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Thursday, May 5, 2016


Taking some time adjusting to one’s new body is fairly common on Exchange Island. After all, the resort is famous for swapping the bodies of each and every visitor. Tim swapped into his new body an hour ago and spent the past hour in his room. Figuring out how to unhook a bra and shimmy into a woman’s swimsuit was a fairly large challenge, but what he was really having trouble right now was the fact that his hair was so long. After finding some elastics and barrettes among this woman’s belongings, he managed to tie it up. He wished he could just cut it off, but he knew that such an action would be against the resort’s rules. Breaking the rules could be pretty dire. For instance, he might be stuck in this body until the hair grew out, and considering how uncomfortable he felt right now, he wasn’t sure he was going to want any reason to extend his stay. For the time being, he tried to take a deep breath to build up enough courage to leave the room and head down to the pool.

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