad had died. Perhaps she should have told her son the truth. It may have prepared him. Mark’s father had a strange genetic quirk. On his 25th birthday, he spontaneously changed genders. Neither parent felt like being a lesbian, and neither wanted to explain to the then 3-year-old Mark why Daddy suddenly looked very different. But when Mark experienced the same genetic quirk as his father upon turning 25, he demanded answers from his mom. She eventually came clean and told her son everything, even where to find his now female father. The reunion couldn’t have been happier, the two men-now-women connected by their strange unique genetics.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Amber was sick and tired of the workers at the construction site whistling at her as she walked by, so one day she had a plan. With a curse on herself, she walked passed. Gus was the first to whistle, and as he did so, he felt a severe pain run through his body, as if it was twisting itself about. It was actually reshaping into the form of a gorgeous blonde woman. He felt a prickle as long hair fell from his head, it felt like his upper chest was exploding as breasts fell out, and having his penis go away was beyond words. His new clothes fit his new body, with his construction outfit shrinking and tall hooker heels growing on his feet at the same time.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


“You’ve got to be kidding me! Not again!”

Seth screamed as he slouched down putting his hand on his hip. Two months ago he had signed up for a service that would pay him a hefty fee if he offered his body to be rented at any time for any length. The company told him that very few people rented them out and generally not for very long. No harm was allowed to be done to the rented body, and Seth would be in the renters body until the time was up. Very few people used the service, so it would be like getting a free paycheck for doing nothing. Seth was quick to sign, but his body got picked quickly. For the past two months, he had been inside the body of a middle aged, overweight housewife. Only five minutes after getting his body back, he was rented out again, causing his screams. But as he checked out his waifishly model-like body this time, he wanted to take back those words. He had lucked out, but he couldn’t imagine why a woman this hot would ever want to give up her body, or why she would want to live as him!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hand me down

Henry’s family wasn’t rich. While other kids got cars on their 16th birthday to drive to school, Henry still had to take the bus. While other kids got new clothes, Henry got Good Will and hand-me-downs. Things didn’t exactly change after the Great Shift, but Henry felt more embarrassed than ever. He had ended up in the body of his classmate, Nadine. She only wore dresses, which she handed over to Henry’s family now that they no longer fit her. Good Will was cleaned out, which meant Henry had few choices for fashion on his first day back to high school.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Ernest paused for a moment to stare at his reflection before getting into his car. He smiled; he smiled every time he saw himself since the Great Shift. Of course, he had plenty to smile about thanks to the world-wide bodyswap. He had gone from being a rather homely man to a beautiful and fashionable woman. He imagined he did better than average thanks to the Shift, and he was thankful everyday for the new body.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Green Lantern

When Hal Jordan received the green ring, he was told that he could make anything he imagined become reality. It took him a little while to get used to it. He’d use the ring to make a green shield to protect himself from bullets or imagine a gun to fight a criminal. But he wondered if the ring only worked externally. He thought of himself transforming into a woman, and soon his masculine body became very feminine and shapely. He smiled as he thought about how truly interesting the power of the Green Lantern could be; he was only limited by the power of his imagination and he was about to let it run wild...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ryan had stolen Julia’s body just a few hours ago. But if he was going to successfully steal her life and convince anyone that he was really her, he’d have to learn to walk in high heeled shoes. Julia rarely wore anything else. Ryan was trying really hard to get used to them, but so far was having no luck. He had to prop himself up just to keep from falling down. This was not going to be easy, but he was sure that after a few more tries he could get it right.

Monday, September 12, 2011


When Bill found the MAU device, he thought of a quick money making scheme. If a local business wanted a celebrity for a grand opening or special event, he would use the device and alter himself and make the appearance. He’d charge a fee much lower than the celebrity, but still pretty hefty for Bill. But then it stopped working, and Bill found himself stuck in one particular celebrity’s body. Considering he could no longer offer up the celebrity of one’s choice, his fee went down. Plus, he felt quite upset about the body he was stuck in...certainly not his favorite celebrity...

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A long night: A longer journey

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Over the next few weeks, Chuck had really gotten used to being in Diana’s body. Diana, meanwhile, was happy to play the role of “Daddy,” which meant she had to play with everything he did, including tinkering with the bodyswitching machine. Of course, Diana may have had her father’s body and her brain had quickly matured, but she still did not have his genius. Sparks starting flying out. Chuck heard an explosion and ran down out of curiosity. The machine forced Chuck’s soul right out of Diane’s body, but it didn’t return him to his own. The malfunctioning device shot Chuck’s soul clear across town, landing him in a stranger’s body. The speed was so quick and disorienting that Chuck quickly fell to the ground with his new body. Within a few moments, it was like Chuck’s mind rebooted. He no longer thought of playtime, but instead he was able to calculate complex equations in his head and ponder his scientific research on physics. His theory was successful: getting out of his young daughter’s body brought back his knowledge. But now he had to get back to the machine!

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Walt always enjoyed when his job called for some corporate espionage, and this latest mission was a true treat! He had to go undercover as the wife of a rival CEO. Thanks to a spare bit of DNA and a genetic scrambler, Walt’s body now perfectly matched that of Frances Donaldson; even a retina scan or blood test wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Now he just needed to find the information he was looking for before anyone noticed something amiss about “Mrs. Donaldson’s” personality...or before anyone noticed there was a second Mrs. Donaldson running around!

Friday, September 9, 2011

The wager

Howard loved his wife’s large boobs, but she found them uncomfortable and was thinking about getting a breast reduction. He begged her not to. She thought about it and ultimately came up with a wager. For one week, the married pair would switch bodies. If Howard could go through the whole week without complaining about the weight of the breasts or how his back ached as a result of them, she wouldn’t get the procedure. Six days in, and Howard hadn’t complained a single bit. In fact, the plan may have really backfired. Howard wasn’t just keeping his mouth shut, he was actually enjoying himself! He not only didn’t want his wife to get the surgery, he wanted to keep her body (and her wonderful breasts) for himself!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seasick (Part 2)

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Though the cruise ship wouldn’t turn back toward Exchange Island, they vowed to make Ryan’s trip as pleasant as possible. He got an upgrade to First Class, allowing him to see some of the fancier sections of the ship. The crew also provided him with a huge assortment of fine clothes collected from worldwide ports. Ryan felt a little weird about wearing a dress at first, but it really made him feel like a pampered princess. He wasn’t crazy about the princess part, but he sure did love being pampered!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sidelined (Part 14)

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Michael spent the next couple days in Sarah’s body pondering what he should do. Sarah was smart, pretty, and popular. He had spent two previous senior years fretting about how to get his body back. Now that he knew it was impossible, he could live as Sarah and actually enjoy it! Then again, would it be fair to stick the real Sarah with that older body. She’d be missing out on so many years of life. He didn’t feel right just taking them from her. Though Michael certainly didn’t want that older body either! Maybe he could use the spell twice? Once to give Sarah her body back, and the other to find himself a new body? He could steal the body of someone undeserving. Then again, he didn’t really know Sarah all that well. Maybe she wasn’t deserving of this body either? He knew he didn’t want to go back to being a man again. He had gotten used to being female, and if couldn’t have HIS male body, he’d stick with having a beautiful female one!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With their approval ratings in the the toilet, Republicans became pretty desperate in the 2016 elections. It was at that point when the GOP came up with their most devious idea to steal an election yet! A private investor had invented a bodyswaping machine not yet known to the public. Several were shipped to liberal strongholds where the party loyal were gathered. After voting as themselves, they used the machines to switch with a likely Democratic voter. This meant many of the old white men of the Republican Party found themselves in the bodies of young, female minorities! GOP Caucus member Clive Blackwell now found himself voting for the third time; this time in the body of Rhonda Hawkins. He had guessed from her dress that she was planning to skip voting entirely. He proudly placed his vote in the ballot box, and returned to get his body back. However, it had gone missing! He’d be stuck in his new body! Stuck with Rhonda’s life on the poorer end of the economic ladder! And worst of all, stuck with the consequences of his vote!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Remeeting (Part 2)

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It only took a few moments before Douglas lunged out to his old body. He grabbed it and threw it to the ground.

“Give it back,” he yelled at Priscilla, “You tok my body. You took my life, and I want it back! I don’t want to be in your girlie body for another moment. Somehow you did it, and somehow you’ll undo it! Do it now!”

Priscilla was in shock, “It’s not my fault! I don’t know how it happened either! I miss my body! I miss being smooth and soft! I miss guys calling me beautiful! Please let go of me!”

Dougles wasn’t sure if he believed Priscilla, but maybe she wasn’t so happy about this swap either. But if she hadn’t done it, who did?