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Monday, April 13, 2009

Cover Your Eyes!

"Oh, God! Oh, God, No!" Daryl screamed as he put his hand over his eyes, hoping that when he opened them again, he would no longer be in his daughter's body.

"His," of course, was a loose term at this point. He had accidentally hit a witch's car on the way home. He had tried to play it off as her fault by yelling at her for being so careless. She responded calmly that she was going to put a curse on him, which he laughed off. However, by the time he got home, he noticed something was very different. He was shorter, the hair on his head was longer, but his body hair seemed softer and smoother. Meanwhile, as he looked at his own daughter, he noticed that she looked different as well. Within the next few minutes, the realization became clear--he had swapped bodies with his own daughter! It must've been that curse! [LINK]

1 comment:

  1. what a funny situation....his little daughter is no a "big strong men" with a beer belly.....LOL