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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Exchange Island was supposed to be a break; a place where Marc could forget all his troubles. Instead, it ended up creating a whole lot more. Marc had never questioned his sexuality or his gender before. But the body swapping that happened when he landed on Exchange Island put him in a woman’s body, and he had to admit that he was enjoying it more than he ever thought he would. He thought being someone else would provide him with an escape; instead, he was beginning to think that this body was the person he was always really meant to be. Could it be possible? Was he actually always meant to be a woman? He tried to put it out of his mind with a nice, relaxing walk on the beach. He smiled, knowing how good it felt. This was who he was really supposed to be; he knew it. But in another few days, he’d have to leave the island and this body and be back to his own. He knew he needed to find a way to stop that from happening.

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