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Monday, November 30, 2015


Matt had really been looking forward to prom ever since Tamara had agreed to go with him. Tamara was probably one of the hottest girls in school. With only a week left to go, he was excited.

And then the Great Shift happened.

Matt just wanted to hide at first. With school being called off for the week, this wasn’t hard. At least not until it was announced that prom would go on as planned. He thought about not going at first, but he didn’t want to cancel on Tamara. His suit wasn’t going to work, but his sister offered a suggestion.

Right before heading out, he looked in a mirror. He felt silly. Here he was in the body of a 27-year-old woman down the street wearing an old prom dress that his sister had worn a few years back. He felt silly, but he told himself he was still going to go through with it. He began to wonder what body Tamara had now, or any of the rest of his classmates for that matter. It might end up being a pretty interesting night.

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