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Friday, November 13, 2015

Holiday Shopping

Alex was itching to figure out what his mom was going to surprise him with this Christmas. She always bought him some big gift not on his list, and it was always really impressive. He had always tried to figure out what it was in advance, but she was very good at keeping a secret. This year, he had a rather elaborate plan for finding out. Any time his mom said she was going out, he would go upstairs and log on to his computer. He loaded the odd program that he had found on the internet. After loading in a photo of one of his mom’s friends, he clicked on the “activate” button. In an instant, the program would turn his body into a spirit that would immediately fly across town to possess his mom’s friend. He was actually getting a little tired of hanging out with his mom -- getting coffee, going grocery shopping, and so on. However, today they were all going to the mall. He smiled, thinking this was the perfect opportunity for her to buy his gift. Of course, instead it seemed like a shopping trip for her. They bought women’s clothes and household items, nothing that seemed like a gift. Alex sighed as he tried to continue to pretend to enjoy himself.

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