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Monday, November 30, 2015


Matt had really been looking forward to prom ever since Tamara had agreed to go with him. Tamara was probably one of the hottest girls in school. With only a week left to go, he was excited.

And then the Great Shift happened.

Matt just wanted to hide at first. With school being called off for the week, this wasn’t hard. At least not until it was announced that prom would go on as planned. He thought about not going at first, but he didn’t want to cancel on Tamara. His suit wasn’t going to work, but his sister offered a suggestion.

Right before heading out, he looked in a mirror. He felt silly. Here he was in the body of a 27-year-old woman down the street wearing an old prom dress that his sister had worn a few years back. He felt silly, but he told himself he was still going to go through with it. He began to wonder what body Tamara had now, or any of the rest of his classmates for that matter. It might end up being a pretty interesting night.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Still Nothing

Chuck checked his text messages again. Andrea should have gotten in contact with him by now about swapping back. They had switched bodies three days ago; he had fun, but he certainly didn’t want to be stuck like this! The long weekend was almost over, he needed to get back to work, an he knew nothing about Andrea’s job! He was starting to feel really stupid for trusting her. He had given her his number, but instead of getting one in return, she just made a promise to get in touch. He hadn’t heard a single peep this entire time. He heart began to race. What if he had written it down wrong? What if she was trying to contact him and he just didn’t know it? Maybe he should’ve stayed at her place or at least gotten her address. Instead, they had each just exchanged small suitcases with a few items that should last. He checked again; still nothing...

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Behind the Wheel

Herbert hadn’t been behind the wheel in years, ever since his eyes had gone bad. Of course, thanks to the Great Shift, his eyes weren’t bad anymore. In fact, his entire body was in perfect shape since he swapped bodies with that young woman. He was pretty excited about his second chance at life. There were so many things he hadn’t gotten to do the first time around that he knew he wasn’t going to waste his second chance at youth. And being able to drive again meant that he could get out in the world. Of course, despite his young, female body, there were still things about his that still screamed “old.” He was sure to wear clothes that covered his body. He often screamed at young people to get out of his way. And, of course, he really knew nothing about the “female” aspect of his new self...

Friday, November 27, 2015


Paul had casually bumped into the woman on the street while heading to work. He had probably bumped into hundreds of people in the past, and he had certainly never swapped bodies with any of the other ones! Once he realized what had happened, he was frozen in place. It was her who grabbed his hand and pulled him aside. He could see the fire in her eyes. She explained that she was a model, or at least trying to be a model. She was on her way to her first shoot; she wasn’t going to miss it. That meant they could discuss this weird body swapping later. For now, Paul had to get to her shoot. She gave him simple instructions: Do whatever they ask, no questions asked. A few hours later, Paul found himself wearing a bikini in front of an elaborate backdrop while a man took pictures of him. He felt naked and awkward, but did his best to relax. The photographer seemed to feed off Paul’s nervousness, which he supposed was a good thing. At least if he pulled this off, the woman he swapped with wouldn’t be angry at him for destroying her career. Then again, if they weren’t able to swap back, this was going to be his career.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


Jack was pretty thankful when he found a cigarette inside the purse he was carrying. After the Great Shift swapped his body with a woman, he felt very stressed and needed one to calm down. If she had been a non-smoker, he would’ve felt terrible about doing this; then again, if she didn’t smoke, he had no idea where he’d be able to get a cigarette from right now anyway. After his smoke, he was a little calmer, or at least calm as one could be after finding themselves in a different body.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Earning It (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

When Emily was offered the job she had interviewed for, she was ecstatic. However, since her husband was still unemployed, she devised a clever strategy. Instead of quitting her old job, she simply changed him into her double again. She’d go to her new job and leave him to the old one. She knew he probably wouldn’t be able to keep it for long, but even a few extra weeks of a second paycheck would help the couple out. Of course, considering the schedule of work and the medallion’s time limit, her husband would stay as a copy of her as long as he kept the job. It was a little weird for her going to bed each night lying next to a duplicate of her own body. She did her best to smile as she wished him goodnight, still with a certain nagging feeling. Her husband could sense something wrong, but he couldn’t quite figure it out what she was worried about.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Science Behind It

Once he had figured out the science behind body swapping, Harrison was excited. He knew exactly who he wanted to swap with, and there was very little she could do stop him. He was sure anyone else would target some blond ditz or someone like that. Harrison wanted to swap with Maris. He was sure that there was a gorgeous beauty hidden behind her conservative dress and glasses. A mix of a few potions and downing the result, he was able to transform into a spirit and possess her. He gave the biggest smile once he did. He could change her style, dress sexier, and let this body live to its fullest potential. The possibilities were endless.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Body Swap Pills

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Harold asked what he thought was his wife after he saw her gasp.

“Nothing,” Reggie lied from inside his mom’s body. However, he was panicking. The small box of body swap pills was empty. Someone must have taken them. That meant he was stuck as his mother. He hadn’t even wanted to be her; he was just using her body so that he could avoid her finding out about a meeting a teacher requested with her. He just didn’t want to get into trouble. However, if he couldn’t find who stole his pills, there was going to big trouble, because he would be stuck like this!

Sunday, November 22, 2015


It didn’t take very long for Henry to notice that someone was staring at him while trying not to be noticed. He thought about not drawing any attention to it at first, but decide a more direct approach might be better. He turned to the very familiar figure hiding in the bushes.

“You can come up and talk to me, ” He said, “After all, this IS your body, and it will be your body again once our vacations on Exchange Island are over. I realize you probably want to keep tabs on me, but I promise you that I am not going to be doing anything weird with your body. An if you want, we can just stay close our entire time here. There’s no need to hide just to check up on me.”

Saturday, November 21, 2015


When Justin first arrived on Exchange Island, he was quite happy with the body he swapped with. As he settled into his room, he began to check it out. He swapped with a guy with six pack abs, big muscles, and a handsome face. He couldn’t complain at all. Then the phone in the room rang. He picked it up and the front desk was on the other end, explaining that there had been a mixup with the original swap and they were working to fix it now. Justin tried to interrupt to explain that he was happy with how it turned out, but he never got the chance. In another instant, he found himself on the beach in a very different body. He now had long hair and large breasts. He screamed. He nearly had an amazing body that he could use to pick up so many women; now he actually WAS a woman. He couldn’t believe it.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Marching Band

Everyone at school was pretty shocked when Olivia joined the marching band. She was the most popular girl in class, why was she doing something so nerdy? What no one knew was that the night before, Olivia had swapped bodies with Eugene, one of the biggest nobodies in the school. The two had quickly agreed on some basic ground rules about what each could do with the other’s body, but they were both free to continue doing what they enjoyed. For Eugene, that meant being in the marching band. While it seemed everyone noticed odd behavior from who they thought was Olivia. No one paid attention to the changes Eugene’s body was enacting. In a few months, Eugene would destroy Olivia’s popularity despite her beauty. At the same time, Olivia would transform Eugene into one of the popular students.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


“Honestly, Sis,” Toby sighed, “I don’t know why anyone raved about that lame museum exhibit. The room was practically empty. Then we paid that security guard off, like, what, $20 so we could lean over and touch it? How special could that weird glowing thing be if he was bought off so cheaply?”

“Then the damned thing stopped glowing once we touched it,” Tiffany added, “What a rip!”

Of course, the two siblings hadn’t noticed yet what the artifact had done. Toby now had his head atop his sister’s body and Tiffany had her head on his. The security guard knew full well the power of the artifact, and thought these two spoiled trust funders would get what they deserved. He knew they wouldn’t notice the change immediately, but in a few hours, they’d be freaking out....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Stare (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Instead of getting angry, after getting over his initial shock, Justin just started to walk away. More than anything, he just wanted to find a mirror. As he walked away, he couldn’t help but notice the woman gazing at his new booty. He did a quick turn.

“Didn’t you spend enough time with it?” He asked, “Do you really need to stare at it now?”

“Just making you see how it feels.” The woman retorted from Justin’s body.

Justin paused, “Honestly, it feels great! You got a great booty. Well, now I have your great booty, and I don’t mind who checks it out!”

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stare (Part 1)

Justin had to admit that he had held his gaze a bit too long, but he was mesmerized by this woman’s booty. He knew he was caught staring when she turned and gave him a scowl. She muttered something under her breath about how he should know how it feels, and Justin soon after felt very strange. He gasped as he began to realize what happened. He was looking at...himself? But how was that possible... unless? The shock came over him as he took a step. He was balancing on some very tall heels now; he wasn’t used to wearing them, but they were nothing compared to the other feeling he now had -- the feeling of the large butt that now belonged to him. He had swapped bodies with the woman he had been staring at!

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Right Fit

Ron didn’t complain one bit about the person he swapped with upon landing on Exchange Island. However, there was one thing that did bother him about it--her wardrobe. None of the clothes she had brought with her seemed to fit quite right. He couldn’t seem to clasp the bras around his chest and the pants were all way too tight, if he was able to get them on at all. Then there was the matter of the swimsuits. He was sure he was going to bust out of this thing. Surely, there had to be a clasp or something, but even if there was, he couldn’t imagine it would be possible to join the two ends. He just ended up hoping for the best as he headed down to the beach, constantly trying to tug the two sides of the suit together. He felt really awkward, but at the same time, he also felt very sexy.

Sunday, November 15, 2015


“You hit your head pretty hard, Caitlyn, are you alright?” The voice asked.

The young woman turned her head and looked up toward the man who had just spoken, “Caitlyn? Is that my name? I don’t feel like a Caitlyn. In fact, I could’ve sworn I was a guy. I remember being a guy...sort of. I can’t seem to remember all too clearly. But I’m pretty sure my name isn’t it?”

The man laughed, “Do you want to look in a mirror and check your license?”

“I know it doesn’t make sense, but I’m pretty sure I am not who I appear to be; I’m just not sure who I really am either!”

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Award Show

Graham didn’t know why he watched so many award shows, he was just really into them for some reason. It was one night when he was watching one when he suddenly felt his body shift and he realized he was no longer on his couch watching, he was sitting in a chair at the arena where the ceremony was actually being help. On top of that, he was pretty close to the stage. He was gasping in awe until a long strand of black hair fell into his vision. He brushed it aside, but he knew having long hair was wrong. He didn’t have long hair. Then he looked down to see two very large breasts shown off in a very revealing gown. He was a woman! Soon he couldn’t stop looking down at his new body. He had stopped paying any attention to the ceremony whatsoever. He wanted to enjoy the rare opportunity of being at an actual award show live, but he was far too distracted by the even rarer opportunity of being inside the body of the opposite sex!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Shopping

Alex was itching to figure out what his mom was going to surprise him with this Christmas. She always bought him some big gift not on his list, and it was always really impressive. He had always tried to figure out what it was in advance, but she was very good at keeping a secret. This year, he had a rather elaborate plan for finding out. Any time his mom said she was going out, he would go upstairs and log on to his computer. He loaded the odd program that he had found on the internet. After loading in a photo of one of his mom’s friends, he clicked on the “activate” button. In an instant, the program would turn his body into a spirit that would immediately fly across town to possess his mom’s friend. He was actually getting a little tired of hanging out with his mom -- getting coffee, going grocery shopping, and so on. However, today they were all going to the mall. He smiled, thinking this was the perfect opportunity for her to buy his gift. Of course, instead it seemed like a shopping trip for her. They bought women’s clothes and household items, nothing that seemed like a gift. Alex sighed as he tried to continue to pretend to enjoy himself.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Samuel had never asked to travel back in time; he never asked to end up in a woman’s body upon doing so. However, when he found himself stuck five years in the past in a woman’s body, he soon had a very good plan. He made a lot of very smart investments in the stock market and was son richer than he could ever dream. He had a huge apartment downtown with a grand piano and many other expensive things. He wore pricey, fashionable clothes. Sure, he was a woman, but he could deal with that.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Call for Help

“Hello? Hello?” Gus was sounding ever more desperate with each word, “If anyone can hear me, please help! I was transformed into a woman somehow. I don’t...I know it sounds crazy, but please help!”

What Gus didn’t realize was that his sister was morphing his body from her computer using a rather unique program. While she made him fully aware of all the physical changes to his body, he was completely oblivious to the mental changes she was also making. In essence, he had no idea he was using a toy phone to dial 9-1-1 instead of a real phone!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Randal couldn’t believe he could be so careless! He knew the words “Have a nice day” would swap him with a passenger leaving the cab -- just as it swapped him into the driver’s body a few days ago -- but his sense of courtesy just kicked in as the pregnant woman stepped out of the vehicle. He was shocked as the cab drove away; he asked himself if he had said what he thought he did. Of course, considering he was now standing on the side of the road instead of sitting in the driver’s seat, the answer was obvious. He didn’t want to be this woman! He didn’t want to be a woman at all! He certainly had no desire to be pregnant! He started to feel anxious. Then he felt a dripping down his leg. At first he thought he had peed himself, but he had seen enough movies to know -- his water had just broken!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Workers' Comp

When the Great Shift hit the factory, it only caused minor chaos, as most workers just swapped with another co-worker, who was equally capable of doing the job. Rick, however, swapped with the boss’s daughter, a fancy woman from the City who was on break from college. He wasn’t sure if her body was capable of any of the heavy lifting that his job required, and he was sure she wasn’t dressed for doing it either. However, as soon as the boss caught Rick working, he was called into the office. He didn’t want his daughter’s body working on the floor; it was just too dangerous. In fact, Rick realized if he played this right, he could get the ultimate worker’s compensation. The boss would pay to keep his daughter’s body safe and Rick wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Lewis couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked down -- leather pants, a pink jacket, and was that a purse in his hand? Were those high heels on his feet? How did this happen? Then there were a bunch of screams that he heard off in the far distance. He wondered that if he wasn’t the only person who had just experienced some sort of weird body swap. Of course, there was only one way to find out. He teetered on the heels as he walked to the neighbor’s house to ask if they also experienced something strange.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Mack had been working on the radiator when a strange spark grew into a large charge, bolting through the apartment complex, and resulted in him swapping bodies with his downstairs neighbor. Every since that moment, he had been waiting by the radiator, hoping that the strange incident that swapped his body with hers would happen again. He had been sitting there all weekend, he only left to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. He knew if this didn’t reverse itself, he’d have a hard to explain this at work on Monday.

Friday, November 6, 2015

They Both Did

“Oh, no!” Ted screamed, “She didn’t!”

“They both did!” Martin added.

“Tina swapped bodies with you?” Ted asked.

“And Nancy with you?”

The two boys were furious that their girlfriends had stolen their bodies...and right before the big game. They didn’t know what the two girls were up to, but they were sure the whole body swapping was thanks to that weird goth girl they had seen the girls with lately...

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hot Dog

Ever since the Great Shift, Henry couldn’t shake Kelly. Since he had her body, she insisted that he eat what she wanted him to eat, that he do the things she wanted him to do. For a while, he could deal with, but after a while, he just wanted to go home and watch TV instead of going to the gym or grab a slice of pizza instead of a salad. She never let him. After about a week, he finally had enough. He snuck off and grabbed a hot dog. Sinking behind the cart, he was sure she was nowhere around. However, just as he was about to take a bite, Kelly came around the other side.

“Don’t you dare!” She threatened.

Henry sighed before tossing the hot dog in the garbage. He really couldn’t catch a break.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Ten years ago, Neil had been exploring around an abandoned building when his soul was sucked right out of his body. For a while, he was trapped, waiting to wander in. It took years before a young woman wearing a bikini stumbled in. He didn’t want to possess her, but he had already been stuck for so long, he didn’t really have much choice. After his soul entered her, he took control. He could only guess he pushed her soul out, that she was the one now trapped in the old building. He wasn’t comfortable being a woman, but he was happy to no longer be a floating soul, stuck in this one spot. He was free.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Deep Breath In

Jeff took a deep breath in; he was nervous. He had been to Exchange Island before, but this was his first time swapping bodies with a woman. After swapping, he went up to his room to change into a swimsuit in order to visit the beach. He felt weird undressing, and he didn’t feel much better when he put on the swimsuit. He still felt sort of naked. Maybe he was just so unfamiliar with having large breasts or bare legs. He sighed. He guessed he would have to get used to it; he was going to be spending the next week in this body.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Changing the Plan

Kevin opened the door to the courtyard of the hotel. He kept the reservation for his honeymoon after the Great Shift, despite the fact that he had called off the wedding. He was surprised to see his friend, Matt, standing there in a wedding dress. Matt smiled.

“What are you doing here?” Kevin asked.

“Well, I know you were having trouble with Pam being in my body after the Shift.” Matt stated, “There was no way you felt like you could marry her now that you are both in men’s bodies. Well, I figured since I now have Pam’s body...I mean, would it be a terrible idea? You are still attracted to this body, and we always had a good time together as friends. Maybe we could make this work.”

Kevin nearly burst into tears. He knew it was Matt inside that body, but it sure looked like Pam. And what Matt was saying made sense, and he looked so beautiful...

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Not Our Problem

Greg and Donald were in China for a business trip. After a busy day, the two hit up the nightlife. At various bars, they flashed their money around and got very drunk. Two beautiful women took note of the rich, foreign businessmen. Neither Greg nor Donald could object as the two women fawned attention on them. As the night went on, the two women continued to flirt, leading Greg and Donald to a square where they kissed. As the kiss broke, Greg and Donald suddenly felt very different. For starters, they both instantly were sober. Greg put his hand to his face, feeling smooth skin instead of his stubble. At the same time, Donald moved his arm over his chest to cover the uncomfortable feeling of breasts that he now had. Both were shocked as they watched their former bodies stumble away. These two women had stolen their bodies, and there didn’t seem to be anything either of them could do about it.

After about an hour, Greg finally spoke up, “The joke’s on them, I suppose.”

“Yeah, the company is going to go so on ‘us’ when they see how much money we wasted on this trip without anything to show for it. We might even get fired,” Donald laughed.

“Not our problem anymore.”

“Nope, not at all. Not at all...”