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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Keeping It!

When Joe was visiting Exchange Island, he was lucky enough to wind up in the body of a young woman named Crystal. He wanted to keep it so bad, but was informed by staff that everyone had to switch back at the end of their vacation. Joe needed to figure out away to keep her body, so a few nighte before the end of his trip, he stole a boat late at night and snuck off the island. He was now at the airport on the mainland, miles away from the island, and he was waiting for a plane to take him back to Crystal's home in Los Angeles. He had done it an was eagerly awaiting his new life! [LINK]


  1. Great story & use of image. One of my all time favorites! Poor girl! Does Joe get away with stealing her body & life?

  2. that's the best body swap image woman, you have to put a sequel