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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Arthur had always found his sister to be a bit of a pain with horrid taste. When he decided to attend her wedding, his plan was simply to sit in the back and laugh quietly to himself about how gaudy the entire thing was. His plan had to change when the Great Shift struck a week before the wedding. Despite everyone being in new bodies, his sister insisted on things going on as scheduled. Of course, many guests canceled (or simply couldn’t be found) including many of the bridesmaids. However, it seemed that Arthur had swapped into a body that was just the right size to make up for one of the missing bridesmaids. His sister demanded that he squeeze himself into one of the pink dresses. He felt so silly; this thing looked like it should be at a prom and not a wedding. He felt stupid even just trying it on. Then there was getting his hair and makeup done with his sister, which made him feel even sillier. It was hard to hold back the laughs, especially with his sister now inside the body of a burly 50 year old male biker in a refitted mermaid gown. He may have felt silly, but she looked the part!

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  1. I'm very sad that I can't go back and look at these captions after the latest one has been posted. Is this a mistake with the site or something you're doing intentionally? I briefly saw this cap on my phone earlier today. I wanted to go back to it later on when I had more time, but it doesn't appear now. :(