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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Gamer (Part 3)

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After walking through most of Chinatown, Jason was almost back on campus. He wanted nothing more than to be back in his dorm room, but he soon felt strangely hungry and knew he needed to eat. There was a dinera lot of Jason’s friends frequented, he popped in to order a quick bite.

As he finished the meal, he saw his friend Scott. He guessed Scott would walk right by; he guessed wrong.

“Hey, Li!” Scott piped, “Everyone’s talking about how you missed Walker’s exam today. Better hope that old fart lets you make it up.”

Jason nodded, realizing how odd this was. Not only was he now Chun Li, it was like he still had his regular student life, except for the fact that he was now Chun Li. And none of his friends seemed to think it odd that Chun Li went to their school, nor did they seem thrown off by his outfit. This was just getting weirder...

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