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Friday, May 29, 2015

Super Powers

Mutant genes and super powers seemed like the stuff of comic books and movies until Tyler discovered he possessed an odd ability. If he touched the tips of his fingers to someone’s skin, he would morph into an exact copy of that person. It was a slow process; it took about an hour. There didn’t seem to be any way for him to return to his original body either -- not that he minded. He enjoyed being a new person ever few days (or even every few hours). When he stumbled on a body that he particularly liked, he would put on a set of gloved to avoid an accidental transformation. Oddly enough, the body he was in right now was the women he sold him these gloves at the store. She thought it odd that he was asking her to try them on, but he wanted to be sure they fit when he transformed into her!


  1. Great use o pic, chamring & funny. but how does he sleep & eat?

  2. can't find the picture, how come?