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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Gamer (Part 6)

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Jason soon found an outfit that he felt comfortable enough wearing. Sure, it was skin tight, but it wasn’t quite as crazy as some of the revealing dresses. He also considered it a plus that he owned a pair of sneakers. He didn’t want to wear this all the time, but he could at least go out like this to buy something else to wear. He’d be skipping a few more classes, but it seemed reasonable enough given the circumstances. Plus, he had already missed the big test he had today. Even if the fact that he was now Chun Li seemed normal enough to everyone else, it wasn’t exactly normal to him!

Sure enough, on his way to the mall, he ran into other people who waved hello, completely oblivious to the fact that he was Chun Li. They even addressed him as “Li” or “Chun Li.” It was a little hard for him to get used to.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Gamer (Part 5)

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Digging through the new contents of his closet was actually kind of fun. It was sort of like switching Chun Li’s outfits in the game, except it took a lot longer to switch between all the outfits and Jason was now looking in a mirror instead of a screen to check them out. However, he still felt pretty silly wearing most of them, and he couldn’t even imagine going outside in plenty of them. He soon decided he’d put on the most reasonable thing he could find and head to the mall in order to purchase some more normal clothes.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Gamer (Part 4)

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Once back in his dorm room, Jason noted that his copy of Street Fighter was nowhere to be found. The clothes in his closet also seemed to be more suited to things Chun Li would wear. But there was a feeling growing inside of him, and he had to try something out. It was a feeling of power; the same power he felt when he had first awoken with Chun Li’s body. He began to focus. He realized what he was doing. In his hands, he was creating a Kikoken. He stopped himself before firing, worrying it might damage the dorm. This was certainly interesting. He wondered if he could pull off her flying kicks as well. At the very least, he was sure he’d be able to kick anyone ass if they ever tried to mess with him. This could prove to be interesting...

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gamer (Part 3)

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After walking through most of Chinatown, Jason was almost back on campus. He wanted nothing more than to be back in his dorm room, but he soon felt strangely hungry and knew he needed to eat. There was a dinera lot of Jason’s friends frequented, he popped in to order a quick bite.

As he finished the meal, he saw his friend Scott. He guessed Scott would walk right by; he guessed wrong.

“Hey, Li!” Scott piped, “Everyone’s talking about how you missed Walker’s exam today. Better hope that old fart lets you make it up.”

Jason nodded, realizing how odd this was. Not only was he now Chun Li, it was like he still had his regular student life, except for the fact that he was now Chun Li. And none of his friends seemed to think it odd that Chun Li went to their school, nor did they seem thrown off by his outfit. This was just getting weirder...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Gamer (Part 2)

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Jason felt strange as he stood up and walked around. Being a woman gave him a different sense of balance, and he wasn’t sure where he even was. After a bit more exploration, he found a sign. He had apparently awoken in a Buddhist temple. Luckily, as he explored the area, he found he was in Chinatown, not far from the university.

He considered this a small relief. He may have woken up as a video game character, but at least he hadn’t woken up in the world of a video game. After all, if he had woken up in a real life Street Fighter, he was pretty sure he’d be getting his butt kicked sooner rather than later.

He got more than a few stares on the street. He couldn’t blame them. He probably looked rather silly dressed up like this. He got a few smiles as well, but he wasn’t exactly in the mood for smiling back. He just wanted to get back to his dorm room to try to figure this all out...

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Gamer (Part 1)

Back in high school, Jason’s mom would always yell at him for playing video games instead of studying. When he finally left for college, he was glad to be able to play any time he wanted without the nagging. Sure, he skipped a class or two to play some games instead, but he never thought much of it. But one day, he was missing a critical exam in order to squeeze in a round of Street Fighter. He hadn’t even thought about it until he looked at the clock and realized how late he was. He was ready to drop the game and run out of his room, but he blacked out instead.

He awoke some time later feeling strange. He was laying down in an indoor garden, feeling an odd sense of power pumping through him. Then he looked down at his body. The dress was unmistakable. Somehow he had become Chun Li from Street Fighter! He was beginning to wish he had listened to his mom’s advice...

Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting that Money

When Franklin suddenly found himself on the street in a woman’s body, he wasn’t sure how it happened or even whose body it was. He couldn’t find a purse or anything in her pockets. The situation seemed problematic, but he tried approaching it in a pragmatic way. He realized the first thing he would probably need would be money. This proved to be easier to obtain than he expected. Easy, but a little humiliating. He’d went outside of a few strip clubs and offered the people leaving private dances in their apartments. He knew he had the advantage of being an attractive woman in this situation. He’d assure them he wasn’t a cop or a prostitute (though a few people did try to go too far, Franklin was always prepared for this). It wasn’t long before he had enough for a room to stay for a night with some leftover to search for the identity of who he was now. He just hated the way he had to go about getting that money.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


“Damnit!” Jake exclaimed, “This thing just broke.”

“What do you mean broke?” Kyle asked, “Our girlfriends will be back any second now, and they’re going to want their bodies back. If that device is broken, we’re going to be stuck like this, and they’re going to be pissed. I will be as well. It was fun being Liz for a few hours, but if I’m stuck as her. Man, you better fix that thing or else!”

“I’m trying! I don’t know how it happened. It just sort of fell apart in my hand. I didn’t even want to swap in the first place if you remember! It was the rest of you that pressured me into swapping with Rebecca, and she seemed really interested in being me for a bit. Now unless I can fix this, it’s going to be more than a bit!”

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Exchange Island was supposed to be a break; a place where Marc could forget all his troubles. Instead, it ended up creating a whole lot more. Marc had never questioned his sexuality or his gender before. But the body swapping that happened when he landed on Exchange Island put him in a woman’s body, and he had to admit that he was enjoying it more than he ever thought he would. He thought being someone else would provide him with an escape; instead, he was beginning to think that this body was the person he was always really meant to be. Could it be possible? Was he actually always meant to be a woman? He tried to put it out of his mind with a nice, relaxing walk on the beach. He smiled, knowing how good it felt. This was who he was really supposed to be; he knew it. But in another few days, he’d have to leave the island and this body and be back to his own. He knew he needed to find a way to stop that from happening.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Good Deal

Eugene looked out the window. Was he in a pent house? This place was pretty fancy. It took him a few more minutes for him to realize that he now had an entirely new body, which was also quite impressive. He was a woman now with a skinny build, a great figure, and very long legs. He’d come to learn that the Great Shift was responsible for the swap, and he couldn’t be happier about it. How could he complain about being gorgeous and rich? It seemed like a pretty good deal.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


When it first happened, Jack tried to hide it. He wore bulky clothes to hide the fact that from the neck down he now had the body of his co-worker, Martha. No matter what he did, people would call him “ma’am” or “miss.” He wondered how Martha was handling it, and was surprised to find that she had embraced his body. She cut her hair short and stopped wearing makeup. She looked, well, like a guy. Jack began to wonder if he should do the same. He thought about growing his hair out, he started making sure he was always clean shaven. He knew he wasn’t ready to start wearing skirts or dresses, so he started with some yoga pants and a top that showed off his figure instead of trying to hide it. He also wasn’t sure if he was ready for makeup. He may have still had his head, but he realized that he had to admit that he was a woman now. For all intents and purposes, he WAS a woman now. He hoped he’d be able to switch back one day, but for the time being, he was accepting this.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Ann had given Jeremy a strict set of instructions after the two had swapped bodies, but he honestly wasn’t sure if he was doing any of it right. He couldn’t have ever imagined hair, makeup, and clothes could be this complicated! He was already running late, and he hadn’t even gotten halfway through the “getting ready” list. Then there were the other lists about how to act in public, what to eat at each meal, and about a dozen others. He couldn’t wait to find out when they’d be able to switch back. Being Ann was a pain!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016


When it happened, Alfie immediately looked back across the street to where he had just been standing a moment before. The woman who he swapped bodies with did the same. Her jaw dropped as she looked back at her former body and then down at Alfie’s body, which she now had. She darted across the street to her former body without looking both ways. A car swerved to avoid her, but to no avail. The driver had also just found himself in a new body behind the wheel, and he was shocked enough to be driving that he just couldn’t react fast enough to the woman in Alfie’s body sudden crossing. It was all so surreal for Alfie. As he watched his own body getting hit by a car, it felt like the afterlife rather than a body swap. He couldn’t even bring himself to rush over to help. He just stood there, staring. It probably wasn’t an uncommon way to react to the Great Shift...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 3)

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As Jason sat slouched by the showers, he couldn’t help but wonder why the woman had chosen him. He was sure any number of men would’ve loved the opportunity to be a hot woman like this; he just happened to not be one of them.

As he sat and sulked, a few people returned, asking if he was sure he didn’t need any help.

Jason eventually relented. “I guess I could,” He said, still feeling weird with the pitch of his new voice, “My head just feels a little funny. I can’t remember which locker I put my clothes in or where I parked my car.”

Soon enough, about a half dozen people were helping him put together information about this new life he had been given. He wasn’t thankful for much today, but at least this pretty face was able to work a bunch of sympathy out of people.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 2)

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Jason got to his feet, and the reality of his new body was really setting in. He couldn’t describe how awkward he felt. It wasn’t just the obvious feminine features that were throwing him off either. Even things like the length of his arms and legs were causing him confusion. He tried not to make a big deal out of it. He had a feeling that if started to tell people that he had switch bodies, they’d think he was crazy. But then he looked around for his own body, figuring the woman now inside of it would be just as freaked out as he was. The strange thing was that she wasn’t anywhere to be found. Had she run off? Was she the one responsible for this somehow? Why would she want his body? How could she even do something like this? It didn’t seem to make much sense. He soon slumped back down, not wanting to deal with this, but he knew he’d have to accept it sooner or later..

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Pool Rules (Part 1)

The pool rules were clear. All swimmers had to shower before and after getting in the pool. Jason had never really understood the point of the rule, so he shrugged as he briefly stepped under the spouts just beside the pool. A woman just getting out stood next to him and turned on the water. Just as he was about to turn of his own water, a strange jolt came out of both shower heads. Both Jason and the woman fell to the ground. He awoke with a crowd gathered around. Jason assured them he felt fine, but upon speaking the words, he heard something wrong with his voice. It took him a few minutes for it all to sink in, but once the commotion died down and people stopped crowding around, he realized what had really happened; he had swapped bodies with the woman that he had been standing next to!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Got It Down

Trent knew he would be stuck in Amber’s body for an entire week. It had been a few days so far, and he still had a few left. What struck him as odd was how well he handled it. He had no problems putting on high heels, wearing short dresses, and revealing some cleavage. In fact, it all seemed natural; almost too natural. As he got ready for work in the morning, he wondered if the outfit he picked was appropriate; if it wasn’t, a sense of some sort of modesty should kick in, shouldn’t it? He shrugged it off; he was sure it was fine. No one had complained to him so far; he had this whole “being a woman” thing down! Heck, if he wasn’t sure that he had to switch back at the end of this, he wouldn’t!

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Dan had been methodically checking the apartment he shared with his girlfriend for the past week. Ever since she did something to swap bodies with him. He knew she was into the occult; there had to be some sort of spell or potion recipe in a book or on a scrap of paper. It had to be somewhere. Any time she went out, he’d go about looking for it; so far he turned up nothing. Whenever she was home, he just went along with it; pretending not to be bothered by the swap. He knew better than to make her angry; she might do something even worse. Heck, he was pretty sure the reason that she swapped bodies with him in the first place was to punish him for something stupid he had said to piss her off.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

All Play and No Work

“I still can’t believe how drunk we got at the holiday party this year.” Brett told his co-worker, Rob.

“And I still can’t believe you were so hesitant when those chicks from the marketing department suggested we sneak down and use the body swapper the engineering team had been working on.” Rob shot back.

“I had no idea being in their bodies was going to be so much fun! I mean, how could I have known!?”

“Come on, you’ve never imagined anything like this? This is great!”

“No, I haven’t, but now that I know...heck, there’s no way in the world I am ever switching back.”

“...And we don’t have to either! These are our bodies now. Plus, I accidentally spilled beer on one of the consoles after we swapped. I got word it’s going to take them at least six months to get it back up and running.” “No complaints here...”

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Free App

It was purely by chance that Walter opened up the spam folder on his email to find the message titled “FREE App! Download NOW!!!” He still wasn’t sure why he clicked on it, but the premise made him chuckle. It was one of those photo faceswapping apps, but this one was promising that it would make those chances in real life. It seemed absurd, but Walter thought the marketing was clever enough. After agreeing to a very long Terms of Service page, Walter began exploring the app. There was just a simple camera interface with the text “Take a Picture of the Person You Wish to Swap with.” It didn’t seem to have the ability to import photos from the internet, so Walter went down to the park right by his house. There was a group of guys that always worked out there. He told himself that he certainly wouldn’t mind having a younger body, and the men weren’t exactly taking good care of themselves by smoking and drinking (which was banned in the park, but they did it anyway). Walter sat on a bench not far away and aimed his phone. He thought he had a good shot, and so he took a picture. The next thing he knew, he felt strange. He looked down at the photo; nothing about it had changed. However, while looking at his phone, he couldn’t ignore the two breasts hanging from his chest encased in a sports bra. The thing had actually worked! But for some odd reason, it had swapped him with a woman instead of the guy he aimed for. He tried to take another photo, but the Terms of Service came up again with two sections highlighted. The first stated that the app was good for one swap only. The second stated to be sure your subject was isolated and alone in the photo; not responsible for unintentional swaps! Walter was confused; he swore the photo was just of the guy. He looked back at the photo. It took a while to find her. She was in the background jogging, really just a blur of color. But the colors were equally matched to what Walter now wore when he loked down. He couldn’t believe the app would register that person. He couldn’t believe it actually worked and he swapped bodies with her! And he, of course, couldn’t believe he was a woman now from the neck down!

Monday, July 11, 2016

New Normal

Crap! Graham’s wife would be home any minute; he couldn’t let her see him like this. He had only intended to use the site to transform his body for a few moments; it just so quickly turned to an hour. Now he needed to find the site again in order to transform back. He didn’t remember closing out of the site, but it wasn’t open in any of the tabs on his browser. It didn’t appear to be in his history either. And, as a final kicker, he couldn’t recall the name of the website no matter how hard he tried. It was almost as if he hadn’t visited the site at all. His heart sank further when he loked over from his laptop to the shelf to see his wedding picture. Instead of he and his wife; it was the woman he now was an a man. Gwen realized her heart was now racing. She had to transform back before her husband got home. But transform back into what? What was she worrying about? Everything was normal, wasn’t it?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Total Pro

There were always some pros and cons when spending a vacation on Exchange Island. On a previous visit, Stan had figured out that you get the room of the person you swap with, so he knew to buy the cheapest one available. Sure enough, he swapped with someone who was spending two weeks in one of the villas with a private pool. It was a big pro in his book. On the con side, this person was a woman. He felt so uncomfortable with a curvy body and the way all her swimsuits felt like they showed off so much skin. At least who could keep to the private pool and avoid the crowds on the beach.

However, after a few days, he started to settle into this body. He was starting to think that being a woman for the duration of his vacation wasn’t a con at all, he was feeling like it was a very big pro. It was a chance to experience something truly different. And he was really beginning to enjoy this body. Now, if only he could brave being seen at the beach...

Saturday, July 9, 2016


Jonathan was shocked after taking a cab ended with him swapping with the driver. Perhaps even weirder was that despite never learning to drive, he seemed to have no problem doing so while in the cabbie’s body. It was as if the body itself maintained a memory about how to drive. In a similar manner, he knew how to swap bodies with one of his passengers. It didn’t take him long to pick one, a woman who got into his cab in an outer borough. And, sure enough, after he swapped with her, he was able to pick up many of her skills without even thinking about it. Only a few blocks from where he dropped her off, he checked himself out in the side mirror of a car, adjusting his makeup like it was second nature. He knew he knew nothing about being a woman, but he was sure he was going to be able to figure it all out without any problems.

Friday, July 8, 2016


Dr. Benjamin Hall first saw the woman as his patient three months ago. She arrived claiming that she was actually actually a man and that someone had stolen her body. He sat in his leather chair and listened to her. He was sure she was disillusion, but she certainly seemed to believe her story. Each week, she told him more and more. Then one week, she arrived a half hour late for her session; she seemed happier than he had ever seen her. She explained that she found a way out; at first, Benjamin thought she meant suicide. However, instead she began reading off a note that she pulled from the back pocket of her tight leather pants.

Benjamin couldn’t quite piece what happened next. Things went blurry. The next thing he remembered was seeing his own face smiling over him.

“You never believed me,” His own face said, “But after all this time, I found the spell that swapped me into the body of this woman in the first place. It seemed only fitting to stick you with it.”

In shock, Benjamin watched his own body leave the room. He stood up slowly from his leather chair, with a feeling of discomfort with his new skin. He rubbed his hands over his new legs encased in the leather pants. He had become his own patient. She wasn’t lying! And now he was her!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Silent Swap (Part 2)

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It was about six months later, and it just so happened that Lewis had a shopping trip scheduled with the same small group he had been with when he had been swapped into this woman’s body. He finally decided to speak up.

“So, remember when we were all hanging out a while back?” He made an attempt to be obtuse, “Did anything weird happen to either of you that day?”

They both looked at him confused until one of them spoke up, “Are you talking about when we swapped into these women’s bodies?”

“Yeah, I thought it was obvious that we all swapped. You mean up until now, you had no idea we swapped as well.” The other spoke.

Lewis felt a little silly, but he was thankful knowing that his two friends swapped with him. He took a deep breath and said, “So, are you both ready to go shopping?”

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Silent Swap

Lewis had been hanging out with two of his friends when he spied three stunning women walking by. He wasn’t the only one who noticed. Almost in unison, the three nerdy guys wondered aloud at what it might be like to be attractive or popular. Before taking his next breath, Lewis felt strange. He was no longer sitting on a bench with his two friends, but instead he was standing up and walking. The next thing he noticed was that his legs were bare and smooth. It didn’t take him long to figure out that he had swapped bodies with one of the women he had been staring at. He looked back to where he had been sitting with his friends. They all seemed to be acting normally. Was he the only one who swapped bodies? Then again, even his own body was acting normally. Had it even been a ‘swap?’ Was she now in his body like he was in hers? Then again, despite a quick glance, Lewis realized he wasn’t doing much to indicate he had swapped either. Maybe they had swapped. Maybe his two friends were now in the bodies of the two women besides him. Maybe they were all just too weirded out to say a word about it. He wasn’t going to be the one to break the silence...

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Giving It Up

Cal had been working as a stock broker on Wall Street for twenty years. With increasing stress from a financial crisis, his job hadn’t been easy recently.

And then the Great Shift happened.

He was transported halfway around the world to a small village where most inhabitants were unaffected. For a time he thought about telling people who he really was that he wasn’t really the daughter of one of the farmers in the village. Then he’d find a way to a city, and return to his own life. But as he learned more and more of the ways of the village, he began to appreciate their simple life with very few stresses. Sure, he’d abandon a lot by giving up his old life, but he was a lot happier now.

Monday, July 4, 2016

It's Time

Jack was feeling so stupid. He was supposed to meet Winnie in an hour so that they could swap back, but he had lost the Medallion of Zulu. He tried to think of where he left it. Perhaps it was at the lost and found in the mall; he had gone there and tried on so many clothes at various stores. Or was it at the nail salon? Maybe he left it at home? He was pretty sure he didn’t have time to check all these places before his scheduled meet-up. Should he trace his steps and check? He could be late, right? It might not be a bad idea to call Winnie and tell her. Or maybe, just maybe, the medallion was lost for good. And maybe, just maybe, it was all for the best. Jack had enjoyed his time in Winnie’s body; he could just keep it. He could not show up to swap back, ditch his phone, and just jet off someplace to start a new life where she would never find him. On the other hand, it might not be a bad idea to just fess up about losing the medallion. She might’ve enjoyed her time in his body just as much as he did in hers...

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Tapes

Alex had been a star athlete in high school, but joining the college team proved to be a challenge that was much harder than he expected. In fact, he was performing so poorly in his first year that he was in danger of losing his scholarship. He needed some way to get better, and one of his teammates offered some help by giving him some hypnosis tapes that he said should improve Alex’s body. Alex was skeptical, but he was also desperate. After one night, Alex noticed a slight benefit to his agility. He began to listen to them non-stop. His agility continued to get better, but he swore he was losing muscle mass. Then one day, he changed completely. He was more agile and flexible now, but he was also a woman! Was this what his teammate considered “an improvement?” Maybe it was a trap to get rid of him as competition on the team. He needed to find a way to fix this and get back to normal...

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Sam knew it was hard to go back to the office after a vacation. He knew it was even more difficult when that vacation was on an exotic tropical island. Sam’s trip to Exchange Island compounded the difficulty even further by placing his mind into the body of a gorgeous woman for the duration of his trip. It was only his second day here, and he was already dreading having to leave in two weeks. If only he could stay here forever in this body, it would be a dream come true. He knew that was impossible; he knew the contracts he had signed when he came, promising to return this body at the end of this vacation. But he could still dream, couldn’t he? And he could still enjoy these two weeks to their fullest. He was hoping for a mixup, that somehow at the end of this he’d wind up stuck in this body, trapped on the island. It wasn’t very likely, but it sure was nice to think about.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Scary (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.

When Cody finally had a chance to see what he looked like from head to toe, he smiled. It wasn’t a bad body; in fact, it was a quite wonderful body. He wasn’t just good-looking, he was downright gorgeous. If this was the face staring back at him each morning in the mirror, he wasn’t going to complain one bit. In hindsight, screaming about the whole Great Shift was sort of silly. There was nothing he could’ve done about it; he just had to let fate fall where it would. There was nothing to be scared of, nothing to be afraid of.