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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Office (Part 1)

I sighed as a finished up my third report of the morning. The paperwork was stacking up as more came in. Then something odd happened. Instead of my cubical, there were walls -- full walls. I was in an office. I looked down and I was wearing a white dress instead of my shirt and tie. It was also unmistakable -- I was now a woman. It took me a minute, but after using her phone to get a look at my new self, I recognized her -- I was Leah from marketing. Just as I was soaking it all in, a man entered. He was a bit frazzled, and asking if everything was “normal.” It took me a second, but I answered that it wasn’t. Then he asked if I was in someone else’s body. I didn’t answer for a moment, then my own body rushed into the office. Leah was clearly in my body, and she was pissed. She started yelling at me. But the man told her to calm down, and he explained about an accident a few floors down. The body swapping was a sie effect. Ony a few people ended up being affected (apparently, Leah and I were among the lucky few). They hoped to have more answers tomorrow. Leah started spouting off more, threatening to sue. I just sat back and thought about it. It was just a night, right? I could deal with being someone else -- deal with being a woman -- for just one night. It didn’t seem so bad...

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  1. funby, good start, better than the wholescale GS universe