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Saturday, November 21, 2015


When Justin first arrived on Exchange Island, he was quite happy with the body he swapped with. As he settled into his room, he began to check it out. He swapped with a guy with six pack abs, big muscles, and a handsome face. He couldn’t complain at all. Then the phone in the room rang. He picked it up and the front desk was on the other end, explaining that there had been a mixup with the original swap and they were working to fix it now. Justin tried to interrupt to explain that he was happy with how it turned out, but he never got the chance. In another instant, he found himself on the beach in a very different body. He now had long hair and large breasts. He screamed. He nearly had an amazing body that he could use to pick up so many women; now he actually WAS a woman. He couldn’t believe it.

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