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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


With their approval ratings in the the toilet, Republicans became pretty desperate in the 2016 elections. It was at that point when the GOP came up with their most devious idea to steal an election yet! A private investor had invented a bodyswaping machine not yet known to the public. Several were shipped to liberal strongholds where the party loyal were gathered. After voting as themselves, they used the machines to switch with a likely Democratic voter. This meant many of the old white men of the Republican Party found themselves in the bodies of young, female minorities! GOP Caucus member Clive Blackwell now found himself voting for the third time; this time in the body of Rhonda Hawkins. He had guessed from her dress that she was planning to skip voting entirely. He proudly placed his vote in the ballot box, and returned to get his body back. However, it had gone missing! He’d be stuck in his new body! Stuck with Rhonda’s life on the poorer end of the economic ladder! And worst of all, stuck with the consequences of his vote!


  1. This is an amazing caption, a brilliant story, and I'm sorry but I don't see a downside!! :D And neither should he being in that gorgeous body!!

  2. funny idea. But wouldn't it have bewn simpler to rig ballet boxes?
    PS great use of pic