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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Dr. Peter Figgins stared at his own body in disbelief. He managed to stutter out a few word, “When we were assigned to create a body swapping machine, I was sure the CEO was mad. It seemed impossible. But we did it, Pamela. I am in your body, and you are in mine.”

“I did it, Peter,” Pamela retorted, “It was impossible...for you. Now I have your body and all the respect and higher salary that comes with it. And I plan on making a note that our test was a failure.”

“You can’t do can’t steal my life!”

“Don’t you understand? That was my plan all along. You are a scientist who just about anyone will throw money at to do anything you want. Yet you take on other’s assignments. I want your freedom; I want your life. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you stay on as my assistant...with a significant cut to pay of course.”


Pamela just laughed as Peter struggled to argue.

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