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Monday, September 19, 2011

Like father like son

Mark would often ask his mom about his dad, but she never said much. She would tell her son that they were happily married until “something happened.” He had assumed that they had divorced or that his dad had died. Perhaps she should have told her son the truth. It may have prepared him. Mark’s father had a strange genetic quirk. On his 25th birthday, he spontaneously changed genders. Neither parent felt like being a lesbian, and neither wanted to explain to the then 3-year-old Mark why Daddy suddenly looked very different. But when Mark experienced the same genetic quirk as his father upon turning 25, he demanded answers from his mom. She eventually came clean and told her son everything, even where to find his now female father. The reunion couldn’t have been happier, the two men-now-women connected by their strange unique genetics.

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