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Saturday, May 30, 2015


Just before her lips met his, Ron pushed her back.

“Stop it, David,” He said, “I know you’re in Tanya’s body. I know that because of what they did to you that you’re starting to think like her and even act like her, but you’re not her. You’re my old pal and NOT my girlfriend.”

She began to tear up, “Why not? If I look like her, act like her, and think like I not Tanya? I only have very fleeting memories of being David. In a few more days, I won’t even have those. There will be no difference between what I am now and what Tanya was.”

“I’ll know the difference,” Ron sighed, “Even if you can’t feel it, I can.”

Friday, May 29, 2015

Super Powers

Mutant genes and super powers seemed like the stuff of comic books and movies until Tyler discovered he possessed an odd ability. If he touched the tips of his fingers to someone’s skin, he would morph into an exact copy of that person. It was a slow process; it took about an hour. There didn’t seem to be any way for him to return to his original body either -- not that he minded. He enjoyed being a new person ever few days (or even every few hours). When he stumbled on a body that he particularly liked, he would put on a set of gloved to avoid an accidental transformation. Oddly enough, the body he was in right now was the women he sold him these gloves at the store. She thought it odd that he was asking her to try them on, but he wanted to be sure they fit when he transformed into her!

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Nathan shifted uncomfortably as he sat in the waiting room. This was going to be his first time seeing the gynecologist since the Great Shift. This was the first time since becoming a woman that he was actually feeling a little awkward. He knew this was going to be one of the things he’d have to get used to now that he was a woman, but it still felt weird. Then again, he had remembered one of his girlfriends had complained about the experience long before the Shift. Maybe this was just the kind of visit that made anyone uncomfortable, no matter their initial body. The thought didn’t offer Nathan much comfort as his name was called.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Riches (Part 2)

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Several months passed before Ralph was finally happy. He was convinced there was no way the woman whose body he had would be claiming her life. There was no signs of her husband or his body either. He was in the clear; the riches were all his. Of course, he had also gotten used to being a woman as well. In fact, he was actually starting to enjoy it!

Of course much of his enjoyment could be chalked up to the vast wealth. He was able to buy any outfit he desired, vacation on any beach he wished, and so on.

While he had known from the onset the Great Shift was like a lottery, and he knew he had really won, he was finally starting to feel like a winner.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Riches (Part 1)

It was difficult for Ralph to be happy. In a way, it was like he won the Great Shift lottery. He found himself inside the body of a very rich woman, who lived in a mansion with a pool. But the fact remained that it was still the body of a woman; the fact that he was now female was sitting with Ralph in the wrong way. If the woman who he now was ever claimed her life back, he’d lose all the riches but still be stuck being a woman.

Then there was the matter of things he found inside the mansion. This woman didn’t live alone. There was a man in her life, most likely her husband. What if he came back? Or just someone in his body? He’d have to share all this with that person. If the man wasn’t shifted, there would probably be all sorts of messy legal affairs, and Ralph was sure it was yet another scenario where he’d lose all the money. Even if the man was shifted, that guy could claim most of the assets. There was, of course, another option. Ralph did look like the man’s wife now. He supposed if the guy was way, Ralph was NOT interested.

For now, he just hoped no one else ever claimed any of this.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Rachel came into the Head Programmer’s office for the third time since the incident. She saw him still busy at work on his laptop. “Have you made any progress, Tim?”

Tim sighed, “I’m still not sure how this was even physically possible, let alone what sort of bug in the code could’ve caused this. Is it possible that the two events just coincidentally happened at the same time?”

“I don’t think our heads winding up on each other’s bodies is just something that happens. It took place right after running a new version of your code on that thing downstairs. There has to be a connection.”

“I’m still not seeing anything. This might go faster if I could cut your nails. They’re so long; it makes it hard to type.”

“Don’t you dare. I spent good money to get those done last weekend. In fact, if anything is out of place on my body when I get it back, you’re in big trouble.”

“IF you get it back,” Tim corrected, “We still have no idea how to fix this.”

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Stare (Part 3)

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Max continued on like this for several minutes, just bending over in various ways to see how the onlookers would react. But it seemed that one onlooker was less than pleased. This body’s original owner was less than pleased with Max’s actions. She started to yell at him. She was insistent that her body was “not a piece of meat” and she felt like Max was exploiting her body. He had one simple answer, it wasn’t her body anymore. However it happened, it was his now, and he could do what he wanted with it.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Stare (Part 2)

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Max ultimately decided that since guys were staring anyway, he might as well put on a good show. He leaned over and could feel the tight shorts start to ride up his butt crack. He was positive that he was driving some of those guys absolutely wild. As he leaned the other way, he could hear one of the guys whistle. Max knew he could use this body. He could probably convince those guys to buy him all sorts of things while still rejecting any advances they may make. Max suddenly realized guys were so stupid, especially thinking back to not so long ago when he was one. He would’ve done anything for a pretty face. Now that he had such a pretty face, he was ready to manipulate some guys...

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Stare (Part 1)

Max didn’t have any explanation for what he saw when he looked down. What had been his own, familiar body a few minutes ago was now the body of a gorgeous woman in a pink top and tight red shorts. He couldn’t help but stare. Soon he realized he wasn’t the only one staring. It seemed a group of men were also checking out his new body. It made him feel quite uncomfortable, but he realized he couldn’t blame them. If he saw a hot babe like this somewhere, he’d probably stare too!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Freak Out

All things considered, Hector was pretty chill about the whole Great Shift thing. While everyone else was freaking about their new bodies, Hector remained relatively calm. Sure, he was in a new body and that body was female, but he assured everyone keep a cool head. It wasn’t until some time later when he was able to sneak off alone. He went into a bathroom, checked every stall to be sure none of them were occupied, and then stepped into one. He looked down and then he looked up and screamed. He had been focusing on keeping everyone else calm, but now that he allowed it all to sink in, it was all just too weird. He was a woman now...A WOMAN!?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Best Service

“I know what you’re thinking,” Frank said while watching a potential customer round the corner, “You’re wondering how a pretty little thing like me could possibly know anything about cars. Well, I certainly looked more like your typical mechanic before that whole Great Shift thing. It’s strange, I know. Believe me, it’s been even stranger for me! Of course, with so many people with swapped bodies, you’d think everyone would be used to it, but I guess not. Regardless, inside this cute body is over forty years of experience dealing with all sorts of problems. From transmissions to oil changes, trust me, I can handle it. I’ve even found certain benefits to these slender fingers. Some parts on these newer models had been hard to get to...not anymore. Leave your car with me, and I promise it will be the best service you ever got.”

Monday, May 18, 2015

Front and Center

Monica was the type of student who would arrive late and sit in the back of class. Sometimes she wouldn’t show up at all. Then one day, it all changed. Monica arrived in class even before the teacher and was sitting front and center, eager to take notes. The whole class, including the teacher, was a bit shocked by her sudden change of behavior. What none of them realized was that wasn’t really Monica anymore. Sure, it was her body, but inside that body was the mind of a guy named Will. Will lived nearby. He was bright and talented, but his family was too poor to pay for college. Luckily, Will was very, very smart. He had invented a body switching machine, and he had used it to steal Monica’s body. To Will, it seemed like a perfect trade. After all, it seemed Monica didn’t even want to attend classes. He’d do that for her; heck, he’d live her entire college life. Of course, all this knowledge would be nothing without the diploma to back it up, so he’d have to continue being Monica after college, for the rest of his life.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Al screamed when he realized he had swapped bodies with his girlfriend, Marisa. Tom, Melvin, and John took another moment before they all realized they fell victim to similar fates with their respective girlfriends. They were terrified. What would their lives be like now that they were women? Judging from the smirking expressions of their girlfriends, the four men didn’t think it was very likely that they women would be swapping back with them any time soon. They looked like they were actually enjoying this.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Susan arrived home to her quiet, suburban home to quite a shock. A truly strange woman with spiked hair and tattoos sat on the top of her counter drinking a beer. She reached for the phone to call the police, but the woman spoke first.

“Honey,” The strange woman said, “I know what this looks like, but it’s me, Alan, your husband. This odd woman bumped into me at the train station, then she started yelling at me. I just left. I didn’t even notice until I got home, but somehow I had swapped bodies with her, that woman. I used the hidden key to let myself in and grabbed a beer. God, I needed a drink to cope with this. I don’t know how she did this; I don’t know how to find her to force her to undo this...”

Susan seemed skeptical.

“I see that look in your eye,” Alan continued, “Ask me anything. Ask me anything that only you and I know.” It took several hours, but finally Susan was convinced. The strange woman in her house was, in fact, her husband. She hoped they could find a way to reverse this, because she knew she wasn’t going to be able to deal with it if they couldn’t.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Impatient (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

It took Kyle another dozen tries before Emily finally answered. “What the hell?” He asked, “Where are you?”

There was a long pause.

“I’m sorry,” Emily sighed, “I lied. There’s no way to reverse the spell. The way you described your life online sounded exciting and so appealing. I wanted it. I wanted it all. So I used that spell and I took it. I shouldn’t have. Even though you didn’t lie, your life couldn’t live up to my expectations. But thanks to that spell, I’m stuck with it. And your stuck with mine. I can’t apologize enough.”

Kyle was in shock; he was angry, but he was also speechless.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Impatient (Part 1)

Kyle was growing impatient. He had tried to reach Emily several times by phone, but it kept going straight to voicemail. Even more frustrating was that they were supposed to meet here in the park over an hour ago. On top of all that, she had decided to reschedule this meeting several times now.

The two had first met online and before actually meeting in person, Emily made a strange request. She wanted to swap bodies with Kyle. He was reluctant, but she told him that they would switch back the instant they saw each other in person. Kyle ultimately agreed to it, thinking it was a very interesting way of getting to know a person. While it was fun for him at first, now he wanted nothing more than to get back to being himself.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Dr. Peter Figgins stared at his own body in disbelief. He managed to stutter out a few word, “When we were assigned to create a body swapping machine, I was sure the CEO was mad. It seemed impossible. But we did it, Pamela. I am in your body, and you are in mine.”

“I did it, Peter,” Pamela retorted, “It was impossible...for you. Now I have your body and all the respect and higher salary that comes with it. And I plan on making a note that our test was a failure.”

“You can’t do can’t steal my life!”

“Don’t you understand? That was my plan all along. You are a scientist who just about anyone will throw money at to do anything you want. Yet you take on other’s assignments. I want your freedom; I want your life. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you stay on as my assistant...with a significant cut to pay of course.”


Pamela just laughed as Peter struggled to argue.

Monday, May 11, 2015


“Please, please, please...” Bruce mumbled to himself as he looked at the scale.

He and Frances had used the Medallion of Zulu to swap bodies earlier that day. He thought it was all in good fun, but she suddenly turned on him. She told him not to screw up her body. She put down a list of ultimatums, the most important being that he could not gain even an ounce of weight. She was set to begin her career in professional ballet that night, and she didn’t want him to screw it up. Bruce was having a hard time understanding how he could even make her body gain weight in the twelve hour period they had agreed to be swapped, but he didn’t take any chances. He didn’t eat a thing. Still, looking at the scale, he was nervous. It said he had gained a pound! Frances would be here any minute, and she threatened not to switch back. Of course, as he stood on his tip-toes, he realized he technically did have Frances’s body; maybe he also had her talents! Even if she didn’t swap back, maybe he could pull off her moves tonight and convince her it’s all okay. It seemed like a stretch...

Friday, May 8, 2015


Hiro hadn’t quite perfected his latest invention yet. The intention was to be able to turn one self into an exact duplicate of another person. He had used himself s a test subject for the transformation and secretly aiming the device at his neighbor as the person to be copied. For starters, the triggering seemed off, and instead of hitting his muscle-bound neighbor, he ended up targeting the super-model-esque woman he had brought home for the evening. Even then, the transformation wasn’t perfect. It did transform into a woman with her gorgeous proportions, but he still had many elements of himself. Instead of being the blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty his neighbor had over, he looked like the Asian version of her. He still needed his glasses too. It was a start, but he still had much work to do. Of course, the first thing he needed to work on was a way to undo the transformation.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


Arthur had always found his sister to be a bit of a pain with horrid taste. When he decided to attend her wedding, his plan was simply to sit in the back and laugh quietly to himself about how gaudy the entire thing was. His plan had to change when the Great Shift struck a week before the wedding. Despite everyone being in new bodies, his sister insisted on things going on as scheduled. Of course, many guests canceled (or simply couldn’t be found) including many of the bridesmaids. However, it seemed that Arthur had swapped into a body that was just the right size to make up for one of the missing bridesmaids. His sister demanded that he squeeze himself into one of the pink dresses. He felt so silly; this thing looked like it should be at a prom and not a wedding. He felt stupid even just trying it on. Then there was getting his hair and makeup done with his sister, which made him feel even sillier. It was hard to hold back the laughs, especially with his sister now inside the body of a burly 50 year old male biker in a refitted mermaid gown. He may have felt silly, but she looked the part!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


“You should probably learn how to do things like this on your own,” Michelle told Ethan, “I can’t be doing your makeup every single time you have an event.”

“I know. I know.” Ethan sighed, “I promise I’ll figure it out soon, but in the meantime, thank you so much for helping me with this. There are just so many things about being a woman I’m getting used to after the Great Shift.”

“Trust me. I understand. There are things about being a guy that are equally unfamiliar to me...”

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Best Dinner Ever

Xander was finally starting to see the upside of swapping bodies with his mom. At first, he was bummed. She was making him do all sorts of chores, like grocery shopping for dinner. But he soon realized that he didn’t need to get the items on his mother’s list; he could get whatever he wanted instead! He stopped at the candy aisle first; throwing handfuls of bags into the cart. Next, he went for the sugary cereals. He still needed to get some soda and ice cream to round it off. With ingredients like these, he was sure that he was going to make the best dinner ever!

Monday, May 4, 2015


Nick remembered when getting dressed in the morning was easy. He’s just reach into his closet and put on whatever he pulled out. That was before the Great Shift placed him into the body of a woman. Now the decision was agony. Did this top go with this skirt? Which shoes went with this outfit? Did his make up match? Prior to the Shift, he had wondered why women took so much time getting ready; now it all made so much sense. There were just so many decisions to be made. At the same time, he knew he had to be thankful. The Great Shift had deposited him into a completely fantastic body, and even when he didn’t make a good fashion pick, he knew his body looked great.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Not Uncommon

“Come on, Cara, you can’t be serious. You can’t really dress like this on a daily basis.”

“It is not uncommon, Mr. Wong. You are quite aware of what I did for a living before you swapped bodies with me thanks to your crazy invention. It isn’t my fault that you couldn’t get it to swap us back.”

“I told you, it will be fixed soon --”

“Yes, and until it is, you will be doing as I say with my body. And in return, I will treat your body with respect as well. I do expect full payment for each and every hour that we are stuck like this.”

“Yes. All the more reason I should be taking time off from your work to fix the machine.”

“No time off. You must do as I say, remember?”

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Charles knew other people from his nursing home that complained about the effects of the Great Shift. Now that they were all in younger bodies, they were being kicked out of the home and expected to get jobs. Charles, however, was not complaining. How could he? He was young and full of energy again. Plus, this body was more fit and agile than he had ever been. Unlike many of his friends, he was eager to get back to work. It didn’t even matter to him that he was now a woman. The only people he felt bad for were those now stuck in the former bodies of his old friends. They were finding themselves in a home for the elderly long before their time. Of course, he never dwelt on this feeling too long. He was glad to be out of there and able to enjoy fresh air again.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Dreams (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Tony was attempting to calm himself down. He might not be able to get back asleep right now, but he’d have to sleep eventually. Perhaps he should just enjoy this opportunity until that happens. Of course, he realized that merely going back to sleep might not revert him to normal, but if it did, wouldn’t he feel a little silly if he didn’t take this chance to truly experience life as a woman? After all, few people (if any) ever get to live on both sides of the gender fence. It would seem a shame to waste his time...