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Saturday, April 4, 2009


Every day after school, the three teenage boys would ride their bikes passed the store window display, and they would gawk at the mannequins in the window like only three teenage boys could. One day something strange happened; they felt a compulsion to stare just a little longer than usual, and were blinded by a bright light. Each boy could feel their skin stiffen up as it slowly turned into plastic. Their clothes morphed into fashionable wear. Meanwhile, the mannequins plastic turned into real flesh, and the clothes become the grungy wear of teenage boys. The three mannequins were a little unaware what to do now that they were real for the first time and able to move. However, they climbed down from their window perch to explore the world. A few hours later, the store owner was confused to see what he thought was his mannequins on display in the street, and he moved them back into the store. The boys, now unable to move or speak, just screamed silently as they were trapped inside the female mannequin bodies forever. [LINK]

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