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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Riches (Part 1)

It was difficult for Ralph to be happy. In a way, it was like he won the Great Shift lottery. He found himself inside the body of a very rich woman, who lived in a mansion with a pool. But the fact remained that it was still the body of a woman; the fact that he was now female was sitting with Ralph in the wrong way. If the woman who he now was ever claimed her life back, he’d lose all the riches but still be stuck being a woman.

Then there was the matter of things he found inside the mansion. This woman didn’t live alone. There was a man in her life, most likely her husband. What if he came back? Or just someone in his body? He’d have to share all this with that person. If the man wasn’t shifted, there would probably be all sorts of messy legal affairs, and Ralph was sure it was yet another scenario where he’d lose all the money. Even if the man was shifted, that guy could claim most of the assets. There was, of course, another option. Ralph did look like the man’s wife now. He supposed if the guy was way, Ralph was NOT interested.

For now, he just hoped no one else ever claimed any of this.

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