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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Temporal Personality Transfer Device (Part 3)

For Part One, please click here.
For Part Two, please click here.

Conrad couldn't believe how badly he screwed up Kelly's life. In the short time he was in her body she had gone from the most popular girl in school to social outcast with even fewer friends than Conrad had when he was in his old body. However, he still had the Temporal Personality Transfer Device, and he thought about using it to become himself again. However, he had gotten used to being female AND being a cheerleader--he just didn't want to give it up. Maybe if he had another chance, he could do a better job of it this time. Kelly was still trapped in Conrad's old body, but now Conrad was in Shannon's body, the head cheerleader from a rival school. Shannon was now stuck with Kelly's old ruined life, but Conrad thought that, heck, she was popular, maybe she'd be able to fix things for Kelly. Conrad didn't care! He was Shannon now and once again, a pretty, popular cheerleader! [LINK]

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