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Monday, February 29, 2016

Curse (Part 2)

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It was sort of weird, but Sam actually enjoyed being a woman. He started to go by Samantha, and he could only describe the days he spent as a woman as pleasant. He enjoyed wearing women’s clothes, putting on makeup. Heck, he even started dating and found a boyfriend. It was the nights when the hunger came over him that was the problem; the times when he would transform others. It was during those times that he no longer considered himself a woman; in those times, he was a monster. Part of him hoped he could find a way to break this curse, and the other part of him hoped that if he did, he’d still remain a woman.

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Sam always regretted that night. He and his girlfriend had a huge fight, and he went to a bar. That’s where he met Maria. It only took about 15 minutes of flirting before he convinced her to take him back to her place. Sam thought it was the best revenge possible; that is until Maria bit him. Within a few minutes, Sam started to change. His dark hair grew beyond his shoulders, his features became softer, his body began to curve; he was becoming a woman. Maria began to apologize. She couldn’t help herself. She explained that she had once been a man named Mark, and a long time ago he had been seduced by a woman. During their love making, she bit him; thus changing him into Maria. It was a curse -- a bit like being a vampire. Sam would become a woman now, just like Maria, he’d crave making love to men, and he’d have desires to turn them, just like Maria had turned him. Sam couldn’t deny that he was now a woman, but he thought he could fight the desire to curse others. He only lasted a single night. He found himself at the same bar just two nights later, picking up a guy, biting him, and then having to explain the situation to the new woman, just as Maria had done for him. As the blood dribbled down his lips, he was far less apologetic than Maria had been. He just kept thinking about his girlfriend, and wondering if this all could have been avoided if he had not gotten into that fight in the first place, or not tried to get revenge by sleeping with someone else.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Catching a Flight

Jack was quite late, and he was running to catch his plane. But he suddenly felt disoriented and nearly tripped over his own feet. He looked up to see the gate numbers were all wrong; had he run the wrong way? No, he was sure they were right just a moment ago. Then he looked down. He lifted a leg and discovered they were now very different. They were quite slender and feminine. In fact, it seemed impossible, but his whole body was wrong; it was clearly a woman’s body instead of his own. Then he looked around again to see people studying their own bodies in a similar manner. Now he doubted if his flight was going to take off at all, but if this body swapping madness was widespread, it was better for him that he was still on the ground when it happened instead of in the air.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Before accepting the job, Ralph had been told all about the island where he was delivering supplies. He had a hard time believing that tourists would swap bodies with each other for the duration of their travels. It just seemed impossible. Regardless, he didn’t care. The job paid well and his plane was already loaded up. He touched down and before he even had a chance to unload, he suddenly found himself on the beach in someone else’s body. He thought the swapping was limited to tourist; he hadn’t expected to swap bodies with anyone himself. Yet here he was, on the beach in the body of some woman. He realized unloading was going to take quite a bit longer with this body; it just wasn’t as strong as his. And he had to make it back to the landing spot as well. Sure this job paid well, but he was beginning to wonder if it was worth it. Then he looked down at his body and thought that maybe it was he who should be paying a fee to Exchange Island for allowing him to use this wonderful body for a bit.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Bikini Body

Jack had considered the results of the The Great Shift pretty lucky for him. Of all the people he could’ve ended up as, he found himself in the body of a hot, young celebrity. What he hadn’t counted on was how much work it took to keep that body beautiful. He could tell he was gaining weight by the fact that he no longer fit into many of the designer clothes that he had inherited with this body. Still, he didn’t think it was an unreasonable amount of weight, and he didn’t mind buying new stuff off the rack at department stores. When bikini season rolled around, he didn’t think anything of showing off his body -- not even really thinking much about the weight gain. However, the tabloids had a field day. He was featured along with many other people also in the bodies of former celebrities. There was a lot of body shaming, and many of the stars commented about how they felt their bodies were being treated poorly. Jack was pretty shocked by the report.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

After the Wedding (Part 2)

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Carlos realized he should’ve said something the night of the wedding about how he swapped bodies with Wes’s wife. He was about to when Wes came into the hotel room and engaged in passionate love-making. Carlos was lost in the moment, and now he was on the honeymoon with Wes. He was pretty sure that when they got home and Wes’s real wife, Eun, was going to be pissed. She was, of course, stuck in Carlos’s body, pushing papers in the HR department at work while he was here soaking up the sun on the beach in Eun’s body. Carlos wondered if Wes was at all suspicious. After all, Carlos was sure he was flaunting this body way more than Eun ever would. He thought about trying to get a job at the resort, dumping Wes, and just stealing Eun’s body and starting a new life here as her. It was an option he’d likely consider many more times before the end of the honeymoon, but for the time being, he was just enjoying days on the beach and nights of love-making.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

After the Wedding

Carlos sat on the bed; he knew he was going to have to tell Wes soon. After all, Carlos had swapped bodies with Wes’s bride-to-be right before the wedding. The two discussed it and decided to keep in secret, with hopes of swapping back before the reception. They didn’t have any luck before or after the reception, and now Carlos was back in the hotel room Wes and his wife shared. He knew what was about to happen, and he had to admit he was sort of curious. He thought about keeping the secret, but he knew that would get awkward once they figured out swapping back. Still, a part of him had really enjoyed being a woman, a blushing bride, and a new wife. But he knew he couldn’t keep it up any longer. He took a deep breath and prepared to tell Wes everything.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Go Wrong

“Can you please stop yelling at me?” Juan asked his boss, “I am fully aware I am not getting any work done, but what do you expect me to do? I may be stuck in Carla’s body, but I’m not Carla; I don’t know how to do her job. I’m the janitor! And I tried to keep doing my job, which was not easy in Carla’s skirt and heels by the way, but Carla came over and yelled at me. She told me I might ruin her nails or mess up her outfit. Then she told me to sit here. Look, I’m not sure you can complain about any of us not working. We didn’t ask for your engineers in the basement to test that machine that swapped everyone’s bodies. Honestly, I don’t care what weird stuff you develop down there; I just don’t need my pay docked when the weird things you make go wrong.”

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Theo always loved going to the electronics convention. He loved seeing the latest gadgets before their release to the general public. He was even more thrilled when a man approached him and asked him if he wanted to try out a gizmo that was in the testing phases and still years away from even being shown at the convention. Theo jumped at the opportunity. It started with a small focus group of about ten people where they were asked various questions. Then they were all sent off in pairs. The woman paired with Theo had black hair and a short neon green skirt. He could see the straps of her bra matched the color of the skirt, as he black top left very little to the imagination. After signing some forms, they were finally told more about the product they would be testing. Theo’s jaw nearly dropped when he heard it -- a brain swapping device. He looked at the woman again and tried to back out. Unfortunately, he had already signed the forms. The next thing he knew, strange electrodes were being attached to his forehead. Before he could protest again, he blacked out. When he awoke, he was now in the body of the black haired woman. It was explained to him that they would all be swapped until the end of the day. Theo looked at the clock; that was at least four more hours. As he was sent back out to the convention floor, he felt so uncomfortable. He tried to cover up his body, but he just felt so exposed. He tried to focus on the plus side. He had just tried out a body swapper! How amazing is that? He just wished he could’ve had a bit more choice when it came to the body he swapped with.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Masked (Part 2)

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John ripped off the mask and threw it to the ground before starting to walk home. He was glad to be outside again, the virus had made him a shut in for the past few months. Even if it didn’t work, the mask had given him the courage to go outside; he had missed being outside. Then he wondered if the mask wasn’t designed to prevent all transformation, just the really bad ones. After all, when all was said and done, he was still pretty normal. But he remembered the ads, they said the mask would prevent ALL transformations. It clearly didn’t do that. He felt a little betrayed, even when he thought about his transformation. He actually sort of enjoyed what happened to him; this was a huge step up. He was a gorgeous woman. He really shouldn’t be angry at the mask for failing him and turning him into this, but for some reason, he still was.

Friday, February 19, 2016


The advertisement for the mask seemed too good to be true. It was supposed to keep the wearer protected from the Transformation Virus that had been spreading across the planet, which would allow the wearer to go out in public and lead a normal life without fear of being transformed. John was happy when his mask finally arrived; he put it on and went outside for the first time in weeks. It didn’t take long for John to find out that the ads were too good to be true. He found his body changing. The initial changes weren’t so bad, he grew taller and thinner. Then they got weirder. His hair grew out and became bright pink. Then the pain set in as his gender rearranged itself -- going from male to female. Then it stopped. He was now a tall, statuesque Asian woman. The mask didn’t stop the Transformation Virus from affecting him, but at least his transformation wasn’t that bad. In fact, unlike many, he could still pretty much continue a normal life like this. And now that he had been infected, he couldn’t get infected again.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sweet Revenge

Oh no! George gasped when he caught sight of his reflection. He could tell something was wrong the instant he had switched bodies. He had looked down to see the white dress, and he knew he was a woman about to get married, but seeing his own reflection, now he finally knew who he was. He had dated her a few years ago before she cheated on him. She ended up dating that guy; George guessed she was actually about to marry that guy...except now he was her! George wasn’t sure how he had suddenly gotten into a new body, but he wished he had swapped with just about anyone else in the world. He hated Kate for cheating on him all those years ago, and now he was going to have to see that face any time he looked in a mirror. And then there was the matter of this wedding. If there was anyone he didn’t want to see even more than Kate, it was that jerk she slept with. Then again, maybe this was his opportunity to screw it all up for her. He was the bride now, after all. Maybe he should decide to get cold feet. Maybe he should figure out a way to make the whole thing embarrassing. Oh, the ideas for revenge were flowing now. After all these years, it was going to be sweet.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Transformation Pad

“How much longer do I need to stand here?” Caleb complained, “My body transformed almost an hour ago.”

“The pad transforms more than just your outer form,” Dr. Lurie explained, “If you were to step off now, you would still look like Miss Newton, but you’d still retain your own mannerism. People would question why such a lovely woman held herself like a man. Your accent would be off as well, and you’d lack some pretty essential knowledge about being a woman that you’ll likely need. If you want to properly pass as Miss Newton for this mission, you will be patient and let the pad do it’s job.”

Caleb wasn’t sure he could be patient much longer. He was sure he could fake that other stuff. He already looked like a woman, how hard could it be to act like one? Still, he knew if he stepped off this transformation pad before it was done, the higher ups might cancel his mission entirely; he’d just have to wait until it was done.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Light (Part 5)

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Standing up with these heeled boots had been difficult, but walking proved to be even more challenging. But Mark knew he couldn’t just stand around right here all day. He needed to find his friends and family, to see that they were okay. Maybe he’d be able to help some of the people that he had heard screaming out there in this crazy new world where everyone had swapped bodies. Heck, he wouldn’t mind just finding some more comfortable clothing; he really didn’t want to wear these tight leather pants any longer than he had to. Perhaps he’d even check up on his ex. Okay, so he actually hoped she didn’t end up as a rat or anything like that, but maybe she found herself in a much less attractive body now. Mark might rub it in her face about how attractive he now was; that might be a fitting revenge for her breaking up with him..

Monday, February 15, 2016

Light (Part 4)

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Mark began to drown out the panicked cries in his head, as he began to think of all the people in his life. He realized that all of them had probably suffered a similar fate. They were now in he bodies of other people. His first thought was concern. Did they luck out like him? Were they in a safe place when they swapped? Were they swapped into a healthy body? Then his thought turned to his ex-girlfriend, who had dumped him a few weeks ago. He knew it was overly vindictive, but he hoped she found herself in the body of a guy, maybe an old man. Heck, did other people swap with animals? If so, he hoped she was now in the body of a dog...or a rat! He chuckled to himself, thinking of his ex-girlfriend stuck in the body of a rat, running around the sewers. That didn’t seem too likely. In fact, he felt just a little guilty even thinking about it. There were probably people in some truly bad situations as a result of this whole body swapping thing. People were probably really getting hurt somewhere from being suddenly swapped into a body being the wheel or a car or into a cockpit of a plane. Still, he let himself laugh just a little more at the thought of his ex running around the sewer stuck in the body of a rat. He just wanted to get it out of his system...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Light (Part 3)

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Mark turned his head in the direction of the screams. People were really freaking out about this. Of course, that made a lot of sense. In theory, if people randomly swapped bodies, they could swap with anyone. A person could end up in the body of an elderly person, or in the body of a child. They’d probably have to adjust to their new bodies, which could be quite scary. Mark was still having some trouble with his new body; after all, it was very different from his own. However, he was also pretty lucky. This new body was young and beautiful. She was in shape (even if on the skinny side -- though most people, Mark included, probably didn’t think that was a bad thing). It was just a few minor annoyances like having to deal with long hair, heels, and uncomfortably tight pants. Still, he was pretty sure it was going to be okay for him; a feeling he realized the people screaming probably didn’t share.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Light (Part 2)

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Despite the fact that his head was still throbbing, he managed to pull himself to his feet. Of course, once he started standing, the full impact of the fact that he now had someone else’s body was now felt. His boots had a heel on them, so it felt as if his feet weren’t quite touching the ground. He also realized that without them, he’d actually be a little bit shorter than he had been. His new body was also quite skinny, and the tight clothes he wore emphasized this fact. He felt like he was so thin that the wind could blow him away. Then there was the matter of the breasts and long hair. Those were probably the most awkward parts of this thing -- at least until he further explored his new anatomy. As it all sunk in, he heard some screams way off in the distance, and he realized he wasn’t the only one who had swapped bodies with someone else.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Light (Part 1)

What was that? An earthquake? Some weird localized storm system? Whatever it was, it packed a punch. Mark had been knocked off his feet and onto the ground; there was also this strange flash of lightning. But there didn’t seem to be a cloud in the sky, nor did it feel like an earthquake. He did seem to have a headache though, as if someone had tried to suck the brains right out of his head. As he reached to rub his temples, he couldn’t help but feel strange. That’s when he saw how thin his arms looked. In fact, his whole body seemed too skinny, and the clothes were wrong, and the curves...the curves? This wasn’t his body! He was in someone else’s body; a woman’s body. How was that even possible? Could it have been that flash of light?

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Rick assumed that there had been a woman at some point in his life that complained to him about how hard it was to wear high heels, and Rick, in all likelihood, probably dismissed that complaint. Of course, now the shoe was on the other foot -- literally -- thanks to the Great Shift. Rick found himself constantly having to look down just to not fall over. He couldn’t wait to be some place where he could take these things off or change into flats. On top of that, he knew things could be worse. These heels weren’t even that high, and they were pretty thick. He wondered if he’d be expected to wear heels now that he was a least some of the time. Though he hoped he could get away with this first day or wearing them also being his last day wearing them...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alternate Reality

Larry had only learned yoga because of his wife’s pleaded. He had considered it, like most things, to be a waste of time that distracted him from his inventions. Of course, he never expected the skill to come in handy when his latest device went awry. The thing he had made was nothing short of incredible. It was a device that allowed him to travel to alternate realities. It wasn’t until the fourth reality that he discovered it’s flaw. Only his spirit was traveling -- neither his body nor the device were going with him. In this reality, he had an extra X chromosome, and was, therefore, born a woman. As a woman, he was never pushed to study science. As a result, in this reality, he was never an inventor and never made the device, which meant it didn’t exist here for him to use to return. Worse still, he could feel his mind slipping, adjusting to this reality. That’s where the yoga came in handy. He was able to use it to focus, to remember who he really was and the skills he had. He needed to focus to be able to reconstruct the device in this time line in order to return to his own reality. It would take several months to build the device again, and he each day his yoga session got a little longer in order to achieve that focus. He couldn’t have been more thankful that his wife had forced him to learn.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


To celebrate the latest Star Wars film, Ben and Walter had decided to attend the comic book convention dressed as their favorite two characters. Ben, being tall and lanky, had crafted a spectacular C3PO costume, and Walter, as the short and stocky one, went as R2D2. The pair had such fun attending the convention, taking photos with other cosplayers, and hearing all the latest news. Though near the end, the two began to complain that there weren’t enough women in attendance (though it’s not as though two nerdy guys complaining about women stood any chance), but an odd man nearby dressed as a wizard decided to help the two out. The next thing Ben and Walter realized, there were two new women now in attendance at the convention. Of course, thanks to the wizard’s magic, those two women were Ben and Walter themselves. They were shocked at their changed bodies, and even more shocked by their ramped up sexuality. Of course, their needs could only be fulfilled by a certain type of man, so they both went looking for the nerdiest guys they could find -- which wouldn’t be a problem considering where they were...

Monday, February 8, 2016


“Any luck fixing that thing?” Manuel asked.

“I’ve looked over the power specs three times; I can’t figure out why I can’t restart this body swapping machine of mine,” a frustrated Lily replied.

“Well, don’t rush of anything. Tonight IS ladies night down at the bar, and if we’re still stuck in each other’s bodies at that point, I’m going to go down and grab myself some drinks. Free for ladies does include any guy stuck in the body of a nerdy lady who invented a device that can switch bodies. I am not going to complain about free.”

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 5)

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Tim told Randall that he would think about it. He knew that would buy him a week at most. Over the next few days, Tim still couldn’t believe it. He had been in a car accident that resulted in his brain being placed in the body of an Asian woman. The doctors told him not to tell anyone, and despite their advice, he had spilled the beans to his best friend, Randall. And now Randall wanted to go out with him and threatened to tell people about the transplant if he didn’t. Tim really did have to think. Maybe this was a big part of the reason the doctors had given him that advice about not telling anyone. It wasn’t about them and keeping their procedure a secret; it was about keeping people from exploiting Tim, and Tim had screwed it up! And he had been so sure he could trust his best friend. How could Randall do this to him? And what would stop Randall from making other demands of him? Even if he did agree to be Randall’s girlfriend, Tim was sure that starting off a relationship under the threat of blackmail would just lead to worse demands down the line, and he could never break it off, of course, because the threats would just continue. But what if he stood up to Randall? What if Randall did tell the world his secret? Who would he tell? Who would believe him? Tim knew he was Randall’s only friend. Would he tell the media? What proof did he have? Would they even take the tip seriously? Tim was starting to think standing up to Randall was a pretty good option...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 4)

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The night began to wind down and Tim reflected on how much he enjoyed being able to connect a little with his old life. It also felt pretty good to see the guys who used to pick on him now drool over him, and the girls who used to ignore him now be jealous of him. As he reapplied his lipstick for the third time that night, Randall spoke to him in the same awkward manner that he used when he had asked Tim to the prom in the first place.

“It’s good to know you aren’t dead, Tim, and I had a real good time tonight,” Randall was speaking as if he had rehearsed this, “I was wondering if you’d like to make this more official and be my girlfriend.”

Tim nearly choked. This evening just went from fun to awkward really fast. “I’m not sure that would be proper,” Tim knew that sounded really lame, but it was the first thing that came into his head, “I mean, I’m not even fully comfortable in this body yet. I’m not going to be dating anyone for a long time...even you. And this body is a college educated woman; to be dating a high schooler? It’ll arouse suspicion. You know my secret! People can’t find out.”

Randall smiled, “We’ve been hanging out all the time for a while now. As far as anyone watching us can tell, they probably already think we are dating. I haven’t seen a single one of those doctors you talk about come yell at you. And you’re right, I DO know your secret, and it would be a shame if anyone were to find out, because I can tell the world...”

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 3)

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Randall had broken the silence in the car by asking Tim to prom. Tim was taken aback at first. One, he was a 23 year old woman now, going to a prom seemed beneath him now. It also felt a bit like a date, and Tim was barely used to being a woman, let alone dating, even if it was his best friend! Then he looked in Randall’s eyes. He knew Randall wasn’t asking so he could score a date. He was asking because he didn’t have anyone else to go with. He didn’t have any friends besides Tim; he certainly wasn’t popular enough to have any sort of girlfriend. So Tim agreed.

Tim felt weird wearing the fancy pink dress, but it was even weirder going back to his old high school without being able to tell anyone who he really was (well, besides Randall, of course). Tim turned many heads that night, and no one could figure out why a hot, older woman would be going to prom with Randall. Tim began to worry if any of them would figure out who he really was. After all, Randall had only had one friend, and suddenly now after that friend dies, Randall has a mysterious woman on his arm. Then again, maybe the idea of a brain transplant was so out there that it actually seemed more plausible that a hot woman would be going to prom with a nerdy high school senior. Tim smiled; he knew his secret was safe.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant (Part 2)

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Randall was overjoyed to have his best friend back; though it was still pretty unbelievable that Tim’s mind was now inside the body of an Asian woman. There was a nagging thought about the fact Tim said the transplant needed to be kept a secret. Tim promised it wouldn’t meet a problem, and said that he would meet Randall after school tomorrow.

Randall was pretty shocked the next day when Tim came to pick him up driving a car.

“Dude,” a very impressed Randall asked, “You can drive? You own a car?”

“Of course,” Tim replied leaning on the wheel, “This chick is like 23, of course she owns a car and drives. I have to take this thing to work all the time. It’s not as much fun as you’d think once you get used to it.”



There was an awkward silence as the two drove off to get burgers. Randall had something to ask Tim, but he was working to build up the nerve...

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Ultimate Transplant

Roughly based on this interactive story.

Randall had never been popular in school, and things had gotten even lonelier in the past few months since his best friend Tim died in a accident. He often tried not to think about it. As he walked home alone one day, a young woman approached him. Randall thought this was odd since no one ever even noticed him, particularly not women.

“Randall,” the woman in purple said, “I’ve got a secret to tell you.”

Randall was quite surprised the woman knew his name. She continued, “I know this is going to sound weird, but it’s me. It’s Tim.”

Randall’s face went white, “You’re messing with me. Tim’s dead.”

“I know. I was in a car accident. But the doctors were able to save my life my putting my brain in this body. The only condition was that I am not allowed to tell anyone. But keeping that secret, even from my parents, it’s killing me. I needed to tell at least one person. And the doctors will never know I told you; they just won’t. We can even hang out just like before. I am having trouble living this woman’s life. I just need a small piece of who I was before. Come on, let’s go play some video games.”

Randall wasn’t quite sure. Part of him still thought he was being messed with, but playing video games with a pretty girl still seemed like a good idea.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Kyle couldn’t believe how often his girlfriend, April, complained about being cold. Even when it was perfectly comfortable, she asked if they could turn up the heat. He would roll his eyes before reluctantly relenting. But the tables turned after the Great Shift swapped the bodies of everyone on the planet, and Kyle and April found themselves in the body of the other. At first, Kyle told himself that he wasn’t going to ever complain about being cold. April, on the other hand, began to crank the air conditioner way up. Without saying a word, Kyle went into the closet to pull out one of April’s coats. He felt sill wearing the thing in the middle of summer, but that AC was so frigid. However, even with the coat, he could feel his nipples getting uncomfortable. He tried to bury himself deeper and deeper in the coat, but eventually decided to ask to turn it off. A smug look came across April’s face as she turned it off.

Monday, February 1, 2016


The Great Shift had turned out okay for Jack; he ended up in the body of a super model. Her agent had practically demanded that Jack keep up with her career. That meant a new, glamorous lifestyle, which mostly wasn’t bad. There was only one aspect he didn’t enjoy. If he wanted to keep a super model body and a super model lifestyle, he needed a super model diet. Instead of the large portion of fried fast food he had been used to eating in his own body, he was now eating small bits of fish and steamed vegetables. He supposed it was a reasonable sacrifice in order to be able to live this life, but he still often craved being able to stuff this gorgeous face full of a greasy pizza or a fatty burger.