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Monday, May 16, 2016


Austin had been working on the thesis for his doctoral degree in physics, and after running the numbers for years, he was nearing what he was sure was a breakthrough. It seemed that under the right conditions, light could have substantial mass. He was eager to use the university’s labs to put his theory to a test. He took great care in creating the right conditions, then he activated a dim light. But it soon got out of control and the light grew larger and brighter. Due to the light having mass, he was pushed to his feet; the light was so bright, he was blinded. He couldn’t describe how terrified he was. Then the pressure of the light’s mass subsided and the brightness faded. The world was coming into focus again. Austin looked around. He was still in a different campus building a short distance from the lab. It was a seemingly unexpected result of his experiment. Then as he tried to stand up, he noticed another unexpected result. The body he was now in -- it wasn’t his. He was now in another person’s body -- a woman’s body! She was likely another student at the school. Was she now in his body? Or someone else’s? How many people had his experiment affected? And how to fix this? He hadn’t theorized anything in regards to body swapping with his equations!

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