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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Political Posturing

The first thing Nate did after the Great Shift switched him into the body of Vice Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin was whip out her breasts. Then he developed a plan. People would shell out a lot of cash to see these babies. He broke out his digital camera and started to take photos to sell on the web. This was going to make him a mint! [LINK]

Mixed-Up Family

"Joh--I mean, Mom! LOOK!"

12-year old John sighed and whispered under his breath to his 16-year old sister, "Look, it's bad enough that weird explosion trapped me in our stepmom's body and you in our little brother's body, but can you please act mature as we look for our baby sis trapped in dad's body...PLEASE?"

"But he's over there! NAKED! Being arrested by the police!" [LINK]

Hello Kitty

Hiroshi was made fun of his high school friends for his feminine appearance and love of Hello Kitty. However, when the Great Shift swapped him from his teenage asian male body into the body of a college aged white woman, well...let's just say that none of his old friends made fun of him anymore. At least not the ones that wanted to get into his pants. [LINK]

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


It had been two weeks since Kristen had swapped bodies with that brat, Tommy, who she babysat for; she was excited to hear Tommy's parents would finally be out for the night again and hired her old self to babysit once more. However, she was shocked to see how Tommy was dressing her body now that he was inside of it. To make matters worse, he told her that he was responsible for the swap and that it was permanent. [LINK]


Mark had no idea what happened to his beerbelly. He lifted up his shirt to reveal a tight, little tummy under it. He hadn't heard anything about the Great Shift yet,
but he was just another victim of the whole incident. However, considering being in 20-something woman was a lot better than being an overwight middle-aged man. [LINK]

Inexplicable (Part 2)

For Part One, please click here.

Phillip arrived back at the spot exactly at 3pm, ready to lay into Tina. Her friend had let it slip that she was behind the swap. Tina finally arrived at close to 4, trying to shrug off both her lateness and the fact she lied about causing the swap.

"I've had to wear your stupid heels ALL day!" Phillip yelled, "I had to pee sitting down! AND it was a challenge NOT to get your tights all wet while doing so!" [LINK]

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where is John Edwards?

Many people were horrified when they found out John Edwards had
cheated on his wife. However, far fewer were aware of the strange
repentance he had agreed upon to make it up to his wife. Sure, it was
weird for him to have his head on a woman's body for three months,
but if that's what it took for her to forgive him, he'd do it! [LINK]

Fountain of Youth

Esther and Herman thought they had found the fountain of youth when they discovered that bodyswap spell. Now that they were young, they were going to live it up and party like they had seen their grandkids do. However, they both had wished they had swapped into the proper genders. Herman felt a little weird being the woman, and Esther felt totally weird as the guy... [LINK]

Please, come in...

"Welcome to the Great Shift Support Group for those that have been switched into the bodies of senior citizens. Many of our members were toddlers or teenagers; others have switched genders. I was a young male college grad, in fact, before I found myself in this middle-aged woman's body. Please, come in..." [LINK]

Monday, April 27, 2009

Other Plans

Cliff and his girlfriend, Amy, had used to Medallion of Zulu to
switch bodies with the plan to swap back after experiencing
life as each other for 12 hours. Instead, Cliff had plans of his take a plane as far-the-fuck away as possible and keep
Amy's body forever... [LINK]

Preventing a Panic

Kevin was at an outdoor rock concert when the Great Shift
happened, and he switched bodies with the lead singer of the
band. "Holy shit!" He exclaimed as he grasped his new breast
on stage, "What the hell happened? Is everything okay with
everyone else?" It wasn't long before he noticed a panic in the
crowd, but as the man--er--woman with the microphone, he
felt it was up to him to calm the audience down... [LINK]

Something in his drink...

Dave and Harry knew their buddy, Hank, would be pissed when he woke up. His ex-girlfriend had slipped something into his drink at the club that caused him to switch bodies with her. It was the strangest thing they had all ever seen, to see the two of them morph into each other; then they both passed out. They slipped their buddy and his ex into the bathroom to change their now ill-fitting clothes. They couldn't believe how hot Hank's ex was when they saw him in her body all naked. They didn't know how they were going to explain this to him when he woke up... [LINK]

Sunday, April 26, 2009


"What the--??"

Tina and Phillip could only stare at each other, dumbfounded, after the two of them had swapped bodies inexplicably. After a long period of silence, Tina suggested that they try to live the day as each other as best as possible--both had a lot to do--and meet back up at this exact spot at 3pm to try to figure out a way back to normal. [LINK]


Jimmy was a little upset that the Great Shift had swapped him into his teacher's body. Now he was the only one in class who was tall enough to reach a lot of things or take pictures off the wall. He also thought that adults had funny bodies and wore very uncomfortable clothes. He put his hands on his hips as his classmates made even MORE demands of him...just because he was in the teacher's body didn't mean he was the teacher! He wanted to cry! [LINK]

Steam Powered

When Seth started to play with the knobs and switches on the
machine in his grandfather's basement, he didn't expect anything
to happen, but soon puffs of steam started to come out of pipes,
and a whirring noise was heard before Seth passed out. When he
came to he was in a brand new, sexy body! He couldn't believe it!
The machine was easily from the 1800s and utilized outdated tech-
nology, but it had somehow modified his body form into a busty
woman's! This was clearly scientificly impossible, yet he had all the
proof he needed!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Numbing the mind

Kevin was going to deal with the Great Shift switching him into a
woman's body the only way he knew how, by downing a ton of
alcohol. Soon he found that he was drunk and no longer cared
about the fact that he lost his penis and his manhood, that he was
now wearing heels and a thong, that he now had breasts and a
vagina. All the feeling was lost in his now numb mind.

Left, right? Right.

Owen couldn't believe he messed up the bodyswap spell!
He had lit the candles in what he thought was the right
order so that he could swap with his neighbor on the left
side who had a supermodel wife. However, he must've
screwed something up, because instead he ended up
swapping bodies with the 20-something hipster in the
apartment on the right. He screamed...the spell was

Temporal Personality Transfer Device (Part 3)

For Part One, please click here.
For Part Two, please click here.

Conrad couldn't believe how badly he screwed up Kelly's life. In the short time he was in her body she had gone from the most popular girl in school to social outcast with even fewer friends than Conrad had when he was in his old body. However, he still had the Temporal Personality Transfer Device, and he thought about using it to become himself again. However, he had gotten used to being female AND being a cheerleader--he just didn't want to give it up. Maybe if he had another chance, he could do a better job of it this time. Kelly was still trapped in Conrad's old body, but now Conrad was in Shannon's body, the head cheerleader from a rival school. Shannon was now stuck with Kelly's old ruined life, but Conrad thought that, heck, she was popular, maybe she'd be able to fix things for Kelly. Conrad didn't care! He was Shannon now and once again, a pretty, popular cheerleader! [LINK]

Friday, April 24, 2009


No one could ever accuse Quarterback Lawrence Rogers of not being a dedicated player. The Great Shift had happened right before the final quarter, but he insisted on continuing in game, despite the fact he was now in the body of his team's head cheerleader, and several of the guys on the opposing team just swapped into the bodies of even bigger guys on hid team. He knew it would be a tough game to win, but he had never turned down a challenge before; he wasn't about to start now! Of course, the head cheerleader, Tamara, had wished he would change his mind now that he had her body, or at least she wished he would've gone to the locker room for some padding and protetive gear! [LINK]

A little effort

"Hey, Dad," lectured Lucas, "Could you actually maybe put a little bit of effort looking for those two twins that stole our bodies? I know you might be happy to be fifteen years younger, but I'm not happy being ten years older! And have you thought about what you would tell Mom if we came home in the bodies of these two fine pieces of ass? Plus, speaking of ass, these stupid pans are totally giving me a wedgie!" [LINK]

A long night: The next day

For Part One please click here.
For Part Two please click here.

After Chuck took care of the final few screws, he was ready to give Rebecca her body back. Pulling a few knobs, he activated the machine. At about the same time, two workers from Child Protective Services were knocking on the door. Another incorrect calculation on Chuck's part caused him and his daughter to be swapped with the two workers. Chuck had been in daughter's body for a night, so he was used to being female, but Rebecca flipped when she discovered she was in a man's body, complete with penis. Chuck quickly calmed her down and came up with a plan. They tied their old bodies up in the baement and returned to the government agency to report that they couldn't find the children. After a series of boring meetings, they were free to return to the bodyswapping machine... [LINK]

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Brainwaves (Part 4)

For Part One, please click here.
For Part Two, please click here.
For Part Three, please click here.

It had been a long time now since Benny and Darcie had swapped
brains. Benny had forgotten all about the promises he made to her
about trying to fix machine as fast as possible. He had gotten too
sucked into Darcie's life, her popularity, and her busy schedule. She
had almost forgotten all about being Benny; that is, until the day the
bad news came. Darcie had killed herself in Benny' body; she just
couldn't take it anymore. Benny sat silently on Darcie's bed; he felt
so responsible for it all. He should've fixed that machine long ago!
This never should've happened. [LINK]


When Julie said she'd get her revenge on Evan after he broke up with her, he never expected to wake up in her body the next morning! He stood in horror as he lifted Julie's (now his) hands up to those breasts which he had fondled over the course of their dating. They were all his now, and he couldn't be more terrified. [LINK]

Feeling stupid

Logan felt stupid. The Great Shift caused all sorts of chaos. When he had
swapped into the body of a beautiful, young woman all he wanted to do was
go home and relax. Due to the troubles with public transit as a result of the
Shift, he decided to walk. After the long trip when he got to his stoop, he
realized his keys were back in his pants with his OLD body. He cursed his
stupidity, and he wished he had taken off these damn heels before he had
set out. [LINK]

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Get your hands off me!

"Get your hands off of me!" Gabe yelled to hisfriend, Mike, "Just because the Great Shift swapped me into your girlfriend's body doesn't give you the right to grab my boobs, kiss me, or touch my hair! Give it a rest! I swear, if you lay one more hand on, I'm going to punch you in the face!" [LINK]


William screamed at his buddy Adam when he saw what the weird device did to him, "Dude! I didn't want to be in my mom's body! And I certainly didn't want to know what it felt like to have her tits! Turn me back...NOW!" [LINK]

Le Cock

Local rumors surrounding the summit of Le Cock were impressive. Men claimed fantastic tails about the air curing impotence, and a few even said their penises had doubled in size after returning from the peak. Andy had always felt sexually inadequate, so he decided to scale the mountain to see if the legends were true. However, Andy was in for a true surprise when he reached the top. The gods of Le Cock granted some sexual favors to men, but the zen energy needed to be obtained from somewhere. Andy's penis and manhood were stripped from him, to be bestowed upon the next visitor. He scaled back down, now a woman. As he stopped to tie his shoe, he saw the next visitor who would be granted his manhood--a young college aged woman. He chuckled a little. [LINK]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Playing Along

Syd did his best to feign shock after initiating a unwilling body
swap with his friend, Tracy. "Oh my god," came the flat, poorly
acted words from his mouth with almost no intonation, "How
could this have happened. I am in your body." Tracy knew he
was faking, but she didn't care. She had wanted to be a man
forever. Now it was Syd who was going to have to deal with
that period tomorrow; it was Syd who would have to go to the
gynocologist next week. Tracy was going to play along. [LINK]

Plane Crash

Thomas was thankful to have survived the plane crash without a
scratch on his body. Of course, his body was now that of a young
woman's instead of his own. He could only guess that somehow
he had swapped bodies with the young woman, who was some
distance away on the ground. All logic suggests would seem to
suggest bodyswapping was impossible, but the evidence was
completely around him. [LINK]

A long night: The next morning

For Part One, please Click Here!

Chuck, now in the body of his 17-year old daughter Rebecca, was
working hard to get the bodyswitching device up and running again.
Meanwhile, Rebecca (in her 8-year old sister Diane's body) was out
searching for Diane, who had run off in Chuck's body. Early the next
morning, Rebecca rushed in with bad news for Chuck, who was
drilling a few final screws into place which he had hoped would
end his laborous night. Apparently, Diane had been hit by a car and
was now in the hospital; however, worse yet, with no legal guardian,
the state was sending child protestion workers over to the house to
pick up what they thought were two unsupervised, underage
girls. Chuck knew he had to hurry to get at least Rebecca back to her
own body! He resolved that he would be stuck as Diane until he
could get his own body out of the hospital. [LINK]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Deal with the Devil

When Noah idly said that he'd sell his soul to be a beautiful woman like the fashion models in magazines, he certainly didn't expect anyone to be listening. However, shortly after a man in a red suit appeared to tell him he'd take him up on the offer. Noah was giddy but skeptical. After a bit more discussion, he was talked into it. He felt his body morph and looked in a mirror to see the most beautiful woman in the world staring back. Then he felt cold and empty. Something was missing. He lacked feeling; he got a job as a model, but felt no excitement. He just walked the catwalk like a zombie. He had his dream, but without a soul he didn't have the ability to enjoy it. [LINK]

Saving the world!

Ever since the aliens invaded Earth with their advanced technology, chaos had been a common event. Secret agent James Bush and his partner, Meg Powers, had been on an assignment to sneak into the alien base. They had been discovered and hit by a strange soul switching ray. James's soul had switched with a female agent who had been previously held as a prisoner, but Meg's soul seemed to just disappear into nothingness. James escaped from the jail and grabbed Meg's soulless body. He knew he would eventually be able to save the world from these goddamn aliens, but first he had to save himself. [LINK]

Prom Envy

Todd couldn't believe that he had just pulled off that ruse!
For the past few hours, he was bitching and moaning about
how he had to go to his sister's prom wearing a stupid fancy
dress simply because he was stuck in her body after the two
had swapped. The truth of the matter was that he was
jealous of his sister, her date, and her fancy dress. He had
found the spell that caused the swap; he was responsible
for the whole thing. Of course, he couldn't let HER know
that, so he had to pretend to be just as upset about it, if not
more so. He knew that she wouldn't miss being seen at the
biggest social event of the year, even if it was him in her
body that was actually being seen. [LINK]

Sunday, April 19, 2009


It had only been about two weeks since the Great Shift, but Joel
knew that female hormones were already taking over for his common
sense. He just couldn't help himself from doing certain things. While
he was out at the mall recently, it wasn't the hot men who were
catching his eye, but all these amazing shoes! It was taking all of his
willpower not to buy a half dozen pairs or so! Now he understood
why his girlfriend had owned so many pairs! [LINK]

Not the coolest...

Six-year-old Tony used to think his dad was the coolest; that is, until the young boy swapped bodies with his secretary, Miss Watson. His dad was now always yelling at him. Even when he did something correctly, his dad just spanked him! Tony was also not too happy with the clothes he had to wear, like a weird tight thing around his chest and pointy shoes. His body was now all big and awkward too! He felt like he was always running into something with his larger butt, and now he had just dropped papers because of the fleshy things coming out of his chest. He couldn't wait to swap back! [LINK]

Unexpected Surprise

"You see this device?" Katie asked, "You might want to pay attention to how it works, because in a minute I am going to use it to swap our bodies. It won't work on the same two people twice, but I'll leave it with you so that you can steal some other guy's body if you want. I really won't need it once I steal your life."

John could only sit across from her with his mouth wide open. What Katie told him was unbelievable. Well, at least until she hit a button on the pink device. As Katie walked away in John's body, John smiled. He had always fantasized about becoming a hot, asian woman like Katie, not that he ever told anyone. This was an unexpected, yet pleasant, surprise. [LINK]

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Smiling Politely

To the casual observer, it looked like an average mother (well, a somewhat slutty-looking-but-otherwise-average mother) was walking around looking for something while holding her son's. The truth was that the small child was actually leading the grown
woman around. The day before a witch had cursed the mom and her son to swap bodies, and they had spent all night tracking her down to this location. They had both agreed to try and act as each other while in public. The mom had scolded her son for the clothing choices in the morning, but he simply claimed he thought they "looked pretty." As they searched for the witch, a man stopped them and started to hit on what he thought was a beautiful woman. He handed a lollipop as a distraction to what he thought was a child. Both mother and son acted as they thought they should, whether that be by forcing a smile or sucking on a lollipop. However, while the man distracted the pair, the witch slipped away... [LINK]



Jerry's girlfriend had been a pain in his ass since the Great Shift put him in her body. Today was the first day that he was able to walk outside without getting all dolled up and wearing dresses. He was thankfully able to wear pants! He also was able to sneak to KFC for some fast food, something he loved, but his girlfriend wouldn't let him touch with concerns over her figure. [LINK]

Friday, April 17, 2009


Kenny thought it daughter, Lisa, was acting pretty strange since the Great Shift swapped their bodies. She was so unfriendly, demanding, and often seemed to enjoy punishing him for no good reason. He had hoped she was just upset about losing her youth and body, even though the swap was a complete accident. Still, he was getting sort of afraid of what she might do. [LINK]

Balding and Fat No More!

Wally let loose a shocked smile as he saw the results of the Great Shift in the reflection of a store front. Instead of being a balding, fat, middle-aged man, he was a beautiful, young woman! He always had a secret desire to be a woman, but his hairy old, fat body could never even come close to pulling off a convincing-looking woman, and he thought he'd look silly even with a sex change operation. This was a dream come true! [LINK]

One Hour

When his sister told him she could swap bodies with any willing person, Louis was skeptical. She kept pestering him to try it out with her; she wanted to feel what it was like to be a man, and she had only experimented with her female friends so far. Louis eventually gave in, but only for an hour. He was shocked to find out that his sister really COULD swap bodies, and now he was her. She ran off to experience life as a man as Louis yelled at her to meet back here in ONE hour. An hour passed, and Louis waited, still wearing the uncomfortable clothes his sister had on earlier (he had no interest in changing despite the discomfort), but there was no sign of her. Two hours passed, then three. He was beginning to get quite mad. However, what he didn't know was that his sister had been injured in a mugging and left for dead. If someone didn't find her soon, his sister would be gone and Louis would be trapped in his sister's body forever. [LINK]

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A long night...

Chuck was an inventer working on a bodyswitching device for the government. After a series of success with animal subjects, the single father asked his two daughter, Diane (age 8) and Rebecca (age 17), to help him with his final test. Success! Chuck was now in Rebecca's body, Rebecca was in Diane's, and Diane was in Chuck's. Diane giggled and ran off right before the machine made a loud pop. Chuck picked up a wrech; this was going to be a long night... [LINK]

Damn those aliens!

When aliens transported Chris onto their ship, he was freaked out; however, it turned out they were just curious about life on Earth. There was no anal probing; they just asked questions, and promised to transport Chris back when they were finished. A few hours later, they did just that, but something had gone horribly wrong! His transporter signal got crossed with another abductee by the name of Julie. When he got back to Earth, he felt his clothes move awkward on his body, making a weird sound as he did. He felt up the latex dress he now wore, leading one of his hands up to his new breast... [LINK]

Temporal Personality Transfer Device (Part 2)

For Part One, please click here.

Conrad was getting nervous. He simply didn't have the social skills to pull off Kelly' life. All her friends had stopped hanging out with him--it probably didn't help that he kept wearing her uniform all the time--and now he was afraid he was going to run into her and she was going to demand he swap back with her. But there was no way in hell he was going to swap back! [LINK]

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Anything it takes...

Neil regretted having to torture his old body, but this woman stole it and wouldn't give it back. She laughed when he threatened her. She said she wouldn't DREAM of possibly hurting his own body. Neil knew he had to prove her wrong. He hadn't done any physical damage yet, but he was prepared to break legs, cause bleeding, anything to prove to this woman that he was serious about getting his body back and doing ANYTHING it took. [LINK]

New Curves

Bill had tricked his buddy Keith into entering the MAU machine and began to laugh hysterically when Keith came out and started feeling up his new curves. Keith yelled, but Bill told him to calm down; all he needed was to go back into the MAU to reverse it...or turn him into anything else he wanted! Keith said he wanted to be a bodybuilder, but when he went back in, the machine wouldn't work. Both men were shocked; Keith was stuck in this body! [LINK]

Depressed in the Bathtub

Ever since the Great Shift all Paul could do was lie in the bathtub, occasionally getting up to get something to eat. He was just too depressed. He didn't want to be a woman; he didn't want to been in his early 20s again. His wife would try to console him, but it did little good. All it did was remind of who he once was, considering she wound up in his body. [LINK]

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mirror, Mirror

Tom couldn't take his eyes off the mirror in the strange art gallery. The entire room was reflected perfectly, except instead of his reflection in the mirror stood a very pretty woman. She mimiced his actions exactly. He thought it was an actress at first, but it certainly LOOKED like a flat mirror, and there would be no way for an actress to pull off this trick could there? He curiously reached out. When he touched the mirror, it tugged on his arm, sucking him in. The harder he pulled, the more the mirror pulled. Once he was fully engulfed he looked down at himself and realized he now WAS the woman reflected in the mirror. He touched the mirror again, pressed his body against it, but there was no way back. A woman at the gallery then yelled at him for touching the art and kicked Tom out. But what was he going to do now? [LINK]

Divorce (Part 3)

For part 1, please click here.
For part 2, please click here

After merging bodies with his wife thanks to a broken invention of his, Greg had worked hard to fix it. After a bit of tinkering, he thought he had it correct. He powered up the machine, but he didn't see his wife's body anywhere. He was still merged, but this time the face was all his; the hair color now matched his own (instead of his wife's dark brown hair), but otherwise it was totally her body. The problem quickly became the fact that he could no longer remember any of his scientific knowledge! It had been replaced with knowledge of his wife's career abilities in law! He knew how to prepare a tort and file a motion, but no longer possessed any thoughts on how to fix the broken machine! [LINK]


"Hey, Clark, I think our daughters tricked us. According to this book, that spell they used to swap bodies with us. You know, so we could better understand them...or so they claimed. Well, that spell is apparently permanent! I guess we'd better get used to being them." [LINK]