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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Thinking the Same Thing

Fiona looked at the couch where her boyfriend and four of his friends sat. She hadn’t intended to do this to them. He had invited them over, and they were just acting like guys do. Being messy, rude, and belching. She was getting frustrated and just wished they understood her better. That’s when they all began to transform -- into copies of her! Their old male clothes were practically falling off, so she let them borrow some of hers. She used some of her brightest colored tights -- hoping it would be a way to easily help distinguish who was who, but she quickly lost track anyway. Then she sat them down on the couch. She didn’t know quite what to say. Then she noticed none of them did either. They weren’t belching or being messy. And as the minutes passed, they began to hold themselves in more ladylike ways; they crossed their legs and sat up straight. Silence lingered, and Fiona suddenly felt a tingle of fear. She looked at the five former men on the couch. They were all looking and acting like her now. She was hoping for one of their rude male gestured, to confirm who they really were. What if they all thought they were the real Fiona now? And if she thought that as well, how did she even know who she really was? What if she had been a former guy too just now with all those thoughts replaced? She couldn’t help think as she stared into all their eyes that everyone was thinking the same thing.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Pink Purse (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

With Annette nowhere to be found, Connor decided to explore the purse’s contents. He expected something magical or fantastic. But instead, it was mostly just stuff for primping. He pulled out a comb, a mirror, and makeup. He inspected each element, but it all looked like pretty normal stuff. Then he found a wallet in there, but looking at the ID inside, it wasn’t Annette’s. The person in this photo was this body -- the body he was currently in. He looked at the name, Connie. It was a start, but he kept digging for more information. He wanted more information about who he was now. He guessed he would just have to learn as he went...

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Pink Purse

It didn’t seem like a big deal. Annette had just asked Connor to hold her purse while she went to the bathroom. He felt a little strange holding a bright pink bag, but he didn’t want to refuse such a simple request on their second date. He felt like everyone was staring at him -- the man holding a bright pink bag. And she seemed to be taking so long in there. Each additional moment felt like forever...and then he felt something else. It was his body feeling strange now. Then he looked down and saw more pink. He was wearing a pink dress now that matched perfectly with the purse. In fact, his entire body had changed; he was a woman now! Connor began to wonder what was in this purse. He couldn’t wait anymore, and now that he was a woman now, he wouldn’t have a problem. He rushed into the women’s bathroom to find Annette, but she wasn’t in there. He was stuck with this body now without any explanation.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Never Again

Kelsey aimed the gun straight at Brian.

“What are you doing?” Brian gasped.

“I’m sorry to do this to you,” She said, “Well, actually, I’m not sorry. We’re going to try out a little magic...a little body swapping. I tried casting the spell last night, stealing your body in secret, but there was a problem. It required the other person to agree to the swap, but it didn’t say anything about that agreement being willing. So, will you swap with me?”

Brian realized he didn’t have a choice. It seemed impossible, but with a gun at his head, he had no choice. “Yes,” he eked out.

The next thing he knew, the gun was in his hands, pointing at his former body. As he realized what Kelsey had done, and what she could potentially do to someone else, he realized he had no choice. He squeezed the trigger and shot his former body. Sure, she stole his body, but she’d never steal another one...

Friday, May 27, 2016


It didn’t matter how long he seemed to spend in Krista’s body, Doug still made the mistake of going into the men’s room from time to time. He didn’t know why anyone would get so upset when he did though. Was seeing a hot woman in the men’s room from time to time really that much of a big problem? He offered to show them he was all woman. In fact, ever since becoming Krista, he had no qualms about showing off his body. He knew Krista would never do anything like this, but this wasn’t her body anymore, was it? Heck, maybe when some of these guys left the restroom and came back into the bar, he’d ask them if they were up for a little fun tonight. Doug sure knew that he was.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Even though he was the one that invented them, Thom was still pretty impressed by his nanite technology. They were able to cover his body and over the course of an hour, completely change his DNA. He was now an exact copy of Ami. The nanites even managed to modify his clothes. He couldn’t help but stare at his reflection; he’d probably be able to fool anyone...except for Ami herself. He decided it was probably best to avoid her as the nanites recharged. He didn’t want to have to explain his new technology to anyone until he had the chance to have a little more fun with it. And now that he was for all purposes Ami, he decided he could have his first bit of fun.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

It'll Last Longer

Ben wasn’t quite sure why he wanted a picture of his former body. He could’ve probably just gone onto Facebook and taken some from his profile. But the idea that someone else was now inside of his body made this photo unique to him. It might be the last time he ever saw his own face; he wanted a picture. The woman now in his body thought it was strange, but she agreed as he pulled a camera out. The whole experience helped him cope with his own new body; he was trying to not think about how different it felt. And, quite frankly, they were both doing quite well reacting to the Great Shift. While a few others around were calm, most were panicking about being in new bodies. Ben couldn’t blame them, but he tried to keep a level head.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Filing a Complaint

Josh had just finished calling the taxi commission to register his complaint, but instead, they laughed and hung up on him. Now, he was trying to call the cab company. He knew it was a crazy story about having his body stolen, and how he ended up stealing another one. In fact, when he just said it aloud, he almost didn’t believe himself. And if not for the woman’s body he saw every time he looked down, he probably still wouldn’t have. But maybe, just maybe, someone else had filed a similar complaint in the past. Maybe there were more records than that weird journal in the cab driver’s place. Maybe he could find out more. Of course, the taxi commission had been no help, and so far the taxi company phone number just seemed to be an endless string of automated choices. He didn’t imagine anyone in his situation ever spoke up, but he had hopes that a few did. Maybe if they all did, they could figure a way to reverse the chain of swaps, returning everyone to normal. It was a remote hope he clung onto as he finally started to hear some hold music...

Monday, May 23, 2016


Daniel had been fretting about getting a gift for his girlfriend Gwen for her upcoming birthday. With only a few days left, he turned to her best friend Kaya for ideas. She didn’t have any thoughts on gifts, but she had an idea that might help him out. Kaya mentioned a trip to the mall that she, Gwen, and a few other friends had planned. Then she talked about black magic she had learned and about switching bodies with Daniel for the day, so he could tag along and observe Gwen to figure out something. Daniel thought she was crazy! Swapping bodies seemed impossible. She told him it would work, and that he should expect to be swapped about 1PM tomorrow. Daniel agreed reluctantly.

The next day, it wasn’t until about 1:30 when it happened. He actually thought it wasn’t going to, but then he suddenly found himself standing outside the mall in Kaya’s body, and he could see Gwen approaching from the distance. He felt so uncomfortable in Kaya’s leather skirt; he wished she had worn something else. At least she wore flats instead of heels! He tried to stay quiet the entire time, attempting to pick up anything that might be useful from Gwen’s shopping habits or from her conversations with the other girls. By the end of the trip, he still didn’t have any clue about what sort of gift to get Gwen.

He expected to swap back at some point, but when night fell, he was starting to get a little worried. He called his own number, hoping Kaya would pick up in his body, but she didn’t answer. He drove to his house; she wasn’t there. For the time being, he was stuck! He hoped she turned up soon. She couldn’t have stolen his body, could she?

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Oliver sighed. It had been a few days now since he swapped bodies with his sister. He kept trying to think about what the worst part of being swapped was. He certainly hated having to wear her clothes. The only thing of his own he was able to get away with wearing were his favorite band t-shirts. They still fit (although a little loose), but nothing else really did. That meant he had to wear his sister’s clothes. Just about everything she own was a little weird, crazy, sexy, or all of the above. And speaking of sexy, he realized it may have been easier if his sister wasn’t quite as attractive as she was. It wasn’t just strangers making comments on the streets, but also his own friends -- fully aware of who he really was -- making an inappropriate comment from time to time. He was really getting impatient. He hoped they’d be able to swap back soon. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to deal with this much longer. And, of course, if he did stay in her body much longer, there’d be another part of being a woman coming up that he’d definitely NOT enjoy.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Jeffrey wasn’t quite sure why he woke up each morning at 5AM to jog around Exchange Island. After all, he was only in this body temporarily; he had no reason to maintain its great shape for the brief time he’d have it. Still, he had woken up early every day this week for a run, and he planned to do it every day until he left. As he paused to watch the amazing sunrise, he realized why he did it. He did simply because in this body he was able to do it. This body was in such great shape that he was able to run for miles without getting winded or tired. He probably ran to plenty of places on this island that few ever got to explore with their borrowed bodies. It would be a shame when he had to leave this beautiful scenery when his vacation was over; it’d be an even bigger shame that he’d have to give up this beautiful body.

Friday, May 20, 2016


Gordon had a hard time scoring a reservation to this restaurant; it had to be scheduled over a year ago. There wasn’t going to be anything stopping him from going, having a good time, and eating whatever he wanted. That included the Great Shift, which dumped him into Emily’s body. He didn’t care about what the large meal might do to Emily’s figure or the fact that she was a vegetarian. As he dug into his meal, he smiled.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

New (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Karl couldn’t believe what had just happened to him -- he was now a chick. Granted, a beautiful chick, but a chick none the less! He wasn’t exactly pleased about it. He just hoped that whatever had happened to him would be reversed in due course. Of course, as it turned out, there would be no reversing the Great Shift. Karl’s new feminine body would be his for the rest of his life.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Karl could see the bright light from miles away over the horizon, but it was so quick and so massive that he couldn’t do anything to avoid it. When it hit him, it felt like a ton of bricks knocking him to his feet. The wind was knocked out of him and he felt woozy, but he began to pick himself up. The first thing he noticed was that he was now inside instead of out. At first, he wondered if he had been brought to a hospital, but then he thought he’d wake up in a bed rather than on the floor. That’s when he noticed the odd feeling of his body. Of course, the body he now had didn’t belong to him and describing himself with words like “his” and “him” now felt odd as well -- the body he had was clearly a woman’s. Karl had no idea that the light that did this to him was a world wide phenomenon that would come to be known as the Great Shift.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Equations (Part 2)

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Austin stood, wobbling a little in the high heels that were now on his feet. He wondered how women wore these things; then he gulped. He was the one wearing them for the time being. It started to sink in that he was a woman for the time being. He realized that if he had any hope of undoing this, he needed to get back to the lab. Then again, he wasn’t sure exactly what part of his experiment had gone wrong in a way that would cause a body swap. It still seemed all so unlikely. Then again, the obvious evidence of what happened was right in front of him. He walked carefully across campus, not wanting to trip in these shoes. He attempted to observe side conversations, seeing if anyone else was swapped. They didn’t seem to be. Then again, he realized that it was entirely possible that they just weren’t mentioning it, not wanting people to think they were crazy. It did seem crazy, after all. As he continued to observe people on campus, he started to size them up, considering what would’ve happened if he swapped with someone else instead of this woman. Honestly, he realized this body was probably on the high end of the spectrum for those he could’ve swapped with. She was quite good looking. He would’ve preferred to stay a man; heck, he would’ve preferred to not swap with anyone at all. But if it had to be a woman, this wasn’t that bad. And if he couldn’t find a way to reverse it back at the lab, this wasn’t exactly a terrible body to be stuck in either...

Monday, May 16, 2016


Austin had been working on the thesis for his doctoral degree in physics, and after running the numbers for years, he was nearing what he was sure was a breakthrough. It seemed that under the right conditions, light could have substantial mass. He was eager to use the university’s labs to put his theory to a test. He took great care in creating the right conditions, then he activated a dim light. But it soon got out of control and the light grew larger and brighter. Due to the light having mass, he was pushed to his feet; the light was so bright, he was blinded. He couldn’t describe how terrified he was. Then the pressure of the light’s mass subsided and the brightness faded. The world was coming into focus again. Austin looked around. He was still in a different campus building a short distance from the lab. It was a seemingly unexpected result of his experiment. Then as he tried to stand up, he noticed another unexpected result. The body he was now in -- it wasn’t his. He was now in another person’s body -- a woman’s body! She was likely another student at the school. Was she now in his body? Or someone else’s? How many people had his experiment affected? And how to fix this? He hadn’t theorized anything in regards to body swapping with his equations!

Sunday, May 15, 2016


Michael really wished he was able to read these signs. When he first encountered them, he assumed they said “Do not enter.” However, the last time he even stood close to one, a strange force emitted from the enclosure and caused him to swap bodies with a woman nearby. She yelled at him (likely in the same language as the sign) before running of with his body. Now he thought they may say “Danger” or “Keep at least 50 feet away.” Yet he approached close again. He hoped to recreate the swap that initially happened. He was pretty sure that he wasn’t very likely to get his own body back, but maybe he could at least swap with a guy. He’d only been a woman for about 20 minutes now, but he was pretty sure that he wasn’t enjoying it. Women’s clothing just seemed quite uncomfortable. How tight were these pants? And the shoes? Not to mention the constriction feeling of a bra around his chest. But he stood there for quite some time and nothing happened.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Self Love (Part 2)

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The wedding had been pretty awkward for Scott, but the honeymoon was even weirder. After quickly getting down to the business of a newly married couple, Scott was pretty sure Wendy was NOT inside his body. That meant he literally was married to himself, the other half of his soul. He excused himself as he headed out of the hotel room and down to the beach. Part of him felt bad, Wendy’s soul was probably still trapped deep down in this body, helpless to do anything as long as he was in control of her body. Another part of him was excited, people talk about marrying a soulmate, but Scott knew his situation took that to a whole new level now. He couldn’t imagine arguing with himself ever. It seemed like a perfect life. He wouldn’t even have to tell his original body. Why ruin it? And he actually enjoyed being Wendy. This life could be perfect...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Self Love (Part 1)

With their wedding only a few weeks away, Scott had been begging Wendy to let him see her in the dress beforehand. She kept insisting it was bad luck and refused to let him see her in it. Scott had a little trick up his sleeve. He had dabbled in the black arts several years ago and still remembered a few spells. He waited until the day of her final fitting, then he proceeded to chant. He hoped the spell would work; it had been years since he cast it. If he did it right, his soul would temporarily split into two. One half would stay with his body, the other would allow him to possess someone else -- in this case Wendy. Neither half would be connected to the other until after about an hour, the errant half would snap back to his original body, and he’d have two sets of memories of that time. Sure enough, the spell seemed to work. The half of his soul now in Wendy’s body was standing in the shop, admiring the dress. It was gorgeous. He felt like a lucky man (even if he technically wasn’t one at the moment). The tailor made a note that the gown was fitting perfectly, and Scott was assisted in getting out of it. He changed back into Wendy’s clothes and waited, knowing it was only a matter of time before he snapped back to his own body with this wonderful memory.

Except when an hour passed, and he was still in her body.

An hour turned to a day, then a week, and finally it was the day of his wedding. Scott felt weird. He hadn’t said anything to his original body about the spell, slightly nervous of the thought that he had messed up and that it was potentially Wendy in there, waiting for him to admit that this swap was his fault. Of course, it was also possible his own soul was still in there, not wanting to tell the person he thought was Wendy about a failed attempt at magic. Now he was going to essentially be marrying himself while wearing the dress he had been so desperate to see just a few weeks earlier.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Where to Go

William collapsed onto a poolchair in his backyard. After walking home, he checked every single door and window. He usually left one unlocked by accident. Why did this have to be the one time that he didn’t? He thought about calling a locksmith or the police, but he couldn’t imagine they’d believe him. What would he even tell them? William imagined himself explaining the whole situation, “Oh, hi, Officer. I remembered my key, but while I was out, I ended up swapping bodies with this woman. Now she has my body and my key.” Even saying it to himself in his head, it sounded unbelievable. Heck, he had to look down just to remind himself that it was true; that he had swapped bodies with a woman.

And he knew the laws in this state, and he knew many of the people. If he called up the police, they might suspect him of being a hooker or an illegal immigrant just by the way he was dressed or by the color of his skin. A locksmith might think the same thing and up calling the police anyway. In fact, he was pretty sure if his nosey neighbor saw him sitting here, she might do the same thing. Which meant he probably shouldn’t stay here for long, but where was he going to go?

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


John didn’t want to be late. He had just bought the flowers and took the cab from work to ensure he wouldn’t be late for his anniversary dinner with his wife. As he got out of the cab, he reached back in for the flowers, but not before the driver told him to “Have a nice day.” Suddenly, he felt himself sitting back in the cab, only now he was behind the wheel. He couldn’t stop himself from driving away. He was now singularly focused on getting home to his wife, he didn’t care whose body he was in. However, now he felt compelled to stop for a fare. It was a young woman, wanting to go downtown. John didn’t want anything more than to just go home and explain to his wife how he swapped bodies with this cab driver. Instead, he was driving this woman around. He dropped her off at her destination and repeated the words “Have a nice day” that had been told to him upon leaving. Things got even weirder. He swapped bodies with the woman! He grabbed the flowers out of the back before the cab drove away. John knew he still needed to get home; he was really late at this point. He wasn’t sure how he was going to explain this all to his wife -- particularly the fact that he was a woman now -- but he wanted nothing more than to get home to her and celebrate their special day. He hailed another cab, knowing it would be the only way to get home in time; he just hoped it didn’t result in another crazy body swapping chain reaction.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Office (Part 3)

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Click here for Part 2.

My first consideration was to go back to being a man, even if I couldn’t go back to my own body. Then, for a moment, I thought about staying as Leah. I had enjoyed being in her body and being female well enough. But seeing some of the bodies in that book? Well, how could I resist trading up? Leah and I both had to sign papers, saying that we wouldn’t sue. We also agreed to live the lives of our new bodies. The company would help us adjust. It was all in the paperwork. And that’s how I ended up with this amazing body. I often wondered which body Leah chose, and where she was now. And what about her body? Or my body?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Office (Part 2)

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I had tried my best the next morning to dress Leah’s body in something she would wear. I knew nothing about being a woman, but I thought I did pretty well. However, when I went downstairs to meet the man responsible for this whole body swapping, I was shocked when I saw Leah. She had dressed my body up in full drag. She said it made her feel “more comfortable;” I hated the thought of people seeing my body like that. The news only got worse when the man came to meet with us. He said that they had repaired the device that swapped our bodies, but it wouldn’t allow us to swap back to our own bodies. Rather, we could only swap bodies with someone else. To make up for the inconvenience of it all, he had assembled a book people that we could pick to swap with. Leah seemed pretty satisfied as she flipped through the book that he had prepared for her. I was sort of sad I wouldn’t be able to go back to my own body, but maybe I didn’t want to. After all, Leah had run around in my body all dressed in drag; going back to my body would've been pretty embarrassing. I look though the book prepared for me, and made my selection...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Office (Part 1)

I sighed as a finished up my third report of the morning. The paperwork was stacking up as more came in. Then something odd happened. Instead of my cubical, there were walls -- full walls. I was in an office. I looked down and I was wearing a white dress instead of my shirt and tie. It was also unmistakable -- I was now a woman. It took me a minute, but after using her phone to get a look at my new self, I recognized her -- I was Leah from marketing. Just as I was soaking it all in, a man entered. He was a bit frazzled, and asking if everything was “normal.” It took me a second, but I answered that it wasn’t. Then he asked if I was in someone else’s body. I didn’t answer for a moment, then my own body rushed into the office. Leah was clearly in my body, and she was pissed. She started yelling at me. But the man told her to calm down, and he explained about an accident a few floors down. The body swapping was a sie effect. Ony a few people ended up being affected (apparently, Leah and I were among the lucky few). They hoped to have more answers tomorrow. Leah started spouting off more, threatening to sue. I just sat back and thought about it. It was just a night, right? I could deal with being someone else -- deal with being a woman -- for just one night. It didn’t seem so bad...

Saturday, May 7, 2016


When Jim woke, he first noticed the fact that the body he had was not his own; this was followed quickly by another observation -- that he was strapped down to a table. He looked to his right to see his former body tied down; he looked to the left to see a man in a white lab coat. From what he could see, it seemed that this mad scientist wasn’t going to be satisfied by simply placing Jim’s brain inside the body of a woman. The man in the lab coat appeared to be cutting up animal parts and splicing them on to other animals. Something told Jim that he’d soon be a human victim of the same technique. Being a woman was bad enough, but being a woman with the feet of a pig or wings instead of arms would probably be worse. He needed to break free from these restraints and escape!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hair (Part 2)

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After squeezing into the swimsuit and putting his hair into a bun on his head, Tim still stood in front of a mirror feeling uncomfortable. He stretched his arm behind his head and rubbed his neck; it was one of his nervous habits. He knew this body looked good, but he just felt so exposed in this swimsuit. He knew that was a bit strange since, technically, the swimsuit covered more skin that what he would have shown if he were still a man. After all, if he were a man, he’d just be wearing trunks with his chest exposed. Why did he feel so modest simply because he was a woman now? He tried telling himself that he’d only spend five more minutes on self-doubt, and then he’d head down, but then five turned to ten, and ten turned to fifteen...

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Taking some time adjusting to one’s new body is fairly common on Exchange Island. After all, the resort is famous for swapping the bodies of each and every visitor. Tim swapped into his new body an hour ago and spent the past hour in his room. Figuring out how to unhook a bra and shimmy into a woman’s swimsuit was a fairly large challenge, but what he was really having trouble right now was the fact that his hair was so long. After finding some elastics and barrettes among this woman’s belongings, he managed to tie it up. He wished he could just cut it off, but he knew that such an action would be against the resort’s rules. Breaking the rules could be pretty dire. For instance, he might be stuck in this body until the hair grew out, and considering how uncomfortable he felt right now, he wasn’t sure he was going to want any reason to extend his stay. For the time being, he tried to take a deep breath to build up enough courage to leave the room and head down to the pool.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


It had been hard for Maria to watch her colleague Theodore begin to lose his mind. He was a brilliant inventor in his youth, and his many contributions had brought a countless amount of good into the world. She thought about a way to save his genius while looking over one of her own works in progress.

It wasn’t hard for Maria to convince Theodore to a late night at the lab, getting one of her friends there was a bit more difficult. After a few failed attempts with some of her male friends, she called up Katie, asking if she could come pick her up for some drinking after a late night at the lab. Katie was a bit of a party animal, and always loved to take Maria out for some fun.

But Maria had other plans. She brought Katie inside and knocked her out. Then she used the invention she had been working on, a body swapper. She hoped that switching Theodore into a younger body would help rejuvenate him. It made sense. His neural pathways mapped onto a younger brain; there shouldn’t be any reason for any further deterioration.

However, even in Katie’s younger body, Theodore’s mind continued to slip away. When Maria found him one morning a few days later outside the lab sleeping in a grocery cart, she knew she hadn’t helped. He was just more confused than ever. He wasn’t sure how he got there. He had forgotten the last few days and even the body swap. It was all so weird for him. His brain would forget about the swap, and he’s wake up having to adjust to this body anew again and again. Maria thought about swapping him back, but Katie in Theodore’s body had already been committed to an asylum.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long Week

Ethan still couldn’t believe that he was going to be stuck in his sister’s body for a full week. It was only day two, and he was already stick of this body swap. It might not have been so bad, but his sister was pretty controlling about the whole thing. In a way, he couldn’t blame her; it was her body, after all. But she had also laid out each and every outfit for him to wear for the week, given him strict times on when to wear each, and demanded that he take a photo of himself and send it to her to prove that he was actually wearing what she asked. And she would often ask again at random times for a second photo, just to prove he hadn’t changed out of it. That’s what really got to him; he didn’t enjoy wearing any of her clothes. They were too tight, or revealing, or they just pinched him in the wrong way. It was going to be a long week.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sending to a Friend

It took Chris a minute to adjust, but once he did, he couldn’t be any happier with the body he had possessed. He recognized her; she was not only gorgeous, but also a celebrity. The first thing he did was whip out her phone and take a selfie. He thought about texting it to his best friend, but all his numbers were stored on his phone -- this was hers. But he COULD remember the email. Chris knew that once his friend got the photo, he’d be jealous. Of course, he’d have to explain who he really was? Or did he? Maybe it would simply be fun to see his friend’s reaction after getting a personal photo of one of his favorite movie stars.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Exploring (Part 2)

Click here for Part 1.

Every good sense in Malcolm’s new body told him he should leave, yet he still kept exploring the halls -- hoping to find the secret experiment that he was now absolutely sure was taking place somewhere in here. He knew he was at a huge disadvantage if he was discovered. They probably knew exactly what he looked like with this body, and this body was still unfamiliar to him. His weight distribution was now different, and he was pretty sure that he wasn’t going to be able to run in these heels. Speaking of the heels, they were making a loud clicking as he walked. Even if he managed to find out what was going on before they found him, could he really sneak up on them without being found out? The heels alone would probably give him away. Despite these thoughts, he still kept going, hoping to find what had caused him to swap bodies. Of course, if he hadn’t been so curious about breaking into this building after hours, he probably wouldn’t have swapped bodies in the first place. He should just cut his losses with this body and make a break for it, yet he kept walking, hoping to find...something/